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HOMG! I totally just finished setting up a whole LJ RP community! And it's a Valdemar one!

[ profile] valdemar_main

It's called Silver And Sapphire, and that's the link to the main page. I finally decided that I needed more Valdemar RP, since all the avidgamers comms got lost when that site went down forever ago. I missed Valdemar RP. We had some really good ones back then! I'm hoping S&S will get to be as good a community as some of the ones from back then. :3

I'm playing the Grove Born and one other Companion so far. I plan to have at least one human character as well, later.

Anyway, any Valdemar fans on my f-list, go and apply for a character!

*is eyeing [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] kierseth specifically* >.>
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A new Valdemar fic, yay? XD;; I don't write a damn thing for like five years and then what do I do? Start a new project. Wow. Why am I not surprised? *FACEPALM* But I'm hoping that by starting Outlander I can get back into the writing groove and continue some of the fics that people are STILL religiously waiting on.

Honestly, it boggles my mind. Until today I literally haven't posted anything since May 2006, but I still get reviews and messages from people telling me they're still waiting for the continuation of my fics. I have like... DIE-HARD FANS. O_o;;

Anyhoo, I want to get my Valdemar stuff updated, and I want to write some KH since I've been roleplaying in that fandom for like three years now. XD; Plus I still have to finish Walk A Mile and I might try to work on Dance In The Shadows, though I may sit down and re-write Umbroso Estrella first. idk, I guess we'll see.

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Been a while since I posted. Haha, I spent so many years writing in this thing every single day that lately when I haven't been writing in it much it seems weird. I go to post and realize it's been ten days (or whatever) since my last post and am surprised by it.

But recently I haven't been up to much... I'm actually quite sick right now (it's really TMI though, so I'm not going to elaborate.) I spent all last week trying to get through to my family doctor and failing, so I think I'm going to have to just break down and go to the Emergency Room, and probably have to endure at least one rather uncomfortable test that I can think of.

In the mean time, I was on hiatus at RY and TV, but my health always sucks and I can't be on hiatus forever, so I came off at RY yesterday and plan to come off at TV tomorrow. Being so sick the last while has really sapped my energy though; I'm not getting any nutrients or anything from my food right now (when I can even eat), and I've probably been taking too many pain pills. I've practically been living on cream-of-wheat because it's so bland and easy to digest. I still don't really feel up to much rping, but it's not fair to camp on characters if I'm just going to be away all the time. Plus I have to get back into helping with mod stuff at RY.

Anyway. Today I gave Sora and Riku a bath for the first time. They flailed around a little and generally went D8 at me. It was adorable. But they did need a bath. And I'm hoping if I do it often enough they'll learn to like playing in the water, or at least to tolerate it. They really liked being wrapped up together in a towel afterward though. ♥

I finished Foundation yesterday. It's the new Heralds of Valdemar book by Mercedes Lackey. I didn't realize how much I'd missed Valdemar until I started reading it (lol two days ago, I read for like 12 hours straight. XD;) Maybe now I can try writing some fic again? It'd be nice to work through my four-years-and-going writer's block. But I'm not holding my breath. Not being able to concentrate to write and draw is part of being bi-polar, and just reading a new Valdemar novel won't magically cure me of that. I wish though!

Today I found a copy of Razorback in region 1 NTSC format on ebay. Dad and I have both been searching for that movie for months now, and all we can find are copies on ebay that are region 2 PAL, which won't play on North American DVD players or TVs. So I'm hoping the seller will ship to Canada, but if he replies to my question about it and says no, Maddie says I can get it shipped to her/Chloe's place and then send them the money to forward it. >D

And now random pictures just for the hell of it:

Loki and Tri have a night of drinking, apparently. )

Nazoko. Still looking like Bella. I need the right wig and eyes for her, desperately. )

EDIT: It's getting pretty close to the day I'm taking Loki in to get his back claws done. The closer it gets to time, the more bad I feel about it, even though it's for a medical reason. Every time he comes and cuddles with me, or purrs at me I feel guilty. DX
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Okay lol, so I finally decided to actually watch Twilight. And despite that I swore I wouldn't, I squeed at it like a little girl a couple of times. *facepalm* I'm so embarrassed that I did it, too. I mean wtf self, wtf? xD;

Dad came up yesterday morning (I guess technically it's two days ago now, but whatever), and we exchanged Christmas gifts. He got me the new Valdemar novel, which gives me massive fangirl glee. He also got me a memory card for my camera, which is awesome, since it gives me a spare for when I go to cons and stuff. And a digital photo keychain, and also a copy of The Dark Knight.

My brother and I got him a couple of Star Wars bobbleheads, and the first season of Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato in Japanese), which was SUPER expensive. Oo; My brother got the first two seasons of Supernatural.

He couldn't stay long, but it was nice to see him anyway. We only get to see Dad maybe three times a year (not counting when Mom and I are down by his place for Anime North in May), so any time he can make it up is good.
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Still baking cookies. 18 tins down, 16 to go. XD;

Today I got a couple of commissions for ponies. I still owe Jenn her Yuri pony, which I'm hoping to get done by the end of the week (ugh, she's been so patient with me about that one after I got her Riku ones finished so fast!) Then Emeraude commissioned an Alucard and a Pip from Hellsing. Also, another girl has contacted me about a couple of OC commissions, and a fourth wants pricing on 2 Bleach ponies, 3 Vampire Knight ponies, and possibly a handful of Happy Potter.

I CAN HAS MONIES? OwO Just the two Hellsing ones are $80 US (including shipping.) This will help immensely in shipping all my cookies. XD;;

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List all the characters you play in various RP associations, and those who reply may ask whatever questions they wish of the listed characters. Replies will be in-character to those who reply.

Haha, I mostly play OC characters... xD;; But there are two anime characters I've played, so~~

1) Hitachiin Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club (I play him like... everywhere >>;)
2) Sohma Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket

On to the OCs~

3) Gwydion (Grove Born Companion, Heralds of Valdemar OC)
4) Tahirah (Companion mare, Heralds of Valdemar OC)
5) Hayashi Tetsuya (half-vampire, from my Exit Normal project)
6) Kozue Kou (Sailor Star Piper, from ND)
7) Nori Shino (from ND~)
8) Kikin (Horse of Famine, from ND)
9) Okami Akari (hoshiko, from ND~)
10) Sohma Natsume (original jyuunishi, Year of the Rabbit, Fruits Basket OC)

I blame my Hikaru obsession for the number of OCs I listed. There are like a hundred more too, but ten is enough. Haha, whenever I apply for a real character in an RP it turns out to be Hika. >__>;;

1 - 5

Jul. 8th, 2007 09:49 pm
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1) Finally, a month and a half after AN, I've got Esprit Studios up and running. XD; I was hoping to have it up by the con so that I could have a web address on the cards I was handing out, but I was so busy with other things it just didn't happen. Anyway, I wanted to purchase my own domain (like or something), but I couldn't afford it; it would cost me like $10 to register the domain, but then $200 for hosting for a year. ^_^;;

So Esprit is hosted at in a paid account, the same as ND/FC. I'm really happy with my hosting at angeltowns, they're affordable and they give you a lot of storage/bandwidth/etc. for what you pay. :)

Everything's up and running right now except the Gallery, which I'm going to work on bit-by-bit until it's finished. And I'm thinking about adding a How-To page about how I do my customs, with FAQ and stuff.

2) I mailed Axel on Wednesday, and he got to his new owner on Thursday! Yey! I was quite concerned about shipping him because of how much trouble I had just transporting original!Axel around the con, but I did him with Super Sculpy and packed him in a ton of foam peanuts, and wrote FRAGILE FRAGILE FRAGILE all over the box. And he made it safely, so I'm very happy with that. =3

3) [ profile] valdemar_blogs! There's the beginning, Sethi! ^_^; Don't look at the layout, I'm working on a new background image for it. And my blog for it is [ profile] king_gwydion (gee, am I blogging as a Grove Born or what?), which also totally lacks a layout right now. XD;; I'll let everyone know what's going on and pimp it some places in a bit when I've had some time to write up the rules/regs and work on everything else some more~

4) Mmmmm. Tuna sammich with celery and relish. *__*

5) Now I have to turn my PC off, because it's thunder-and-lightning storming out right now and I don't want it to fry. *wanders off to work on commissions again*


May. 14th, 2006 08:37 pm
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'Whiskers' @ nFiction

'Whiskers' @ FF.Net

It's the exact same thing at both places, but whatever. Whiskers is first thing I've written in a long time... it's short, but at least I wrote it. Yay for random Heralds of Valdemar fics! I'm trying like hell to get through the Writer's Block that's been bogging me down for paractically forever.

And it's not even ANGST. ^_^;

Also, thankies to Cat McD! <3 You don't have to send me another invite, that one finally came through! lol.
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I am going to attempt to write a Valdemar holiday one-shot this year. Attempt.

I was supposed to write one last year, but then... yeah. My life went to Hell in a Handbasket, and it never happened.

Considering I'm still struggling with a total creative block, it should be interesting sitting down to try writing Miracle, but I'm determined to at least give it a shot. After all, I haven't written anything substantial all year, except for the 1,800-or-so words I wrote on my NaNo the first two days of Novemeber. =_=;;

Yeargh. I suck. Seriously.

Ah, well.

Cross your fingers for me.


Nov. 25th, 2005 04:42 pm
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So I did a quick run to the mall today... which involved sitting on the bus with a SCREAMING child for half an hour. =_=;; ARGH. I could've done without that.

But! Once I got to the mall, it was okay again; I nabbed more ponies, since Zellers is still selling them for 25% off (for all this week). Dad actually went on ebay and got me a whole bunch of used ponies earlier this week, too, so now I have something like 30 of them to work with (not counting Bell and Suzuki which I've already worked on), once Dad gets the time off to come up and visit, and bring said ponies with him.

Still. 30 ponies, and I still have no boy ponies! ;__; I need boy ponies! And I want a couple more of Toboggan and Seaspray, because I love those ponies and don't want to do anything to them, but they have really nifty poses and expressions so they'd make good customs... ACK. Need more Toboggan and Seasprays! XD

In any case, after Zellers I skipped down to the bookstore to look through the bargain racks (I saw a couple of books I was marginally interested in, and one I might pick up for Trunks for Christmas.) And just out of habit, I wandered over to the fantasy section, though I didn't really expect to find anything... and @.@ ZOMGNEWVALDEMARANTHOLOGY?!

I was like *YOINK*! X3 It's called "Crossroads". Whoot. So happy.

Then, hmmm... I went to Burger King and got something to eat, and bought a couple of the silly little SD Star Wars toys for Dad. lol.

Then I browsed through a kiosk in the middle of the mall and ended up picking up a game (it's called "Dirty Minds" nyahahaha... X3 lol.) for Steve for Christmas. Now I just need to find something else for Michelle... I think I'll get her a teddy bear or something. ^^

After the kiosk, I went to the dollar store. And bought a little blue teapot.

And then I came home.

The end. ^_^

Hm. Despite the snow, it wasn't as cold today as I thought it would be, either, which was a big plus...
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I'm done the first four pages of [ profile] apple_manga, and posted the first two, which basically explain about Companions/Valdemar/Heralds to anyone who happens on Candied Apple and doesn't know about that stuff. ^^

I'll probably post the next two pages in the next day or so, while I work on more CA pages and the first few Pencil Princess ones...


Did I mention... insomnia?!
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Okay, well... so lately my muses seem to be back, at least when it comes to art and storylines. Actually writing anything seems to still be locked up, but at least I'm making headway with a couple of other projects, like Pencil Princess.

Which by the way! [ profile] dragonchan was kind enough to color a couple of images for me, which'll be used as cover images... the first one is the cover to Pencil Princess, and is a simple image of Princess Amethyst ). =3

The second, is going to be the cover to a new project, one that I've been wanted to do for a long time but never got around to doing it... but last night I got to thinking about it, and ended up working out a lot of the characters and plotline, so here we go!

Candied Apple is... *drumroll please* ...a Heralds of Valdemar manga! ^__^

It's about a girl from Tolmassar, Apple, who is Chosen by a Companion (Caro) who journeyed all the way there to find her. The CA storyline is about the two of them travelling back to Valdemar, along with two other people-- Jophi (a boy about her age) and Ambriel ("Amber"), who is Jophi's younger sister.

Why are Jophi and Amber going to Valdemar with Apple and Caro?

...I'm not telling! XD

In any case, [ profile] apple_manga, and [ profile] dragonchan also colored the cover image for Issue #1 of CA ("Incomplete"), which is a picture of Apple with... well... apples. )

Yay for manga projects. ^^


May. 4th, 2005 03:53 pm
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Wow. Nayuki, Ayu and Makoto from Kanon having an itty-bitty ten-second cameo in episode two of AIR is amusing me far more than it should. ^^; Heheheheh...

So right now I'm attempting to write something, whilst watching an old video tape with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files and Xena: Warrior Princess on it. Right now, we're in the middle of that Halloween Buffy episode with the itty-bitty-tiny fear demon. Look... Oz! Muaaaa... I loved Oz. ^^

It's from back around 1999/2000, I believe. ^_^; I know this because the episode of The X-Files that was on right before this was the one with Frank Black from Millennium that they did for New Years 1999. >^-^;; I think they played it in the beginning of January, though...

Heh. And the old commercials are quite entertaining as well. Taco Bell doggy! XD lol.

*is amused by pointless things*

This last week or so, Sarah hasn't been around much--someone she knows had a death in the family and had to go out of town, so she's watching the kids while they're gone. While she's out, though, I told her I'd feed the cats. So I've been looking after Fuzzy and Fritz, which is way worth not having to put up with Sarah's frigging guitar/harmonica and her knocking on my door once an hour. =_=;;

Argh. I'm bitter, I think. And because I'm feeling so bad lately, the little things that I normally find minimally irritating are really annoying now.

Anyway! The only thing I'm having trouble with when it comes to taking care of her kitties is that Fuzzy is feeling lonely and abandoned or something, so every time I go downstairs he whines and practically climbs my leg to get my attention. :P

And now for something completely different...

I got these two reviews from Mirura (who is actually on my f-list now! =^-^= *waves*) and I wanted to share them.


The following review has been submitted to: Brothers At Arms Chapter: 1

From: Misura

I loved the light-hearted opening-scene of this chapter, and, from an objective point of view, the way you so smoothly made the transition from lightheartedness to alarm. (From a subjective point of view, of course, I felt a little disappointed that the good times didn't last, realistic as that may be.) It's probably a pure coincidence, but your use of 'Harlan' and 'Morgan' reminded me very strongly of Katherine Kurtz's books. (Don't worry; it's a good memory, so it'll only make me enjoy this story even more.) *skips off to read the second chapter* ^-^

Haa. I've never read anything by Katherine Kurtz. ^.^;; I guess she has characters with those names, though...


The following review has been submitted to: Brothers At Arms Chapter: 2

From: Misura

Don't know if (or, heck, why) it'll mean anything to you, but I, for one, sure was squealing in delighted surprise upon finding out just how this fic tied in with the books. (Although now I find myself also kind of hoping for a cameo by Lavan, in which I may very well be disappointed. Not that your OCs aren't great fun to read about, too, of course!) You do have the typical Great Author's tendency to end your chapters on a teasing note, but considering I only dropped into this story today, I think I hardly have any right to complain. ^-^

I'm definitely planning on giving Kalira a cameo, and I was toying with the idea of giving Lavan one, too. ^^ Kalira probably in the next chapter (whenever I get around to finishing it), but I'm not sure about Lavan... I also intend to write Satiran and Pol in at least for a short scene, too. ^_~

But the whole point to talking about this is that I'm shocked at the strange number of decent reviews I've gotten for Brothers At Arms lately. O_o Jeez, up until now I've gotten pointless, squealing, fangirl-y reviews with no actual substance to them. This new trend makes me happy! ^^

Morgan: *hopeful eyes* Less angst, then?

Harlan: :Don't count on it...: ^^;;

Morgan: Yeah... =_=;;

Yaha! And! I also got this review, which wasn't all that long or special, but which made me smile anyway:


The following review has been submitted to: Goodbye Chapter: 1

From: Hiro No Tsuki

Been having a full-out make-myself-cry fest over your fics. They're so beautiful...

The fact that my writing is done well enough to touch someone on an emotional level is awesome. ^^ Not that I want to make people cry, but that's about the best thing anyone could say to me; "your story made me cry." It's the compliment of compliments, and I love it every time I get a review/email to that effect.

Also, this is the first time in forever that anyone has reviewed my one-and-only ages-old Animorphs fic! ^_^; lol.

Chi ga!

May. 2nd, 2005 08:33 pm
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Period. No one wants to read this. )

Oh my God. I'm starting to get nosebleeds from this sinus infection. You've got to be kidding me! =_=;;

On the plus side, the congestion that's plagued me for the last month-and-a-bit seems to be starting to go away. I actually have short times when I can breathe through my nose! Wow! Amazing!

Hopefully I'm on an up swing with this... finally...

What else?

Oh... well, I might as well pimp [ profile] writing_madness. It's an invite-only community for Velgarth fanfiction writing (you can also apply for membership on your own, but you may or may not be accepted). The invite/acceptance thing is basically for quality control, because the Velgarth/Heralds of Valdemar fandom is plagued by badfic. ^^;

Anyway! Whether you join or not, you can pop by and review the fics that have been posted/will be posted there. Reviewing doesn't require membership... and is very welcome! Please feel free to offer constructive criticism, which is always loved. ^_^

And finally...

I can't be the only one who wants pictures of [ profile] catystorm in her FMA costume. Seriously. XD
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The following review has been submitted to: Seraphim 2: Devil, Mine
Chapter: 4

From: Archer2

I just started reading Mercedes Lackey Fan Fiction only about a month ago. – Not very long really. Anyway, during the past month, I came to the conclusion that a majority of the writers within this section are a little too immature in their writing styles. (In other words, they are really quite bad.)

But, I liked the books and I still held out hope that there was some Fan Fiction writer out there that could create a plot with believable characters, and had the writing ability to pull it all together. I found that in your first Seraphim story.

Predictably, I immediately moved on to your Seraphim 2. I liked Sera, and I found her relationship with Meriol endearing. You wrote them wonderfully. Sera's simple crush was sweet without the obsessive, stalker, quality that many writers seemed so stuck on.

I had looked forward to reading more, even if I didn't particularly car for Sera's new chosen. I found Celeste a little hard to sympathize with because she had just so much happen to her within her life that it made her out to be almost too good to be true. Whereas, Sera, though a bit of a loner, is understandable. (My favorite) Celeste is just someone that I have to pity, and that makes me not like her.

Anyway, I was disappointed when I skimmed through your profile and found that you had discontinued this story. I don't understand why you stopped writing. So I wrote you, in the hope that maybe I could get you to start again. Though unlikely, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I liked this story, and your Seraphim series held promise. I would have liked to have found out what happened next, but I am sure one person who understands not being able to think up what comes next, or just to busy to bother with any extra writing.

Thank you anyway. I enjoyed what I did read, and maybe I'll be lucky and you'll take an interest in this story once more. – Then again, maybe not. Ah well, a reader could only hope.


P.S. Should you ever care to write, my e-mail is [-insert email here-]


*guilt tripping here*

I knew this was going to happen, but I figured I'd just get "u gots to continu ur storie!!1!!eleven!" responses, which are easy as hell to ignore. I mean, WTF? All the coherent people come out of the woodwork to petition me only when I decide to drop a fic? =_=;;


What to do, what to do...

I Can See

Apr. 3rd, 2005 05:39 pm
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Mua? The people on the cover of Brightly Burning who are poking spears at and Lan and Kalira are Valdemarian Guards! O_O;

It only took me three years of owning the book to notice that...


Mar. 31st, 2005 03:07 pm
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Okie doke! The general consensus seems to be that doing a Valdemar songfic-cy to You Are Not Alone ) by Michael Jackson isn't all that far-fetched, wouldn't get me thrown out of the Internet all together, and in general sounds like it could be a fun little ANGST!romp from the somewhat-twisted mind of Sena! >^.^<

Thusly, I shall be writing it.

Mikasi: Meep? |_|;

Decker: *sighs*

Mikasi: Should I be worried?

Decker: *eyeing assorted alters in the general area* :Probably, Mika. Judging by everyone else around here. It looks like angst is one of Lady Sena's favorite genres.:

ALTERS: =_=;; *various tired/pained/unimpressed muttering*

Mikasi: *sighs* I was afraid of that...

Heehee. XD

As of this exact moment, I figure the title will be You Are Not Alone, because I can't think of anything better. But if I come up with something else, I might change it.

I haven't worked on much Valdemar stuff lately, so I'm actually looking forward to writing this... ^^

EDIT: And some sad news. Copied + pasted from my FF.Net account, where I posted it under recent news/updates: In regards to Devil, Mine... )
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Would I be laughed off the planet if I did a Valdemar songfic to a Michael Jackson song? >^-^;;
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The following review has been submitted to: Brothers At Arms Chapter: 7

From: M3m0rii

Pretty good...

I will admit that I am pretty surprised that I found myself enjoying a Companion 'fic, and actually looking forward to the next chapter (until it stopped ;; update! *pout*). Interesting. It definitely makes the Companions seem a little more... Human, if occasionally 'formerly-human'. Though, to be certain, I'd never have suspected a Companion to ramble as much as Harlan has. Ultimately, I like it.

CC? Umm.. I'd like a little more description of the places, and maybe a litte more interaction between the Companions... It seems as there are only about four companions in the whole field.

*bright eyed with hope* You wouldn't happen to be looking for a beta, would you?

*staring blankly*

Goodness... *POINTS* Is that... *squints eyes* Constructive criticism?

For Brothers At Arms?


And it's not even from -cat! Or, um, Cat! ^__^


Fwee! Constructive criticism makes Sena happy, that it does! seriously, what is it about BAA that makes people leave LIEK OMG!1! I LUV yUR STOrES!!11! reviews? Does it have a blinky light to catch their attention? Maybe Harlan gives off idiot-pheremones or something...

Harlan: :HEY!:

Nova: :*SPORFLE*:

Anyway, real reviews on BAA always make me squeal. >^-^


Feb. 20th, 2005 11:27 pm
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The following review has been submitted to: Come The Dawn Chapter: 7

From: Fireblade K'Chona

Sena... -tugs sleeve-

I had a weird dream where I was Tri and I was running around on a lake and then me and the other Elemental humans had to sing a song to keep the world from going kaboom!

...and yes, that was a hint for you to update.


Very subtle, Fireblade... ^^

Yare yare!

*wanders off to work on said fic*


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