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Baked cupcakes tonight. Starting at 11:30pm. JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO. XD;;

Anyway, they're confetti cupcakes with white icing and I decorated them with Halloween decorations; orange and black sprinkes, tiny black and white candy skulls and slightly larger candy bones. The bones are white with splotches of red "blood".

idk I just felt like it, even though I can't eat many cupcakes anymore. *shrug* Like with most things I bake nowadays, probably 3/4 of them will go to Mom, Lee and my bro. I'd share with other people, too, but I pretty much don't know anyone else in Orillia anymore. It's a sad state of affairs, really. ~_~;;

Other than baking, I guess the news is Squall and the cats.

My spiffy laptop, Squall, is being a dick again. He won't load windows at all, and the startup diagnostics have literally been running for over 48 hours now. =__=;; In the morning if nothing's changed I'm going to just turn him off. Hopefully MDG will get back to me about having him repaired, since he's still under warranty until the end of November.

So for now I'm back to using my netbook, Z, which means I'm not going through Internet Withdrawl. No, instead I'm going through EVERYTHING ELSE withdrawl, since all my writing. music and bookmarks are on Squall. There is literally nothing on Z's HD since I cleared it out about 8 months ago. -.-;;

I'll have to hook Gale (my external drive) up and transfer some stuff from there, I guess.

In the meantime I've been mainlining two things the last few days; Mantracker and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, I am aware that this is about the weirdest combination I could have chosen. XD; Whatever, I'm enjoying them both so :P. I'm watching all the eps of Mantracker that I haven't seen, which is like 3/4 of them, and I'm working my way through TMM since for some reason, even though I have the whole series, I never watched past about episode 20. Must've got sidetracked and forgotten...

As for the cats, Nio has passed his cold on to EVERYONE EXCEPT NEKO AND LILY. *EPIC HEADDESK [HERE]*

Oh, and the other big news is that one of my close friends from highschool had her first baby! She's shared pics of the new little girl, and she's sooooo cute! CONGRATS, P! ♥♥♥♥♥

...this is the closest thing to a baking icon that I have. WHYYYYY?
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Finally figured out the DVD burning feature on Squall. Did I mention that before? Can't remember.

Anyway, so I cleared out Squall's HD some, and now I'm working on Gale. lmao only like 54 movies and 140-ish anime series. Plus a few TV series/seasons.

What can I say? I'm a media whore. xD;;

I still need to have a boo at Z's HD too, as I believe I still have some anime series on him too. I know at the very least I have the whole first season of Digimon. Hmm.

EDIT: Is anyone looking for a specific movie/anime that I could burn for you? Before I delete everything from my HDs. .__. Just ask and I'll see if I have it.
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Currently watching random shows on various channels (travel shows and cultural stuff mostly, though I watched some dinosaur documentaries earlier :3) and burning DVDs from Squall to free up some of his hard drive, since I have such a bad habit of downloading video files. >.>

Once I'm done with Squall I have to move on to my external drive though, which is 380GB and COMPLETELY FULL, mostly of media files. >>;; Yeaaaaah... it's gonna take me a while. And in and around that I need to start working on the CDs for Sarah's wedding and the jewelry I'm making for the wedding party.

That's somewhat hampered by the fact that I need to get stuff from Michael's in Barrie on Friday before I can finish it, though, so maybe I can try to get the CDs done before then. Hmm.

Also, I am randomly feeling the need to name my external drive after having it for like three years already. .__. My last PC was Tempest, my netbook is Zephyr and my current laptop is Squall. All male names for some reason. So maybe I'll gall my external drive Gale. Still going with the name theme, but feminine-ish instead.

Yep, Gale it is! ♥

Gonna go to sleep once this current DVD is done burning though, since it's already 6:30am. lmao it takes so much longer to burn DVDs than it does to just burn data discs or CDs. xD;;


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