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Honestly, what is with me and not updating? I suck.

And to be honest, probably the only reason I'm updating right now is because I'm at Mom's place and bored out of my skull while everyone else watches the new episode of NCIS. I am not a fan of this show pretty much at all, so having to sit through an hour of it is making me go =__=;; and yawn a lot. Yeaaaaaaah.

Anyway. Been working on writing again lately. Got a new chapter of Whipstitch out the other day, and now I'm working on the first real chapter of Cowboys and Heralds as well as a few one-shots.

I actually got a request for a Sailormoon fanfic through FF.Net recently, too. FWoF requested a het Yaten/Usagi fic. My knee-jerk reaction was no just because I pretty much never venture outside of Seiya/Usagi, Yaten/Minako and Seiya/Yaten, but then I got thinking... it's good to stretch your creative muscles out, right? So I decided to give it a go after all. We'll see how it comes out when it's done. XD;;

Other than writing... uuugh, I've been so sick ever since Christmas. My sinuses are all infected and I've got a terrible, wet, barking chest cough. And I spent about a week where I had literally no voice. Now I can talk again, and my cough isn't quite as bad as how it used to be. I guess I'm on the mend from the cold... just in time to catch the flu!


I'm pretty much over the flu now, too, though, so I guess I can't complain. :P lol.
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Well, this is my first entry in a long time. Again. Man, idk why but when my creative writing muses fled to Timbuktu (or wherever), I suddenly found it impossible to keep up with my personal LJ as well. =/

BUT. My muses! They have returned! In fact, I've been VERY active with my writing the last month-and-a-bit. :3 Mostly within the realm of Valdemar fanfiction, but a little with my original writing as well. The only disappointment I've found with returning to the field of Velgarth fics is the lack of activity in the community. It's gone downhill a lot in the last few years, unfortunately.

Valdemar fic aside, I've also started writing a few things for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom. I guess I'm just drawn to magical talking horses lol. XD;

Besides writing, the last month has been crazy since I moved a week ago. Again. I just can't seem to find a place I can stay in for very long, for one reason or another. Anyway, this new place is in an actual apartment building, and is the nicest place I've lived aside from when I was still at Mom's place. I'm sharing with my brother, so the rent is affordable for me too, which is good because my financial situation, as always, SUCKS. :P

In any case, now I'm up to my neck in boxes and haven't written much in the last week because of the move and then unpacking and everything. *shrug*

And that's about it for now. More tomorrow, I swear. I WILL KEEP UP WITH THIS JOURNAL DAMMIT. *epic fistshake at the sky*
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A new Valdemar fic, yay? XD;; I don't write a damn thing for like five years and then what do I do? Start a new project. Wow. Why am I not surprised? *FACEPALM* But I'm hoping that by starting Outlander I can get back into the writing groove and continue some of the fics that people are STILL religiously waiting on.

Honestly, it boggles my mind. Until today I literally haven't posted anything since May 2006, but I still get reviews and messages from people telling me they're still waiting for the continuation of my fics. I have like... DIE-HARD FANS. O_o;;

Anyhoo, I want to get my Valdemar stuff updated, and I want to write some KH since I've been roleplaying in that fandom for like three years now. XD; Plus I still have to finish Walk A Mile and I might try to work on Dance In The Shadows, though I may sit down and re-write Umbroso Estrella first. idk, I guess we'll see.

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Apparently, I suck at keeping my journal updated lately. I used to be so good about it too. But I don't know... I've been really down lately, and not feeling up to doing anything. I haven't been on aim much either and I've just been rping a little with one or two people. I'm considering going on partial hiatus at TV until I get myself straightened out again.

Not much had been going on lately. I've been working on stuff to sell at AN, and fretting over whether I'll have enough money to go to Otakon this year or not. I'm really hoping I will, but with not being able to sell my ponies at the table it might not happen... but, I'm currently finnegling with my finances to see just how much I need to sell to be able to go to Baltimore (and then to VA and then to Dayton) so fingers crossed.

I am currently watching Eden Log, which is going so far over my head it might as well be a jumbo jet. XD; I'm going to have to watch it again and try to figure it out lol.

A few days ago I dislocated one of my toes. I slammed it into the stairs by accident. At least it popped back in on its own. Still hurt like a bitch though. BEHOLD I AM THE MASTER OF PERSONAL INJURY. Also, of not going to the hospital for dislocated joints because they happen all the fucking time wtf body.

RP talk, so if you don't care don't bother reading past here. More actual life-updates later on once I've thought about what I want to say.

We have a new Axel at TV, and I've gotten sucked into the AkuRoku trap. XD; I promised myself I wouldn't, not because I don't ship them together, but because it's pretty overdone at this point. Ah well. They're cute together, and Roxas is totally the man of the relationship which makes me laugh constantly. Also, tonight he got into an argument with Kanda, and the two of them spammed Axel's journal with it. lmao.

House is being his antisocial self, though he does get along rather well with Ziva (I totally ship them now, w2g TV you've ruined my in-series ships), and he's agreed to tutor Lenalee in math so long as he can call on a favor from her at some point in the future. He may get her to do something cruel to Remus, as he's still holding a grudge against him from way back when puppy!Remus chewed his cane up.

Dean is currently being crabby over the new event (school, yay?), and refuses to go, so he and Faith are going to hide out in the room with booze and porn and probably trade Hunter/Slayer stories. Faith demanded he share his porn and Dean was like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" I still wish I had a Sam at TV though, Dean secretly worries about him.

Aaaaand Michi and I are doing a RikuRoku rp right now that takes place in the zombie!verse from the apocalypse!KH fic I'm in the process of tinkering with. XD; I get to play snarky/bitchy!Roxas, and that makes me utterly happy because he's too nice most of the time in TV (and he was the same way at RY, except with Axel lol.) RPing in it is really helping me flesh out the zombie!verse, so to speak, so I'm happy with it. :3
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No pic today because I'm lazy and this is a quick post. Maybe later.

1) I am so writing a post-apocalyptic!zombie-plague Kingdom Hearts (RikuRoku) fanfic. xD; Don't ask. My brain works in ways even I don't understand.

2) My Organization XIII cloak came in yesterday and I am in love with it. It's like wearing a thermal blanket though. I'm going to die in the heat wearing it. Still. SO HAPPY WITH IT. :3

3) Boys by Casey. Best fanfic I've ever read. KH again.

4) I just realized this entire post is Kingdom Hearts related. ._.;
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Neil Gaiman is on The Colbert Report tonight. Haha.

Well, in the three days after I put Loki's first set of soft paws on him he managed to pull them all off. But I put another set on him today and in the 7 + 1/2 hours since he hasn't lost any. I'm hoping he's getting used to them.

I feel like RPing smut. IDK which character or anything, I just feel like it. :P It's possibly Kadaj being whiny about wanting distractions from his angst right now. Anyway, anyone want to indulge me? XD;;

I'm going to read over some of the old ND threads, and try to write some more scenes. I miss ND terribly. We had way too much fun with it. ^_^; I also plan to attempt working on some fics again. I'm determined (once again) to try to work through my writer's block!

Oh, and I'm working around the new rules for Crafter's Corner, in that I can take commissions and stuff at my table and sell my ponies out of the hotel room. XD; Screw you AN people! I'm going to bring some ponies to work on while I'm there too, to pass the time. It was kind of boring last time, just sitting there for hours on end. I'm bringing some things to work on earrings as well.

I pulled out my cosplay stuff to try taking a few pics just for the heck of it yesterday, but then I got sidetracked and never got around to it. I'll probably do some tomorrow...
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1) I woke up super early this morning for NO REASON. And have been wide awake ever since. WTF body. So I'm going for a walk in a few minutes. *shrug*

2) Insanitarium: Almost a zombie movie. Yay for cannibalism? Reminded me of 28 Days Later.

3) Ghost Town: Very funny. I had a lot of good gigglefits over this one. Extremely... unusual humor, though. Probably not for everyone. XD; *is weird like that*

4) I randomly had the urge this morning to plan a cosplay outing to Wonderland. BUT I DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES CLOSE ENOUGH (AND DOES COSPLAY) TO COME TO IT. I LIVE IN THE MOST FAIL PART OF THE WORLD FOR COSPLAY UGH. Okay, probably not. But still, it's frustrating. DX Because cosplaying to an amusement park would be awesome fun! TT__TT

5) For anyone who's interested, I read a really amazing Axel/Roxas ric this morning. Deceitful Above All Things. Seriously. AMAZING.

6) Roxas/Haruhi is going to make me laugh so hard, I swear to God. Poor Roxas. It will be epic. Kadaj-muse is secretly relieved and not feeling as guilty over the whole Haruhi thing anymore. Ignore the Roxas and Axel banter at the bottom. My Roxas finds Michi's Axel extremely annoying. And it probably won't make any sense unless you read their other conversations anyway. XD;

A List

Sep. 13th, 2008 12:12 pm
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Movie List so far for all of last night and this morning:

Shanghai Noon
Shanghai Knights
The Invisible
The Brothers Grimm

...and now I'm on Seabiscuit. Also, some plotting Haruhi-Kadaj and Haruhi-Roxas comment spamming with Pronnie, and some Axel/Kadaj with Michi. I admit it, I ship AkuDaj too. In a completely different way than MarluDaj, but shipping nonetheless. ♥♥ Actually, I not-so-secretly ship them all together. I think they're my first real OT3. XD;


EDIT: OMFG. I just found my Sailor Trek binder. XD;; (Sailor Trek, Sailor Trek: TNG and Sailor Trek: DS9. Really, ridiculously well written Sailormoon/Star Trek fics that I found and printed out YEARS ago. CRACK CROSSOVER FTW.) I can't believe I still have that! I'll have to read them again. X3

...I'm such a geek, especially when I'm sleep-deprived. >>;

...I miss writing crack crossovers. I should get into it again for kicks. I still get reviews and requests to continue "Digital". And I still want to write my Rayearth/Blade one. And the Valdemar/LoTR one too.

Guilty >>;

May. 4th, 2008 05:53 pm
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Recently, I've found myself reading Tamaki/Kaoru fics. >>; I can't seem to help it, there are a lot of cute Tama/Kao fics coming out lately for some reason. And the two of them are adorable! My Hikaru-muse HATES ME SO MUCH OMG LAWL. XD;

I'll placate him later. Somehow. Maybe.
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I went downtown today to finally mail the phone straps I got for [ profile] aiko_yamada at AN.

While I was there I popped by the craft store for more flesh tone and black paints, and got a little pack of Sculpey Bake-And-Bend to try, since it was on sale for $1.99. I dunno what I'll use it for, but I'm sure I'll find something. *shrug*

Anyway. It's 110 degrees out, sunny, muggy... and I forgot to wear sunscreen. =.=;;

Basically, that means I'm fucked. Seriously. I can already feel that I'm burned. We'll see how bad it actually is, though; normally it takes a couple hours to darken down. It doesn't feel too bad, but I don't usually get light burns. Either I'm fish-belly white, or the colour of a lobster. >>;;

The sun is my enemy.

Also, I had the random urge to work on Marionette while I was on my way back. .__. Maybe I can actually get something written?
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Title: Almost Landing
Series: Ouran High School Host Club (AU)
Characters: Hikaru/Kaoru
Rating: NC-17 (yaoi, smut, twincest -- all that good stuff!)
Disclaimer: Not mine, but a girl can dream. <3
Notes: Written for the Hikaru x Kaoru Battle For Porn meme over at [ profile] hikaruxkaoru. ♥ All the fanfiction I write nowadays is smut. >>;;

Summary: AU devil!Hikaru and angel!Kaoru. >.>

Almost Landing )

Title: Longing And Lace
Series: Ouran High School Host Club (AU)
Characters: Hikaru/Kaoru
Rating: NC-17 (yaoi, smut, twincest -- all that good stuff!)
Disclaimer: Not mine, but a girl can dream. <3
Notes: Written for the Hikaru x Kaoru Battle For Porn meme over at [ profile] hikaruxkaoru. ♥ All the fanfiction I write nowadays is smut. >>;;

Summary: The twins have a final midnight meeting; on the night of Hikaru's wedding.

Longing And Lace )

My muses only allow me drabbles nowadays... -____-;
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She's doing this water!fic challenge thing where you write comment!fic/drabble and post it at that entry in her journal. Just for fun. And so I wrote a twins drabble for it.

Completely random from-the-seat-of-my-pants Hikaru/Kaoru ficlet HERE )

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1) Go down to put the garbage out-- what's this? It was delivered to the neighbors by accident, and they've propped it outside the door for me. <3

2) Carry it back upstairs.

3) Squeeze package. *squeezesqueezegrope* Hmm. I wonder what's in it~


5) Use scissors. SUCCESS! =D

6) Open card, yey. ^__^

7) Oogle enclosed pressies and their shiny pretty paper. Try to decide if you should be good and wait until Christmas to open it, or--

8) Squeeze first pressie. Hmm. Soft and squishy. >>

9) Open it.

10) OOOH, t-shirt! I wonder what it's got on--

11) SQUEE so loud your roommate knocks on the door and pokes her head inside to ask what's going on/if the animals did something stupid/if everything is okay.

12) *giggle fit here*

13) Pet the pretty Fullmetal Alchemist shirt. *petpetstrokemypreciousssss*

14) Consider being semi-good and saving the other pressie for Christmas--

15) Open that one too.


17) Consider re-wrapping everything and pretending that you were good. >___>

18) Decide that's too much work.

19) Log on to LJ to write a somewhat convoluted THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH message to [ profile] etcetera_cat ♥ ♥ ♥

20) Go to read the OMGYEYETC-CATFICCAGE.




Oct. 30th, 2006 05:46 pm
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BWAHAHA, I haven't written anything in forever, and here I finally do... and it's Ouran. And twins. And SMUT.

I'm almost embarassed to post this. XD;;

Ahh, since I haven't written much in the last while, I'd love some concrit? I'll give cyber cookies in return! ♥


Title: Detox
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Author: [ profile] senashenta
Rating: NC-17 (yaoi/slash, twincest, NOT WORKSAFE)
Characters: Hikaru/Kaoru
Disclaimer: Not mine. Duh.
Dediction: [ profile] smoulderedtears she's my Twins Smut muse/partner-in-crime!
Summary: An addiction is hard to kick.

Detox. )

One Fandom

Jun. 8th, 2006 12:01 am
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Just for fun, [ profile] cassandracsenta and I decided to each take a theme set from [ profile] 1fandom, and do the challenge in regards to N.D.. ^_^ Cassandra-san finished hers yesterday, but she waited for me to finish mine and hasn't posted hers yet, so we can post them together and see what the other came up with.

Anyway! I'm done mine! I took Theme Set #1, and this is what I came up with. )

It probably makes no sense to anyone but me and Cassandra-san, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)
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A week from now, I'll be at Anime North. ^_^ *squee* lol.

I was hoping to have a scene for Cassandra-san written today, but I don't know if I will. All last week when I couldn't do much because of my hand, things have been piling up, and I have a lot of chores and stuff to do... maybe I can do some writing tomorrow.

Speaking of writing, Whiskers was part of my Mom's Mother's Day gift, in case I didn't mention; I put together a "book" of all my short/one-shot Valdemar fanfics for her, and wanted to include at least one new one. Hence we finally forcing myself through my writer's block to scribble about Mouse and Fawzi. <3 lol.

I'm hoping to be able to work on more stuff now, though... try to finish up some more of the one-shots that have been hanging around my hard drive for practically forever...


May. 14th, 2006 08:37 pm
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'Whiskers' @ nFiction

'Whiskers' @ FF.Net

It's the exact same thing at both places, but whatever. Whiskers is first thing I've written in a long time... it's short, but at least I wrote it. Yay for random Heralds of Valdemar fics! I'm trying like hell to get through the Writer's Block that's been bogging me down for paractically forever.

And it's not even ANGST. ^_^;

Also, thankies to Cat McD! <3 You don't have to send me another invite, that one finally came through! lol.
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So today, with no pony rehairing tool, I did a couple more odds-and-ends on the pony I'm currently working on (her name is "Nightmare", and she's the first in a set of two, along with her sister, "Daydream"). They both have 3D cutie marks, so I sculpted Nightmare's and attached it, then painted it to match her color scheme. I'm really excited about her and Daydream, I can't wait to finish them and show them off... =3

As a random thought, I do a lot of black ponies, don't I? |_|;;

Right. I also made a list of hair colors that I've run out of or will need in the future (caddy red, sapphire, plum crazy, cm yellow, etc.) so that when I have some more money I can order it. I want some more Glow in the Dark and Thermal Orange, but they're expensive... ^^; Besides, I still have some of each of them to use up, so I'll wait until they're gone before I worry about scraping up the funds to buy more...

That stuff aside, I did a bunch of tidying around here... it's funny how quickly my craft supplies take over, if I don't keep on top of them. They all go in a little set of shelves (by my manga bookshelves for now until I have somewhere better for them), but when I get working on a project (any project, pony or otherwise), they get practically emptied and everything gets spread out all over both of my coffee tables (yes, I have two! lol.)

Anyway, over the last couple of days I'd managed to get my paints, dyes, glues, etc. all over the place again, so I cleaned them up and organized them a bit... as well as they can be, given the tiny shelves I have everything on. >^-^;;

Now tomorrow I'll end up getting them all out all over again. Ah, well!

Also, I was feeling kind of smutty, so I browsed around over at AFF for a while. Nyahahaha... I don't do it often, but sometimes I feel like reading random PWP, so I do. AFF is great for that. X3


Last night I was going through some papers (I tend to have random piles of papers all over the place, and need to go through them and organize them sometimes or they just TAKE OVER), and found a little blurb I had to write way back in Grade 11 (so around 2001-ish) in English class. We had something like fifteen minutes to come up with any random POV work of fiction-- a really really short story.

Mine was 'Rubies'... )

Eheh. XD Told you it was really really short...

I have another one that I found as well, called "The Sparrow and The Phoenix", that I'll post later-- it's got illustrations to go with it (okay, more like crayon scribbles, but it's not quite the same without them!) so I have to scan it first. Maybe tomorrow. :)

(Wow, there are a lot of brackets in this post, aren't there?)
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I am going to attempt to write a Valdemar holiday one-shot this year. Attempt.

I was supposed to write one last year, but then... yeah. My life went to Hell in a Handbasket, and it never happened.

Considering I'm still struggling with a total creative block, it should be interesting sitting down to try writing Miracle, but I'm determined to at least give it a shot. After all, I haven't written anything substantial all year, except for the 1,800-or-so words I wrote on my NaNo the first two days of Novemeber. =_=;;

Yeargh. I suck. Seriously.

Ah, well.

Cross your fingers for me.
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This meme-thing has gone around for a while, and I kept meaning to do it, but never got around to it. ^^ Anyway, I guess the last one on my f-list who did it was [ profile] cat_mcdougall, so I'm taking it from her... and so! Posting a snippet/sentence/paragraph from any current Works In Progress, writing-wise (one-shot, chapter, original work, fanfiction, etc.)

Now, keep in mind; this is just what's actually on my hard-drive right now. >^-^;; I have tons more WIPs on discs around here, too...

First, the fanfiction ones. )

Whew! And now, on to the few original works!

Original stuff! )

And that's it for what's on my computer! ^^; So much writing...

Also, I love this icon. ^^ Cat McD made it for me for the NaNo. =3


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