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Happy Halloween! ...yeah, I just wanted to say that. :D;

I actually dressed up for the first time in about six years, just for the hell of it. All I did tonight was hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, but what the heck, right? I cobbled a demon outfit together at the last minute; my red contacts and long red wig, my custom fit fangs and then around 5pm I wandered downtown and spent a whole $1 on a pair of red horns. Then I just wore a black tank top and a black-and-white skirt with my knee boots.

Also, Aya kept me company for half of the time I handed out candy. ^_^ He's such a calm snake, I took him out of his terrarium and wrapped him around my neck and he just chilled out there and basically didn't move for an hour. When he started to get restless I put him away again.

But having Aya around my neck? Between that and the red contacts, pretty much every kid who came to the door was like O.O at me. XD; One little boy was SO EXCITED about the snake, he asked if it was an anaconda and I honestly wanted to say yes just because he was so thrilled over the idea. Haha.

Anyhoo, so when I went downtown to buy the horns I was in the rest of my costume (sans Aya, though, he wouldn't have done well out and about like that as it's quite cold out nowadays) and I picked up a few things from Liquidation World, then went to the dollar store for the horns, then on the way back I stopped at J&K to get more rats for Aya and Opal.

lol Sandy and Dave were in today (they pretty much always are), and they both loved my hair/eyes/horns. Apparently cherry red really suits me, which is kind of true because I'm so pale. xD; Sandy wanted to know where she could get contacts like that and so that lead to a conversation about conventions while Dave headed off to get my rats. Man, do I love that store and the people there, you have no idea. ♥

While I was there I also got a hammock for Ven. A couple of days ago I was looking at my little rattie in his cage and wondering why in the hell he was in the small rat cage when I actually have two much larger rabbit cages currently available? .__.; So I went and got those cages, zip-tied them together into one really nice, big, lofty cage, and transferred him over.

At first it was just him and his food dish and his plastic hide, but today I picked up some things to add; the hammock, like I said, and also a big climbing rope and a honey-treat bell that hangs from the roof of the cage. Technically, the honey-treat is supposed to be for birds, but there's nothing in it that Ven can't have and I've found in the past that bird toys and treats make really fun additions for rats; and rats are so smart that they need lots of enrichment and things to play with or they go stir crazy.

I'm still thinking about getting him a bell toy as well, since Yuki and 'Nashi LOVED theirs way back when I had them. (They were my first two rats, for those who remember or care at all.) But Ven's cage is in the bedroom and idk... Yuki and 'Nashi used to flail around with that bell so much they kept me awake even when they were all the way in the living room. XD;; So I guess we'll see.

Right now Ven is still feeling very overwhelmed with all the changes, I think. He's climbed around a bit, but spent most of today hiding in his bed going >O.O< while I fixed his cage up and tidied the room. ^^;; He'll settle in nicely over the next couple of days, though. ♥

Am still considering picking up a second rat, too. Some of my rats in the past have preferred to live on their own, but based on the way Ven's personality is, I think he'd be happier to have a companion. Maybe I'll go and pick out another little male next time I'm downtown. (Then I shall name him Terra! 8D; /KH geek.)

Anyway, so that was my day.

OH. Except that I picked up antibiotics for the cats today as well. They won't cure the colds everyone's got, but being on them will keep them from getting pneumonia or other infections until the rest clears up, which is really important. So that's a big relief.

And right now I'm writing this and watching The Zombie Diaries, which will then be followed by The Zombie Diaries 2 and finally The Howling Reborn, because I can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my Halloween night than chilling with zombie and werewolf movies. =D

EDIT: And Z's battery is magically holding a charge again. It hasn't done that in months. .__.;;
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Baked cupcakes tonight. Starting at 11:30pm. JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO. XD;;

Anyway, they're confetti cupcakes with white icing and I decorated them with Halloween decorations; orange and black sprinkes, tiny black and white candy skulls and slightly larger candy bones. The bones are white with splotches of red "blood".

idk I just felt like it, even though I can't eat many cupcakes anymore. *shrug* Like with most things I bake nowadays, probably 3/4 of them will go to Mom, Lee and my bro. I'd share with other people, too, but I pretty much don't know anyone else in Orillia anymore. It's a sad state of affairs, really. ~_~;;

Other than baking, I guess the news is Squall and the cats.

My spiffy laptop, Squall, is being a dick again. He won't load windows at all, and the startup diagnostics have literally been running for over 48 hours now. =__=;; In the morning if nothing's changed I'm going to just turn him off. Hopefully MDG will get back to me about having him repaired, since he's still under warranty until the end of November.

So for now I'm back to using my netbook, Z, which means I'm not going through Internet Withdrawl. No, instead I'm going through EVERYTHING ELSE withdrawl, since all my writing. music and bookmarks are on Squall. There is literally nothing on Z's HD since I cleared it out about 8 months ago. -.-;;

I'll have to hook Gale (my external drive) up and transfer some stuff from there, I guess.

In the meantime I've been mainlining two things the last few days; Mantracker and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, I am aware that this is about the weirdest combination I could have chosen. XD; Whatever, I'm enjoying them both so :P. I'm watching all the eps of Mantracker that I haven't seen, which is like 3/4 of them, and I'm working my way through TMM since for some reason, even though I have the whole series, I never watched past about episode 20. Must've got sidetracked and forgotten...

As for the cats, Nio has passed his cold on to EVERYONE EXCEPT NEKO AND LILY. *EPIC HEADDESK [HERE]*

Oh, and the other big news is that one of my close friends from highschool had her first baby! She's shared pics of the new little girl, and she's sooooo cute! CONGRATS, P! ♥♥♥♥♥

...this is the closest thing to a baking icon that I have. WHYYYYY?
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Health: Still sick. Need more sinus meds. Was extremely bad yesterday. I had a high fever most of the day. Today it's intermittent, but more not-feverish than feverish. So that's a step in the right direction.

Halloween: Meh. We bought two boxes of little chocolate bars, and then had a total of twelve kids come by. Pfft. >>; So we have 183 bars left over. XD;; I didn't dress up, but I almost used it as an excuse to flounce around the house in my Suigintou cosplay for the night. If I wasn't so tired and sick I would have done it. Too bad, but oh well.

Internet: After Mom got home from work yesterday she, my brother and I went out to the bank and then to Future Shop so I could get my PC set up for wireless. I also got an optical mouse while I was there. When we got back, we had dinner and then I got Trunks to help set it up... and the optical mouse killed my disc drive for some reason. ><;;

So I had to take the whole tower downstairs to hook it directly to the Internet there so that I could download the software I needed for the wireless to work directly from the website (as with no disc drive I had no way to read the software cd.) Everything seems to be working alright now, though the Net died once and I had to spaz at my brother to fix it because I'm a noob at wireless. ^^;

I'm taking the mouse that fucked up my disc drive in on Tuesday and getting my money back. I'll have to take the PC in to have the drive fixed eventually, which pisses me off. But for now I can use the computer without it. *sigh*

Unpacking: Still working on it. So much unpacking to do. But I've got all the important things set up, including my TV/VCR and DVD Player (also, my PS2/Game Cube), so the rest can be done over the next week or two. I'll take photos to show my downgrade to a single bedroom once I find my camera.
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Yeah, I went to my parents' place to hand out candy; he had exactly 50 kids come by. Man, I remember when I was little there woould be tons and tons of kidlings out and about, but the last few years it's dwindled down. Too bad.

Anyway, I had to go elsewhere to give out candy because my roommate is a Jehova's Witness and they don't celebrate holidays... and she had a tendency to spaz if I try to. Besides, it was cold and here I'd've had to sit on the porch all night, whereas at Mom's I could just sit in the livingroom and keep an eye on the door. XD;

P.S. I swear, at some point I'm going to update the photoblogging thing. >>;;
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Mmm vegetable lasagna. ^.^

Today was shopping. Yey. Nothing special, except that Mom randomly decided I needed a new winter coat, so she took me out to buy one. xD; It's so pretty, green with furry white trim and stuff. :3 it was so friggin expensive though. I feel bad, she out of the blue decided to buy me a $200 coat. =3=;;

Other than that, I bought a bunch more stuff for making oden! =D I got almost everything, but I still needed konbu and shitake, so we went to a different grocery store to see if they had them and THEY DID. \o/ SO EXPENSIVE, THOUGH! >>;; They also had soumen noodles so I bought some of those too because I'm a dork. XD

I still can't find konnyaku, so I might have to sub with something else. Oh well.

Also, our normal grocery store had gnocchi, so I got some to try. And Halloween candy to give out next week, yep.

EDIT: Crap, I forgot to buy carrots. Oh well.
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Happy Halloween.

That is all.


Oct. 25th, 2006 11:00 pm
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I must work on ponies!

My Halloween pony needs to be finished by the 31st, and I need to finish ponies to send to people for Christmas~

Plus my Ouran ones, because I could probably sell them for decent money. >>


But then I'll finish them and be so attached to them I won't want to sell them. Just like always. ^_^;;


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