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Honestly, what is with me and not updating? I suck.

And to be honest, probably the only reason I'm updating right now is because I'm at Mom's place and bored out of my skull while everyone else watches the new episode of NCIS. I am not a fan of this show pretty much at all, so having to sit through an hour of it is making me go =__=;; and yawn a lot. Yeaaaaaaah.

Anyway. Been working on writing again lately. Got a new chapter of Whipstitch out the other day, and now I'm working on the first real chapter of Cowboys and Heralds as well as a few one-shots.

I actually got a request for a Sailormoon fanfic through FF.Net recently, too. FWoF requested a het Yaten/Usagi fic. My knee-jerk reaction was no just because I pretty much never venture outside of Seiya/Usagi, Yaten/Minako and Seiya/Yaten, but then I got thinking... it's good to stretch your creative muscles out, right? So I decided to give it a go after all. We'll see how it comes out when it's done. XD;;

Other than writing... uuugh, I've been so sick ever since Christmas. My sinuses are all infected and I've got a terrible, wet, barking chest cough. And I spent about a week where I had literally no voice. Now I can talk again, and my cough isn't quite as bad as how it used to be. I guess I'm on the mend from the cold... just in time to catch the flu!


I'm pretty much over the flu now, too, though, so I guess I can't complain. :P lol.


May. 14th, 2006 06:58 pm
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WTF! I actually finally wrote something, and FF.Net won't upload! >_<;; ARGH!

Hey... [ profile] etcetera_cat or [ profile] cat_mcdougall or someone, can you send me an invite to that other archive you guys use? I know -cat sent me one a while back, but I don't think I ever got around to doing it... ^^;;


Sep. 21st, 2004 07:04 am
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I'm astounded. Good Valdemar fanfiction! :o

I've pretty much given up reading from the Valdemar section of FF.Net, with the exception of a handful of authors. I don't bother to really browse anymore, because normally it's a huge waste of time and only results in me developing severe facial ticks.

But! I decided to clicky on Catch You, Catch Me, and was pleasantly surprised for once! ^^ Though I guess I've already got another one of Konitsu-san's fics on my favorites list, so I already knew it'd be worth while... ^^;;

Maaa... need to do more ficcing myself. I've been a-slackin' lately... ^^;;;
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Something I posted over at my FF.Net page, which I figure I might as well post here for anyone who might be interested/wondering. Basically pertaining to my Valdemar writing, but relating to the rest of my writing as well, just in a smaller way:

"Right. Well, spurred by the following review, which I recieved for Evolution, I have a little explanation/ramble to let everyone know where I stand and what, exactly, "Current Projects" means to me.

*glares* One year... One year gone, and no more updates, yet this is on your Current Projects list. *wails* Where is the love? Where is the love for this story that compels you to update? WHERE? *sobs* Please update this story. *hugs you* please...

Norin Ikusto

First of all, I sincerely appologize to the people who are waiting on me to update fics that have been sitting around for a while. ^^;

If I leave one of my stories sitting for months like that, there's usually a reason pertaining to either a major case of Writer's Block, a loss of interest on my part, or a time-management problem. I may also have just flat out forgotten about said fic, in which case a review like that delivered to my inbox is a pretty good reminder. ^^

In the case of Evolution, it's a little bit of Writer's Block, combined with a memory slip on my part. Appologies. But I've been tinkering with the first chapter lately, trying to force it out despite the Block, and having a bit of success, so hopefully I'll have Chapter One finished some time soon! ^_~

That aside, my "Current Projects" list isn't nescessarily a list of fics that I'm actively working on--it's actually just a list of the fics that I have posted, which are unfinished at this time, and which I do plan on working on again (some day) and eventually finishing.

If I ever decide to completely abandon a fic, it will be removed from the "Current Projects" list, and probably removed from my account all together. The only reason I get rid of them completely (as I've done many times in the past) is because having fics which I have no intention of ever finishing hanging around my account actually bothers me... so I delete them. But if they're Valdemar related, they'll still be available to read at my site, Mystery Vale, so you can still look back and reminisce if you want to.

And occasionally, even if I delete a fic, I will eventually write more of it again, in which case (if it's a Valdemar fic), it will be updated at MV and I'll post a note [in my FF.Net account, and probably in my LJ, too] for anyone who may be interested; I'm actually considering doing that with Down Came A Blackbird, so look for a note about that in the future.

Anyway, you get the idea. "Current" just means "not abandoned completely" and "there's still hope!" but I really do have a lot of things I'm working on writing right now, and I have a relatively busy life (surprisingly) so please have patience.



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This story in the M. Lackey section of FF.Net reminds me far too much of Brightly Burning, from the character names, to the Gift, to the "dragon" references, to the ending.

I'm pretty much convinced that the characters are supposed to be incarnations of Lavan and Kalira (either pre-BB or post-BB, I don't know which), but if that's the case, it bothers me that there are no notes in regards to it.

I get a plagiarism accusation for In Dreams because Bri has a broken wrist (because obviously Vanyel is the only person in the history of Velgarth to have ever broken a bone ) and Leshie's family raises horses (Leshie isn't even my character, Fireblade created her and her family situation for the In Dreams AU), but something like this isn't questioned at all? *dubious eyebrow twitch*

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What the hell is THIS?

I'm appalled. Are you appalled? I'm appalled. =_=;;;

BUT! *squee* Look! [ profile] etcetera_cat finished Forever, which is the prequel to my Reality, the ficcy that I wrote for her for her birthday! >^-^<

I really really liked it. ^^ Go read!


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