Aug. 13th, 2011 10:15 pm
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Just got an email from Mom. Or, rather, I just looked at an email from Mom. She sent it a couple hours ago, but I was out at the mall with Maddie and Chloe so I didn't get it until we got home a few minutes ago.

Uncle Lawrence died. It was his 80th birthday and he had a heart attack.

I guess Grandma was down in Arkansaw visiting Uncle Bob and Aunt Jean (Jean has cancer and has only a few months to go) and then on the way back she stopped to visit Uncle Lawrence for his birthday, and then this happened. She's still in Niagara now, helping to plan the funeral and everything...

Mom says she's likely to go down to Niagara for the funeral on Tuesday. I wish I could go, but it's just not possible. I hope everything goes well.

I'm very worried about Grandma, though; she lost one of her sisters just a couple years back, then Grandpa died of cancer, and now her other sister is dying of cancer as well, and her brother just passed away. That's probably why Mom is so adamant she'll be there for the funeral. Grandma probably couldn't handle this by herself...

That's it for now.

I'm working on a full Otakon-and-etc. update and hopefully it'll be posted soonish.
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Yesterday was my birthday, and the highlight of it was when I went for a walk. To the bank. Only to get there and find it closed, at which point I remembered it was a bank holiday. =/

I did get some birthday wishes from friends on FB, and Grandma called me (and spent half the conversation lecturing me, as per normal.) And Mom wished me a happy birthday as well, but only after I called her to discuss a completely different subject. The worst part is that I'm not even disappointed that things went that way, because that's pretty much how my birthday always is anymore. It kinda sucks, all things considered.

Anyway, today I went back downtown and wired last month's rent and the security deposit to the landlord for the new apartment. $740 poorer, I then pulled my last $40 from the bank for groceries tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to pay for groceries from then until the end of the month, but I guess I'll manage somehow.

I then spent the afternoon trying to get in contact with my disability case worker (because they're supposed to be paying for last month's rent/security deposit, but I can't fucking get ahold of Susan so I had to pay for it myself and get the money back from them later on) and my current landlord (because I need to get January's rent back from him, since I paid 1st/last rent when I moved here and since January will be my last month it's already covered, but ODSP has already sent him rent for January...)

Still no word from my worker, but at least my landlord called back. He says he can get the rent back to me later this month, and wants me to clean the apartment up so he can have people start to come over and view it to rent it out when I'm gone. Of course the place is already clean, but I'll give it another once-over just to be sure.

The only problem is that he wants me to move the rabbits/rats somewhere else while he's actively showing the place. =/ So I've asked Mom if they could go to her place until the end of the month. If she says no then I've got nowhere else to take them, so they have to stay here. idk, I guess we'll see.
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I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas! ^_^

My Christmas was good, I'm happy to say. All of December had been really stressful and depressing and I've been having a lot of trouble, so I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas because the 24/25/26th are always the most busy days for our family. But I was actually able to relax and enjoy things, which was nice.

On the 24th I did very little, just hung out around the house and cleaned, played with the cats and finished last-minute gift stuff.

That day a package from Maddie and Chloe came in the mail, which made me really happy. ♥ It had Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper (♥!!), some lotion that I wanted for Lois and my Christmas gift in it; some pretty beads, and a bracelet with matching earrings that Maddie made-- they are gorgeous, and I LOVE them, and they even matched my Christmas outfit perfectly, so I wore them to the family get together on the 26th, where I got lots of compliments on them. :3

The next morning Mom picked me up around 11 and took me and all my gifts for everyone over to her place, and we finished up the last bits of cooking/baking for the family gathering. Then Grandma got there around 1pm, and we all exchanged gifts.

I gave Grandma her souvenirs from my trip to the US in the summer (finally lol) and her Christmas present was a glass vase with decorative butterflies and a candle. I got Lee a wall clock shaped like a guitar (a Gibson, which is the one he uses most out of his actual guitars), and some blank VHS tapes because the ones he's using right now are old and wearing out. Then I got Mom a decorative 3D wolf plate, two scented oil infusers, and copies of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons on DVD. I also got two gifts that were for both of them; a wall sign ("Pomeranian Crossing" haha) and a bag of goodies (chocolates, cookies, etc.). And I got my brother three couch pillows (I got them at Matsuricon from the wonderful and insanely talented NeonDragon) and a copy of Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey. ♥

As for me, I got a whole set of new bakeware (two cookie sheets, two round cake tins, a loaf pan, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin pan and a pizza pan!!), an electric mixer (eee!! ♥♥), a DVD copy of Independence Day (to replace my worn-out VHS one), a zombie movie DVD set (Last of the Living; Grave Mistakes; Awaken The Dead and I Am Omega; my brother tells me I'm supposed to tell you all "HEAD NOMMING GOODNESS!"), money from Grandma, and a notebook that is my favourite thing I got this year. It's completely handmade including the paper, and free-trade. It's cover is etched leather with intricate designs and a pentagram on the front. X3!! It's going to be my recipe book, but Imma call it my spell/potion book lol.

And my brother got me the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess, but I already had it, so it's got to be exchanged for something else. Ah well~

Then we had dinner and everyone else played cards for a while. I, meanwhile, dyed my hair back to my natural colour so it would look nice for the family gathering, and also because I was sick of having the huge dark stripe down the middle of my head lol. XD

I went to bed pretty early that night because I had to get up early-ish the next morning to make the dip for the get-together (it took an hour in the slow cooker.) Then we all got dressed and ready and packed everything up, and headed out around 11am.

Now, a couple days earlier I had been surfing Kijiji, looking for a new terrarium for Aya because he's starting to outgrow his current one. I found one for $45 (as compared to $250 for a brand-new one), but it was in Barrie. But we were driving right through Barrie to get to my Uncle and Aunt's place for Christmas, so I asked if we could just stop to pick it up on the way past.

So I got it and brought it home last night after everything... and then kind of thought about it and it's kind of tall and thin, which is much better for an aquarium for fish than a snake terrarium. So I decided to set it up as an aquarium (I miss having fishies anyway) and found another terrarium that's more suitable for Aya's needs. It's being delivered tonight. :)


We got to the get-together around 1-ish and set up all the snacks and appetizers and everything, and then sat around and visited and just generally caught up with everyone until it was dinner time.


lol and after dinner we set out the desserts (there was a TON of delicious stuff!) and started the gift exchange (we all bring an anonymous gift, then we draw numbers and each of us can either open a new gift or steal someone else's.) There was a lot of good stuff this year; a couple nice blankets, a box of chocolates, a tea set, a set of glass bakeware and etc. I ended up with the glass bakeware (which I do kind of need for doing casseroles and that kind of thing, but Lee had ended up with a set of china popcorn bowls that he would never use (and neither would Mom or my bro) so I traded them. The bowls are actually good sizes; the big one can be used as a mixing bowl, and the smaller ones for a variety of things. Plus I can always borrow the glassware if I need to. XD;;

It was fun and very enjoyable. The only semi-bad part was that I had a run-in with a peanut butter cookie. =/

Aunt Clare had brought a tray of desserts, and most of them she had made but she included a few that a friend of hers had made too, and some of them turned out to have peanut butter in them. It was my fault too, because I'm so used to not having to worry about peanuts at family functions (because they all know about my allergy), I wasn't as careful as I normally am. But as soon as I bit into it I knew there was peanut butter in it, and spat it out without actually swallowing. Then I rinsed my mouth out. A LOT.

Poor Clare felt so bad about it, but it wasn't her fault. And I was fine (with the exception of a headache from it later; my peanut allergy actually gives me migraines) so it wasn't a big deal. I just took some aspirin and that was that. :)

Soooo... we all visited some more, and then around 8pm we decided it was time to start heading home. We packed up (I took some desserts home with me because I'm baaaad lol), and on the way out the door Uncle Alec and Aunt Brenda gave me a couple of Cat Cubes for my kitties to play in. THE CATS ARE IN LOVE WITH THEM LMAO.

Once we got back to Orillia, we went to Mom and Lee's place and unpacked what we had to, then packed up the rest of my things and Lee drove me home, where my cats were waiting to AMBUSH me because it was after their dinner time and they were STARVING TO DEATH.

So I fed them and put some things away... then decided screw it and just shoved everything into a corner so it was all out of the way and went to bed. I was exhausted, and besides that my head still hurt from the Peanut Encounter (tm). I slept really well, though 'Dion spent all night insisting on being cuddled up under my chin. He has separation issues. >>;

Then today I went downtown to pick up some more reptile bark (for Aya's new terrarium) and a bunch of river rocks for the aquarium. I also got a fish net and a larger hide for Aya since he's outgrown his old one.

After that I spent a couple hours cleaning the apartment and setting the aquarium up. I also called and talked to my brother for a few minutes, and we ended up deciding he was going to come over and hang out for the day. So he showed up a while later and we watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still and now we're watching 2012. And I made lasagna and garlic toast for dinner. Yay! :D

And that's about it.

Oh, except that the landlord for the apartment I'm moving to sent me the address today, so I looked it up on Google Earth. It's in a really nice neighbourhood, only two blocks from a grocery store, and only a couple blocks from the park/lake. X3 It's so awesome!!

I still need to go and actually look at the place, but what the hell, it can't be worse than where I am now, right? I'm 99% sure I'm going to take it. ♥

I do need to call Mom and coordinate with her a day we can go and look at it, though... hopefully in a couple days. Hmm.

EDIT: New Terrarium has been delivered, and Aya is all set up! ♥ His new home is much bigger and perfect for him, and will be for the rest of his hopefully long life. :)

And the pet store I got him from has already ordered my new Kenyan Sand Boa, which I will be picking up in February. Her name will be Nyoka (an African name meaning "snake"), and she will be moving into Aya's old terrarium. Since she won't get as big as Aya will, it'll be fine for her and I won't have to worry about upgrading~
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So it turned out the orange kitten was from the trailer trash downstairs neighbours. I went down and asked them about him and they told me he came from there but they didn't want him back. So I kept him in my place and planned on taking him to the SPCA or whatever the next day. Then at like MIDNIGHT the girl comes and knocks on my door and tells me she changed her mind and wants him back.

Fine, whatever. I gave him back because I really had no choice, though I hated to do it because of his condition. Now I'm worried about all three of the kittens they have, since I'm sure they aren't feeding them right and I'm relatively sure they've got worms as well. And I KNOW they're all lousy with fleas. ~_~;; All of which wouldn't be so bad if they would take them to the vet, but I know for a fact if it came down to taking them to the vet or buying beer, the beer would come first.

And despite their generally iffy condition they aren't so bad that I can call the SPCA and get them to look into it...


Right now I'm making banana bread because I had some bananas that I needed to use up. For some reason this week they ripened really fast and in about a day after I bought them they were borderline bad. I dunno why, but whatever I guess. I like banana bread too. I'm doing two loaves; the first is just banana, and the second I didn't have quite enough mashed banana left so I added a cup of stewed rhubarb. Should be interesting. XD;

Tonight I feel like painting, I think. I'll work on my current painting some. I have an idea what I want to do next, but I haven't decided entirely.

One thing I have decided is that I'm going to do a painting for Grandma for Christmas this year-- of her little dog, Angel, who just recently died. (She let Angel outside in the middle of the night to go pee and a freaking OWL ate her. D8) I don't want to give it to her right now because it's too soon and would just upset her, but at Christmas time is should be alright...

Now I just need to get a good picture of Angel from someone without Grandma finding out. >>; Hmm.

EDIT: That movie that I linked to the trailer for a couple of posts back? Grace? It was AWESOME. X3
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So, no real entries from me in a while. Why, you ask? Well, for those of you not following the avalanche of Tweets I posted about it (they were forwarded here too, but I don't imagine many people payed attention to them in my LJ), let me tell you.


It went out on a Wednesday, and I finally called Rogers on Friday morning when I woke up and it was still out. It was then I was informed that they couldn't get a repair tech out to fix it until THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY. As in EIGHT DAYS later. *facepalm* Way to FAIL, Rogers!

Then when the tech finally came on Saturday (he was supposed to be here between 2pm and 5pm, but of course didn't arrive until 6), he was here for a grand total of five freaking minutes, just long enough to PLUG MY NET BACK IN because someone had disconnected it down where the lines enter the building in the utility room. =__=;;

Anyway, Internets are back again. I spent that whole eleven days basically working on beading stuff for the upcoming cons, watching a FUCKTON of movies, glaring at my modem and going moderately insane from boredom and Net withdrawal.

Not much else to report, except that I'm flailing over last minute Otakon stuff right now. Trying to decide which beads to bring with me to work on stuff at the table since I can't fit all of them into my suitcases. Packing and re-packing said suitcases to try to fit as much in as I can. Man, I have a ton of stuff this year, not because of cosplay or anything (like the last two years) but because of all the Artist Alley things. >>;

Oh, and I have a bunch of granola bars and other snacky foods packed because with my new diet I have to eat snacks throughout the day and IDK where I'd buy them down there. Plus granola bars were on sale when we did groceries yesterday, so I got four boxes of them and a box of pop tarts (which were also on sale.) And I also have a can of cashews (for protein!!) and a bag of marshmallow candies just because. And a pack of strawberry wafer cookies. And maple cookies for everyone else, even though I don't eat them. XD;; Haha.

Other than that, the only mentionable thing is Wabora. X3!

On Tuesday night I took Mom, Lee, Grandma and my brother to Wabora for dinner. Wabora is a fusion Japanese steakhouse in Bracebridge; they've been there about three years now. Anyway, THEY DO TEPPANYAKI. I've wanted to go ever since they opened, but it's obviously rather expensive so I couldn't.

But when my money from the tax rebate came in last month I decided as a thank you to my family for everything they'd done for me over the last few years I'd treat them to the hibachi show/dinner at Wabora. I took $320 with me and told them to order whatever they wanted, too.

The only one that was worried about it was Lee because he doesn't know much about Japanese cuisine. But since it's a fusion steakhouse they have a lot of western foods on the menu as well, so I knew he'd be able to find something he liked. And I knew for a fact that he would enjoy the show, even if the food wasn't 100% to his taste.

But I think of all of us, he was the one who had the most fun. It was awesome to see him enjoy himself that much. Same with Mom and my brother. (My bro was SUPER excited when he heard we were going to a teppanyaki restaurant!)

So I got a combo plate with chicken and teriyaki steak (half of it is in my fridge right now since I couldn't finish it lawl) and my brother got a combo plate with lobster and scallops, and we trades so we could both try everything. We also shared a sake sampler, which was a little bit of four different kinds of sake. It went straight to my head. Oops? xD;

I wanted to try the blueberry sparkling sake, but they didn't have any when I asked. =/

And I got really yummy pomegranate tea, and tried the tempura ice cream (green tea flavour!) for dessert. It was an AWESOME meal and show, even though it was expensive ($230 total with the tip. >>;;) and I would love to go again some time. Lee says he fully plans to go again as well, which is great to hear because there aren't many foreign restaurants he's willing to go to. ♥
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Been watching a lot of movies and stuff the last couple of days. And Monster Quest. TONS of that too. And today I watched four episodes of Prehistoric Predators while I made like 150 gemstone phone straps. xD;

Then tonight I watched Splice on divxden, and now I've just started [Rec] 2. Splice was freaking awesome! Brand new creature movie ftw! The previews made me think of Species but it turned out to be completely different. And it had some surprises in it; they took a few chances with the plot, which made the movie more interesting in my opinion but some people might not have liked them. It's a matter of taste, I suppose, and we all know that's something I rather lack when it comes to movies. Haha.

[Rec] 2 is the sequel to [Rec], obviously, and is a Spanish horror movie that I really liked. (The English version is called Quarantine but wasn't nearly as good.) Just another in a series of foreign movies that I love. Horror/sci-fi movies are done so well in other countries, it's really too bad that more people don't watch the original versions.

Anyway, those aside my copies of Samurai Zombie, CHAW and One-Chanbara all came in this last week, as well as my copy of Lizard Baby (lmao). I went on a little foreign-movie binge on ebay a couple weeks ago, and ended up getting a bunch of Korean and Japanese horror/sci-fi stuff. I have yet to watch Samurai Zombie but if it's anything like Kibakichi (werewolf samurai) it should be entertaining. I haven't watched One-Chanbara (samurai-strippers vs zombies!) or Lizard Baby (should be self-explanatory, really) yet either. I'll watch them tomorrow maybe.

CHAW I did watch, though, and it was AWESOME. Another giant killer boar movie (there's been a rash of them lately), but this time the creature animation was REALLY A+ good. Amazing for a B movie. I'm really glad I got it. ♥♥♥

Other than movies...

A couple days ago Mom, Lee and I went to Barrie to visit Grandma and Uncle Len and Aunt Clare for a couple of hours. Before we got to their place though he stopped at the big bookstore and I poked through the discount books. I got a handful of reference ones cheap... and they had Stephen Colbert's book on sale so I picked it up to. XD I flipped through it and it's going to be REALLY entertaining to read. 8D

EDIT: Also, English version Hachiko movie? Almost killed me. I literally spent the entire last half an hour of the movie flat out sobbing. Not just sniffling a little. SOBBING LIKE A FAMILY MEMBER HAD DIED OR SOMETHING. And that was the English remake. The original version would probably just stop my heart all together. ;A;


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Still doing fine with Z, but the smaller keyboard on the laptop is so completely different it's taking a lot of getting used to. Also, I don't like the touch pad, but then I never have liked them. Which is why I have a mouse to plug into Z when I'm at home, though when I'm out and about with him I guess I'll just deal with the touch pad. Like now at Mom's for instance. :D

DLed all my photos from my camera today (now I need to charge it) so that I can start adding things to my Esprit Studios etsy account. Then I logged in and started to do just that... only to be told by etsy that my photos are too big. ~_~; But screw it, I'll deal with resizing them when I get home and have the mouse.

Lately I've been working on things to sell at the bazaar Grandma got me a table at. Mostly jams and jellies right now, but also a few more bits of jewelery and I'm doing two Christmas ponies to take with me to sell and as examples, since it's a Christmas bazaar and all that.

Anyway, so far I've made crab apple jelly, lemon-honey jelly, strawberry-rhubarb jam, rhubarb jam, almond-brown-sugar applesauce, pumpkin sauce, and watermelon jelly. As usual I'm having trouble getting things to set, but whatever.

After the bazaar anything that hasn't sold will be going up at my House of Yum etsy account, along with various cookies and candies. Please, once I get the shop up, anyone who's had my jams/jellies/cookies/misc baking and etc. please spread the word. Between Esprit Studios and House of Yum I'm trying to get myself set up to make enough extra cash each month to keep the bills paid. It doesn't have to be much, about $200 would cover that. But any good word of mouth would be helpful and appreciated. <3

I took Loki to the vet a couple weeks ago because of his allergies again. This time he had been chewing on his feet, and itching at his chest and abdomen until all the hair was coming off, as well as scratching his face up still. -_-;

Same thing is usual, and three years of trying to find a treatment that, you know, WORKS. But this time we got to the vet and saw a new woman (Dr Wilson, I think?) and she actually suggested some things that none of the others had mentioned before even in all the times I'd had him in there (and all the money I've spent.)

She thinks there's a possibility that it could be an immune disorder rather than allergies, which would require different treatment, obviously. But while we're seeing about applying for funding to get the tests done (because I can't afford it on my own), she did suggest an allergy med that we could pick up from the pharmacy.

So we got a bottle of these pills, and he's been taking a half pill twice a day for just over two weeks now... and it's working fucking MIRACLES! His face is 90% healed up and he hasn't been itching at his chest and stomach almost at all. If this keeps up, we might have actually got it figured out finally. And the kicker is, the pills cost $10 a bottle, which covers three months worth of pills for Loki. All that money spent and I could have just gone to the pharmacy and spent $10 instead. Man.

But still, glad to see him feeling so much better. :)

Right now I'm at Mom's to do laundry and print off some things since my own printer is pretty much dead. I'm also watching my brother play Twilight Princess. Ahh, Zelda, ILU. <3

Random recent observation: Last weeks SPN episode? C-CRACKY EP WAS CRACKY. .__.;;

Oh, and before I forget. Cat McD! Were you still interested in those ponies we talked about a while back? Let me know. <3
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A semi-decent update for those of you on my flist that are wondering how I'm doing aside from ZOMG eel creatures and OMG lampwork heart pendants.

Mom's surgery is coming up on the 25th, and it really kind of snuck up on me. The whole family is really stressed and worried right now, and Mom is making herself sick with being afraid that when they go in to do the hysterectomy they'll find something more than the tests have shown so far. I know we should all be trying to keep an optimistic outlook, but it's proving to be hard, especially since Grandpa just died of cancer three years ago. The whole thing is keeping me up at night a lot, and I won't feel any better about it until after the operation when the surgeon comes and tells us everything is fine.

I moved a couple weeks ago as well; to a little apartment downtown. It's not much (I'll post pictures once it's more organized), and pretty small, but it's mine, and I love that about it. Besides which, for one person (and cats/rabbits), it's a fine size. The only problem is that I have too much stuff. >>; It's been a nightmare trying to figure out how to fit everything in, and that's even after two vanloads of stuff having been taken to the goodwill.

When I first was moving in, the place was a mess. The kitchen still needs to have a really good cleaning with bleach, but other than that it's tidy enough I can put up with it until everything's unpacked and settled. The bathroom was DISGUSTING. I should have taken some photos to show you the before and after. Grandma actually came down on the day I moved, and rather than helping with the move itself, just locked herself up in the bathroom and scrubbed the shit out of it for HOURS. It's still terribly stained, but not actually dirty anymore. I don't think the previous tenants cleaned the bathroom once in the entire time they lived here. -__-;; Ugh.

Right as I'm typing this, the girly bunnies are in the kitchen having playtime. Unfortunately, until I got the kitchen organized enough that they couldn't get into things they shouldn't, they couldn't have time out to exercise-- it's been about three weeks since they were last out of their cage. I feel guilty, but there wasn't much I could do, since the kitchen is the only place here I can let them out at all. Now I can though, so we can get back into the regular routine of daily romps.

In November, I've got a table to sell things at the Christmas bazaar in Bracebridge. So I'm selling some jewelry there, as well as some jams and jellies. Grandma brought me six freaking baskets of crab apples when she came down, so I'll have TONS of crab apple jelly. (If anyone wants some, let me know and I'll set aside a jar of it for you.) It'll be the first time I've actually sold something I've cooked/baked so I'm really kind of nervous about it. Hopefully it'll go well.

Also, some time in the next couple days I'll be posting a massive sales post; due to space issues and the fact that I'm in desperate need of money, I've decided to sell off most of my extensive Sailormoon collection. I have a few really rare items, so fingers crossed. Also, if you know anyone who might like to commission a pony or something from me, please point them in my direction.

...because of everything that's been going on, I haven't been online much. Most of my time has been designated to doctor's visits and the move/unpacking. Honestly, I'm starting to get really weary of it, and I'm feeling... downtrodden. Just sad and gloomy. I miss being on AIM and talking to people, and blogging about nothing. But until the end of the month I just won't have the time.

EDIT: Maddie needs monies too, so go check out her etsy shop:

Glitter Text Generator

EDIT #2: I'm watching The Evil Dead II right now while I'm organizing things, and the girl's head just bit the guy on the hand, and he's flailing and screaming and smashing said severed head against walls and books and desks and whatnot, and I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. XDD;;;

It starts here, at about nine minutes in:

...and continues on here. xD;;

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So a couple weeks ago I bought a bunch of beads and pendants off ebay. Yay. \o/ In the stuff I nicked were two pendants for my Grandma; one was a butterfly with pink sapphires, and the other was a lampwork heart with a blue-and-pink butterfly design inside. (She loves pink and butterflies.)

I got both of them because I couldn't decide which would be better for her, and planned to ask Mom when they came in. I figured either way, I could find something to do with the one left over. SO. The pink sapphire one came in a couple days ago. The heart one came in today... and it's MASSIVE. Like three times the size I thought it was, and I know Grandma wouldn't wear something that big.

I guess my decision is made. XD;; *fail* Now I have to think of something to do with the lampwork heart. Hmmmm...
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Yeah I fail at like... everything online lately. I've been having a lot of trouble irl with various things, which I may or may not get into in this entry. Anyway, list format today for the sake of my sanity because I have a fuckton of stuff to talk about since it's been so long since I last wrote anything. xD;

1) ANIME NORTH. Okay, basically I spent the whole weekend at my table trying to sell jewelry and pony commissions (since I wasn't allowed to actually sell the ponies there). I sold a bit, and got two commissions (Van from Escaflowne and Reno from FFVII. XD), but the way Artist Alley and Crafter's Corner was organized this year was RETARDED, and the Corner was way the hell out of the way so we got practically no traffic. SO ANNOYING. Anyway, all that work and spending that much time at the table, and I basically broke even for the cost of the con registration, the table, and the parts that went into the jewelry. So much for making money for Otakon. -__-;

Anyway, that aside, I got to see Mel and Zexy again. :3 I went to a D-Gray photoshoot with Mel on Friday, and to the Moonlight Ball with her and Bonnie on Saturday night for a while. I didn't get to see Zexy as much, but she stopped by my table twice to say hi and give her her present~

On Friday I wore my Org13 Demyx outfit. It was INSANELY HOT. DAMN PLEATHER. And I forgot my gloves at home, so I just wore my shark/dolphin rings instead. *shrug* I also didn't have my boots because the morons I ordered them from backed out at the last minute. This was remedied Saturday morning, though, when I found awesome bootcovers in the Dealer's Room. Then Saturday during the day I wore my casual!Demyx outfit. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wig? It's so awesome there are no words to describe it. And it fits perfectly, and stays in place all day, it doesn't even budge. >w<~ Anyhow! Then Saturday night for the Moonlight Ball I wore my Haine cosplay. Sunday was Org13 Demyx again for a while, then last-minute casual!Lavi that pretty much all came from my closet lol.

I didn't buy a whole ton of stuff like I do most years because I was trying to save monies for Otakon, but I did get four boxes of pocky, a Riku plushie (I always get myself a plushie at AN), and about 30 buttons. XD; A bunch of KH ones, some FFVII ones and some Ouran ones. Also, one booth had kitty buttons and the proceeds from them went to a cat rescue, so I got myself one of those. Then I got three more the next day to send to people. XD; Oh, and I got some henna done on my arm. It's faded out now, but I took pics of it~

Various photos from AN. Haine cosplay photos when I get around to getting some from Mel or raiding my Mom's camera. >>; )

2) ON THE WAY HOME FROM ANIME NORTH. Two things happened; first, I was looking out the window of the van and actually saw a songbird attack a hawk in midflight. It was spectacular and I couldn't believe it. I've seen that kind of thing on Animal Planet, but I never thought I'd see it IRL. WOW.

Second... I broke a knuckle in my right hand. >__>;; I caught it in a booth when we stopped for food. It was all bruised for a while and hurt like a bitch, but I didn't bother going to the hospital. *shrug* Which was fine until a couple days ago when I smashed it off a doorknob and re-cracked it. xD; *FAIL OMFG*

3) OTAKON. Well... I didn't make any money toward Otakon at AN like I'd wanted, but I still managed to finagle out a way to pay for it. GO ME. Basically, I'm not paying my parents rent for next month, and then paying double in August. I'm also borrowing $300 from my Grandma, which I'm paying back in September. Ugh more debt but fuck it, I'M GOING. XD; So I've already paid for my registration and my plane tickets (NO 26 HOUR BUS RIDE FOR ME THIS YEAR), which completely maxed out my credit card two weeks ago, but you know... whatever. >>; It'll get paid off at the end of the month.

Maddie love, let me know when you have a tentative total for the stuff we're doing in Dayton and gas monies and everything. ♥

Cosplay for Otakon! Org13 Demyx and Haine for sure. Also, I think I'm going to do Riku cosplay from BOYS, just for kicks and to see how many people get it. I could trim up my Suigintou wig a bit and it'd work for Riku totally fine. I NEED SOME HEMP BRACELETS AND STUFF. I SHOULD GET SOME HEMP AND JUST MAKE THEM MYSELF IT WOULD BE CHEAPER. I also need some gray arm warmers to go as fake long sleeves under the t-shirt so that I don't have to wear layers lol. Also, yakuza!Kadaj, complete with pinstripe shirt and fedora. >D

I'm also bringing about six other wigs in case myself or anyone wants to do impromptu cosplay of anything. My Kyo wig for sure, and my blonde pigtail one, and probably my blue one and maybe my red one, though I got that one for Axel cosplay (next year maybe), and I don't want it to get messed up between now and when I have a chance to style it... hmm. Must think on this more.

4) B-GRADE MOVIES. After AN, we stopped at Dad and Lois' place to say hi and see teh doggies, and I borrowed 24 b-grade movies from him. XD TWENTY-FOUR. AWESOME. Some of the best ones were The Burrowers, Alien Raiders and Decoys (the second one is bad though.) I also borrowed Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which I LOVED. ♥

5) SORA AND RIKU. Last week I had to take my rats to the vet. Riku was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the vet gave me antibiotics for him... but unfortunately, he died the next day. It's sad, but he was in a really bad way, so I'm kind of glad he didn't suffer for long. Sora doesn't seem to know what to do without him, though. Also, I had to treat Sora for mites today. That's no big deal, though.


7) FEET. Last Friday, my feet and ankles swelled up to twice their normal size. As in, I had no discernable ankle, and could barely walk because of it. =_=;; And they stayed that way until TUESDAY NIGHT. WTF? I have no idea why, but it was a pain and a little disturbing on top of that. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday though, and the doctor wants me to go for bloodwork, since it's possible my meds are the cause of the swelling. Yep.

8) DOCTORS IN TORONTO. A while back, I mentioned about going in for gastric bypass surgery. Last month I went to the initial consultation in Toronto, and then earlier this month I went for the appointment with the social worker and dietician. I still have to go to a gastric bypass class, and see an internist before going back to the surgeon again, at which point my surgery will actually be scheduled.

Things are actually coming along rather well. The only big problem right now is that my Grandma is really against it. She doesn't think I should do it. But then she thinks that my weight issues are my fault. It's bad enough that strangers assume I'm lazy and don't eat well, but having my own Grandma think that really hurts. She keeps giving me lectures about exercise and eating right-- I already eat right (even the dietician was impressed), and I exercise as much as I can but with my legs the way they are, it isn't always possible. I have to walk with a cane, Grandma, it's not like I can just break into an easy run. *sigh* I really need to talk to her about it, but... I know I'll just get another lecture about not trying hard enough, and end up crying for two days over it. I dunno...

9) THE YARD. Mom has decided this summer that she's sick of the back and front yard (what little we have of them, this is just a townhouse after all), and wants them to look really nice. So we've all been working on the yard for the last month, putting down sod and seeding and watering and pulling up weeds. Also, in the front yard we lined the sidewalk with quartz stones, with solar lights along the other side. Then next to the door we planted a little cedar tree, with more quarts around it. Yep.

10) ROLEPLAY. I haven't been rping as much lately, with everything IRL. I was supposed to be back from hiatus at TV like a month ago. I really need to get back there before people get sick of it and I get kicked out.

I have, however, been rping some zombie!apocalypse-verse Kingdom Hearts with Michi over email. It's hilarious and fun. Plus RikuRoku, which makes me happeh. :D And I've been rping with my bb Kiin over at [ profile] losechesters, which is a comm Kiin set up for us for "Winchestertastical" roleplay. I'm Sam and she's Dean and basically it's just for the sake of crack. It's SO much fun. Which reminds me, I need to think up another post for there... >.>;
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I've been making bracelets off and on all day. Some of them are really cute. I love the pink and black one, and the one with the little round beads with funky patterns. I think the one with fake pearls is really pretty, but it's not something I'd wear. They're all for selling at AN, obviously.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to visit Grandma in the morning, and then after that we're going to Huntsville... and I SHALL BE GOING TO THE FUCKTASTICALLY AWESOME BEAD STORE THERE. HOMG SO EXCITED. >w<~

Ordered pitas for dinner tonight. CHIPOTLE CHICKEN PITA OMG SO YUMMY AND BURN-Y AT THE SAME TIME. \o/ lol.
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Today was a really, really long day. With a ton and a half of driving. Plus, I was up super early this morning. ><;

Mom and I went up to Grandma's first thing this morning to take her to some apointments and to do some grocery shopping. We also brought her some cookies and stuff. She's doing much better right now than she was this time last month. She's feeling well enough that she's joking around some again, instead of being constantly subdued and depressed. It's a relief because I was really worried about her. Still am, but at least I know she's on the road to recovery.

After we were done doing everything with Grandma, Mom and I came home. The roads today weren't super great because of the snow and everything. There were quite a few cars in the ditches on the way up there and back as well.

Anyway, about an hour after we got home we had to go out again to go to the dentist, as I had an appointment at 3:30 and then she had one at 4:15, so we were there for over an hour and a half in total. Pretty boring, really. I had a cavity filled, so now my jaw hurts. -__-;

Once we were finished at the dentist we went to the health food place to buy fake peanut butter for me to bake with (as actual peanut butter, you know, KILLS ME), and then to the bulk food store for a whole bunch of misc. baking supplies, as well as rabbit food. Tonight I'm not doing any baking (screw it, I'm tired and need a break XD;) but tomorrow I'll start up again with the next three batches of lemon cheesecake cookies, and the (faux) peanut butter danties, and possibly the coconut macaroons.

Then on top of all that, I made soup for dinner. But that wasn't hard because I just made minestrone. XD; It mostly comes from cans (kidney beans, lentils, tomatoes, etc.) and only takes about 20 minutes to put together and cook, lol. We also had garlic bread. :3

Oh! And today I got a package in the mail, with some DVDs I bought for my brother and Mom for Christmas, as well as season 4 of House and the first two seasons of Dexter that I nabbed when Columbia House had them on sale for like $17 each. There's still one Columbia House package to go with the stuff that Mom ordered through my account, and three things I got off ebay (a video game for my brother, two bobbleheads for my Dad, and my Haruhi figure.)

I also need money for buying the last of what I want to pick up for Mom, and for Dad, and for shipping freaking packages, but I have NONE DAMMIT. NONE. I'm so pissed off, all my packages are going to be late, and so is most of Dad's present, and probably half of Mom's as well, and I can't do anything about it until my freaking credit card comes in. ><;;

So if you're getting a package from me for Christmas, I'm really sorry but it's going to be late. D:

Real Life

Nov. 11th, 2008 06:17 pm
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My Grandma... is really sick. Really sick. She has a slipped disc in her back, which is causing Sciatica so badly that she can't sit down, and can't stand up straight for more than about ten minutes at a time. All she can do is lay on her back all day and night. And she lives in the middle of nowhere, with no one that can come by and keep her company. She's extremely depressed, for obvious reasons.

I'm really worried about her. My Grandma has always been... bulletproof. She's always been really energetic, really cheerful, really optomistic. She could out-toboggan all of us when we were kids, right up until last winter. She never ran out of energy, and she's independant as hell. She hates to rely on other people to take care of her.

Now she's in constant pain, to the point where she's using a walker to get around, and a grabby tool to get things down from the cubpoards and everything. She can't even stand up long enough to cook anything, so she's considering purchasing frozen meals for $5 each so she doesn't have to, which will cost way more than feeding one person should.

I talked with Mom about it, and I think some time soon I'm going to go up to stay with her for a week or two, to keep her company. While I'm there I'll cook a whole bunch of things for her and freeze them so that she doesn't have to purchase meals especially. Then I can help with chores (as much as my back/legs/wrists will let me) and take the dog for walks, and just be there to chat with Grandma. And Mom says she'll feed the cats and rabbits and everything while I'm gone (though I'll have to take Sora with me lol, she'll forget about him if I don't.)

I'm going to call Grandma tonight and talk with her about it.

I feel a little guilty about leaving again so soon after coming back from hiatus at RY and everything, but... I don't really have a choice. I'm the only one with the time and nothing to really tie me down. Besides which, she's my Grandma and I'm really, really worried about her.


That aside, I'm in need of getting a cane. My legs have gotten so bad that I can't really go anywhere without limping like I'm a cripple. -__-;

EDIT:: ALSO, I found a lump in Tri's side. D: And he's been losing weight lately. I'm worried he's got cancer or something. I need to get him in to the vet, but I can't afford it. I've been looking into insurance for him, and they all say they don't cover pre-existing conditions, so if I want them to cover any treatment assuming it is cancer or whatever, I need to get him signed up like now... *stressstressstress*
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Today I had to go to the after hours clinic for prescription repeats because my stupid doctor is impossible to get through to, and I only had seven days left on my most important drug. UGH. But at least that's done.

Mom went as well because she's been dealing with a MASSIVE ear infection the last couple weeks, and ran out of antibiotics before it was fully healed, so she needed a doctor to check it out again in case she needed more.

While we were out there, we talked a little about Grandma. Over the last four months or so, Grandma's health has been growing steadily worse, and the doctors are 99.99% sure it's Sciatica (but the cat scan isn't back yet, so there's a small chance it could be something else still.) She's in so much pain she can't stand for any length of time, and can't sit down basically at all. All she can do is lie flat on her back, and even that is painful. We're both very worried about her right now, especially because she lives pretty much in the middle of nowhere, by herself with just the dog, and because she can't sit down she can't drive.

After everything here is settled, I'm considering starting to spend at least weekends up there, so that she has some company and so I can help her out a bit around the house...

That aside, I came home after the clinic and set about chatting on AIM in and between packing and organising more things. Actually, I'm pretty much done. Most of what hasn't been packed can't really be until I'm actually moving, because I'm going to need it between now and then.

Now, since all this started, my apartment has been a DISASTER, and because of everything all over the place, I haven't been able to let the rabbits out to play up here. I feel really guilty about that; yesterday, I actually took them downstairs and begged Sarah to let them play in the back room some. Which was fine, but a pain for having to haul them all down and back up and everything.

Today, when I emptied out the storage nook area, I had an idea! :D I stuck the cage in there, then used packed boxes and plastic tubs three-high to make a wall around a big area. ♥ It's a part of this place that I won't need at all anymore (it's empty now haha), so I think between now and then I might just leave the cage door open and let them have that area. *shrug* They seem happy with it, and now I just have to take Pagan downstairs to play, since he can't play with the girls lol.

Also, I don't feel as guilty anymore. >.>;
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Alright. So, the last few months my Grandmother has been taking me to see a naturopath. She was very insistant that I try it, and while I wasn't necessarily confident that it would help with any of my problems, I said I would give it a try.

Now it's been six months of disgusting potions and pills, and I'm still not feeling better; in fact, I'm feeling worse because the longer it goes on the more guilty I feel about the amount of money Grandma is wasting on me. Besides that, the longer things seem to go on the more she seems to resent me for everything she's doing for me, I think because I'm not really excited about it.

On top of that, two months ago the guy put me on some stuff to work on my lymph system. Then a week ago, he analysed my blood again and was all "WOW! IT REALLY WORKED! YOUR LYMPH SYSTEM IS MUCH BETTER!" ...except that I hadn't taken any of the stuff he gave me for it. It was pretty much a test, because I was getting the feeling he was leading me and Grandma on, and it turns out I was right. So I'm not going to keep going and wasting Grandma's time and money.

I emailed her yesterday to let her know, and she's really upset. She thinks I "don't have the courage" to continue, and that I'm quitting even though I'm getting results. What results? We're going by this guy's word that things are working, even though I don't feel any different. She may be willing to blindly trust him, but I'm not, especially after the last visit.

The last six months or so, going to see this guy has put a serious strain on my relationship with my Grandma, and I'd rather quit before I alienate her completely.

Also, while I was there last week, out of the blue she announced that she didn't think I appreciated everything my Mom is doing for me. That hurt. A lot. I said "yes I do" and her reply was "no, I really don't think you do." I'm not sure where she got the idea that I don't appreciate what Mom's been doing for me the last few years, but I do, and if I had my way, she wouldn't have to at all. I hate having to rely on other people. Her saying that hurt, and I cried off and on that night, and the next day.

My last visit up there really sucked. -___-;;
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1) Back from Grandma's... my computer is still not ready. -__-; They said it'd be all good to go by Tuesday. Not impressed. Though I did call and they said I can pick it up tomorrow. Right now I'm using Mom's PC again.

2) A few days ago, before I went to Grandma's, I decided it was finally time to put Phantom in with my other girly bunnies in the big cage. I was still a little worried about it, since both she and Pauper are so territorial, and I thought if it didn't go well there might be a bunny bloodbath. But I've been working on Phantom for four years now and figured it was about time to give it a shot; so I let her out of her cage to play, then a while later I gave her some granola and picked her up, and just put her into the big cage instead of the one she's usually in.

She went "...." but didn't flip out as much as I thought she would. And surprisingly neither did Pauper. ^_^ It went SUPER well actually, and aside from some obligatory humping to establish dominance (Pauper came out on top, I think), there wasn't even any fighting. (Which could be in part because I loaded them down with as many treats as I possibly could as a distraction lol.) I kept an eye on them for a few hours just in case, and then relaxed and set about switching Pagan from his little cage to Phantom's old cage. ♥ Then I left for Grandma's tuesday and when I came back it was all still well. I'm pleased, and Phantom seems to be liking the big cage pretty well. And I'm hoping being social with the other buns will help Phantom be a bit happier too. :3

3) Went to get my train tickets! :D ...and when I got there they told me that three of them couldn't be ordered from them because I was leaving from a US city. BAH. But I still got my first ticket (from here to Baltimore) and the one from Toronto to here at the end of the trip. The other three I have to order from the online US Greyhound site. Psh. Doing that on Monday.

For now, Michelle, my bus officially arrives in Baltimore at the downtown bus hub at 12:45pm on the 6th. <3 If you can't pick me up for some reason I'll get the address for the hotel from Maddie and take a cab there or something. :)

4) Grandma's place and the trip to the naturopath... sucked ass. But I don't want to get into it right now or I'll start crying again. I'll type it up tomorrow or the next day once I've calmed down a bit.

5) Also, I have a ton of pics of Tetsuya that I'm going to post once I have my own PC back.
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D: doesn't have Junjou Romantica anymore. So unfair! *is sad* Does anyone know somewhere else that carries it? Or where I can download it from aarinfantasy?

Otherwise... was at Grandma's the last couple of days. Randomly. Well... not so randomly. I had an appointment in Huntsville. BUT I thought it was next week. So Monday night at like 10 Grandma called and went "I'll be there to pick you up in the morning tomorrow." And I was kind of like "...WUT?" Heh. My memory is made of fail, srsly.

Visiting up at Grandma's place was typical, though holy hell the mosquitoes and black flies were NUTS. Because we had so much snow this winter we had a super wet spring, and thus, TONS of damn flies. AUGH. I'd taken Tet-chan with me to take some pics of him around the property, but I couldn't stay outside for more than about 30 seconds without being EATEN ALIVE. O__O; Next time, Tet-chan, next time. ♥


EDIT: Also, as I was away for a couple days there's a couple tags I'm behind on. So if I owe you a tag I apologise for just vanishing like that and I'll get it to you tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. <3
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First off, serious apologies to [ profile] rufustehshinra, I wasn't thinking. I promise I'll keep Kadaj out of trouble for a while to give Seph some peace. <3

Second... omg I finally got a headset for my PC, so now I can set about downloading Skype. >3< I'm happy about that. lol, I'm burning a whole bunch of CDs for Grandma, so she bought that and a charger for my Zen as "payment" for the work. ^^;

Third. The Naturopath re-tested my blood yesterday and says apparently I'm doing MUCH better. Meh. I don't feel any different. On the plus side, he's taken me off the stuff he had me taking before (and put me on different things :P) and I'm no longer totally restricted with the stupid diet he gave me. I can have red meat "on occasion" if I want, and milk and whatnot as well, I'm just not supposed to go crazy with it. Well duh.

Fourth! Michi and I finally finished up that Axel/Kadaj log we were going. xD; We've been working on it for a while now, emailing back and forth, and it's like fourteen pages long. X3

Fifth~ I got some more souvenirs to take with me down to the States in the summer for people! I'm enjoying souvenir shopping for that. But. I must remember not to get too much, or I won't have room for my cosplay stuff and clothes and everything. .__.;
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1) After getting my hair cut... it's even darker than before. xD; Normally, it's every colour of the rainbow because it bleaches in the sun. Starts off dark brown/black and ends up with several shades of red and brown, as well as blonde in it. But then when I got it cut/styled all the sunbleaching got cut off. So it's practically black again. Whoo? Mom says apparently you can already see a bit of lighter brown on the fringes.

2) Today was grocery day, and Mom had a ton and a half of coupons so we went shopping at Zellers for some stuff, too. :3 She got me a kit to put purple streaks into my hair. >3< (Though I'm not doing it til after my Haruhi cosplay at AN.) She also got me some hair clips, since I can't for the life of me find mine. ><; Dad got me some really pretty ones a couple years back but my hair was too long to use them, so I put them somewhere that I wouldn't lose them... and then forgot where said place is. >>;; Anyway, I got a few more. AND. I got a super pretty set of press-on nails to go with my Suigintou cosplay for the Masquerade at AN. :3 They're tipped in sparkly blue-purple with white lilies. I have pics of them (in the box still) that I'll share later. (I still need some matching eyeshadow/liner/lipstick for that costume too, but I guess I'll get it later.)

Also got another shiny-dangly for my collection. Spring is the best time to find them because everyone wants windchimes for their gardens and stuff. :3

3) Today I also had to get a new bank card, because I somehow lost my old one. >.< I don't know where I put it, but I can't believe I lost it! At least it was easy to replace.

4) Haha, a couple of Mom and Lee's friends, last time they were visiting them, found out I like b-grade movies. So they sent Mom home with movies for me! X3 Larva, Abominable and Mimic 3. I laughed sooo much when Mom gave them to me. Or maybe more like cackled. I've seen Larva and Mimic 3 before, but I hadn't seen Abominable. So I watched it tonight and it was awesome. XDDD Today I gave Mom Dragon Fighter and Soulkeeper to take to them. B-GRADE MOVIE (LENDING) TRADE OMG! With my parents' friends lawlwtf! XD;;

5) I possibly, maybe have found a new apartment. It's about the same cost as where I am now, but probably a bit smaller. It does have it's own bathroom and a small kitchen though, which would be a plus. I hate sharing. :P I called to ask about it and the woman even said she doesn't mind pets as long as the cats are on Advantage because they've had flea problems in the past and she doesn't want a repeat, which I can't blame her for. So I'm supposed to see the place later this week and see if it's suitable for me.

Sarah is all pissed off at me for it though. She's like "if you leave it puts me in a bad situation, I can't afford the rent here alone!" Well TS. She's been telling me for two years that as soon as her settlement money comes in she's leaving, and I've been panic-stricken because I had nowhere else to go when it happened. As it is, she's leaving in the fall at the latest, and if the place sells (the landlord is asking a quarter million for it, wtf he's an idiot, it's a piece of crap property), the new owners will likely want us out anyway so they can do renovations or whatever. I mean, the only reason I'm looking at this place now is because I'll probably never find another one that I can afford on disability. If I thought I could in six months I would. So fuck her if she's pissed that I'm leaving. This place is shit and bad for my health anyway.

6) ...anyway. >>; Tonight I couldn't sleep. Tch. What else is new? So I puttered around tidying and watched a couple movies instead. Now I'm finally getting tired, but I have to be up soon anyway so I can take the recycle/garbage out before Grandma gets here. BAH.

7) I'm supposed to be going to Grandma's place today and staying for a couple nights. I have an appointment with the naturopath again (what the hell, I'm getting annoyed with taking fifty pills and powders a day and getting no results, it's been four months ><;;) and everything. But I'm supposed to get a call about going to see that apartment in the next day or two, so I don't know if I should go or not. I mean, I guess I could get Sarah to take a message and call me at Grandma's when the woman calls, but she's so pissed at me right now I'm half-afraid she wouldn't bother just to screw me out of the apartment. >__<;

8) RPG Stuff. Mahiru is in a band with Riku, Asch and Axel. xDD;; I DIE OF LOLING. The poor girl really has no idea what she's getting into, I think. Though she gets along with everyone. I just think she's in for an eye-opener. XD;; And Hojo put Kadaj in the hospital a couple days ago... or at least, Kadaj went to the hospital finally. It only took four years. >>; So Seph picked him up and now I guess is going to apply for custody of him. Kadaj is kind of freaked out by the idea of actually having a life/freedom/friends/etc. Oh, and Seph and Yazoo are out to maim Axel, for various reasons. Kadaj wishes they wouldn't kill his friends. Seph wishes Kadaj has more friends who weren't sex fiends. (In AIM-verse, he's somewhat shacked up with Marluxia and quite pleased with that. Seph even says it's okay. Which shocks both of them, but makes Kadaj happy.)

9) CAN HAS NAAN BREAD OMGYUM. *__* Yes shut up it's my breakfast. xD;

No Point

Mar. 30th, 2008 12:56 am
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Today Mom and I went to Grandma's... again. >>; Mom needed to go fabric shopping with her, and wanted some company for the drive, so I went. I was hoping to get a trip to the book store after, but she said no. xD; Though she did say we can go next Saturday, as well as heading to the 400 market and stuff too. <3

Oh, and while I was at Grandma's earlier this week my Kadaj!wig came in, as well as the onyx earrings I bought for casual!Kadaj cosplay in the summer. They're so smexy omg. =3= Now I just need pants and shoes for him. And possibly some more accessories, but they're not necessary. *shrug* This is the third wig I've bought off the same people on ebay in the last couple months, and their feedback for this one was "we LOVE you so much!! >3<" lawl. XDD;

Mmmm... I'm going to the Midnight Masquerade at Anime North this year, and I need a dress or something for it. I've never been to it before, so I'm not sure what to wear. xD; Is it supposed to be cosplay, or just regular semi-formal? I dunno. I'll bug Mel about it later I guess, haha.

...I have a spot on my head that is really sore right now, and I don't know why. Kind of above my right ear and forward an inch or so. I wonder if I bonked my coconut without realising it or something. I wouldn't be surprised. >>;


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