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So the last few years, since I started making jam/jelly/sauces/preserves/whatever, each fall around this time Mom takes some sample jars in to her work and takes orders from the people in her department. The last couple of years went okay, but THIS YEAR?

The last two days I've made $200 worth of sales. X3!!

I'm doing things a little differently this year, though. Mom took in the sample jars as usual, but then I put together a list of products that are available, rather than kinds that I happen to have on hand atm. Before, people paid and basically got their jam a day or two later, since it was coming out of current stock. This time they make their orders and pay, and their orders are delivered two weeks later.

All this means is that they can order things that I don't currently have stock of, or even make special requests for flavours/bulk orders/etc. And it's worked out very well, so I think I'm going to do it like this from now on. ♥

$200 (35 jars) isn't a TON, but it will completely cover having Ves and Lily spayed and Nio neutered (assuming his missing testicle makes an appearance, if not then I have to have him done via my regular vet. :P) Then I just have to put out the money for their shots, which is about $90 assuming all three of them get in; $30/cat. (If Nio has to be neutered later, then the jam money will cover Ves and Lily's spays AND their shots, yay!)

Anyhoo, I've got some jam to make over the next couple weeks!

Crab Apple Jelly
Lime-Zucchini Marmalade
Mixed Berry Jam
Pumpkin Sauce
Peach-Cranberry Jam
Apple Butter
Cranberry & Mixed Fruit Sauce (with Walnuts)

Aaaaaand I'm making a test batch of Pineapple-Plum Marmalade to see how it turns out. :3

One of the comments I often get from people who order from me is that I make very unique flavours. This is true of some of my stuff, like the Lime-Zucchini, Peach-Cranberry, Lychee or Pineapple-Plum, but I also do classic things like the Crab Apple, Apple Butter or Cranberry Sauce. I guess I just like to try new mixes, and having some different kind of products is working out very well for me. :)

Oh, and I'm also going to make a foray into the world of pickles and preserves this time; I have beets to make pickles out of (a special request from my Dad and Lois), and I want to try to make Crab Apple preserves, similar to something my Grandma on Dad's side apparently made when Dad was a kid. We'll see how it goes~

Which reminds me, I need to go back down and pick more of the tiny crab apples before they all go bad on the tree. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, if it's not pouring rain...
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Been on the bus for 12 hours, which is much better than 26 the first year I came down to the States. I slept most of the trip this time anyway, since I didn't sleep the night before. Had too much to do; in the afternoon I took the town bus to Mom's place to do laundry, and when Mom got off work she had a coffee and then we went to my apartment to start organizing and moving the animals. Somehow, though spacial magic I only partially understand, we managed to fit everything in only two trips with Mom's little car. We were channeling Houdini or something, idk. So we settled the rabbits and cats at their temporary home in Mom's basement and then had dinner, after which we went back out so I could pick up rabbit/cat litter and a couple other misc. odds-and-sods that I needed to before I left. After that we went back so I could finish my laundry and then Mom took me home.

With the cats out from underfoot, I took the opportunity to clean and vacuum the house. YAY CLEAN FLOORS AND STUFF. I also did some baking; Broken Glass Torte for Dad (does that count as baking? XD;) and fruit loaf as well. It started off as banana bread to use up the bananas before I left, then I ended up adding pineapple, then cherries, then coconut. Then I realized I didn't have any flour. *facepalm* So I had to improvise and used my Magic Bullet to make corn and oat flour instead. It worked fine, just took less time to bake through and didn't rise as much as if I'd used white flour. So whatever. I made four loaves, so I took one to Mom and brought one with me for Dad and Lois as well. Baking done, I did the dishes, then continued cleaning. Then at like 3am I finally started packing for my trip. xD; Way to procrastinate, right? I know, I know.

Anyway, packing took FOREVER as usual, especially since it took me an entire hour to decide which beads I was going to bring with me. >>; Last year I managed to limit myself to like four boxes, plus a box of charms/pendants and a box of findings. Um. Yeah. This year? Like twelve boxes of beads, plus a big box of charms, a big box of pendants, and three boxes of findings. I fail, what can I say? I also had to pack Maddie and Chloe's Christmas and Birthday presents that I never got around to mailing. Because I also fail at THAT, too. So like half of my luggage this time is made up of stuff that I brought down for them. Then there's my cosplay stuff as well. I actually pack very light for ME, it's just that I can't go anywhere without bringing copious amounts of STUFF for other people and projects. ^_^;

So, having not slept a wink all night, Dad picked me and my luggage up atound 9am. We went out to the res for him to get smokes, then back into town so I could stop at Mom's and drop of my keys (so that she can get into my apartment to feed Genbu and Aya and the fish) and her vacuum (which I had borrowed the night before.) She and Lee were up, so I said a quick goodbye to them and then we were on our way. The trip from Orillia to Georgetown was mostly uneventful. Except for the massive detour because of an earlier car accident on the highway, our brakes almost going out because of sitting on them so much in stop-and-go-traffic, and a short stop at Toys R' Us in Mississagua. TOYS. YAY. Dad found something for his Star Wars collection, and I got come LPS for my own, as well as some animal erasers because SO CUTE OMG SQUEE. I also wanted a Transformers Ravage figure, but I managed to resist. Mostly by reminding myself that anything I bought there I would have to haul down to the US and back again lol.


At the kennel, there was a little Lang family get together for one of Lois' granddaughters' birthday. It was slightly awkward for me to be there, but they were all nice to me. I did get some weird looks from the kids, though, since they had never met me before. Plus my hair cut is totally like a dude's now. But in general it was fine. After they left I got to talk with Lois some, which I always enjoy. But around 7 I HAD to lie down for a nap. I just hit the wall and couldn't keep going. My body was suddenly like "I QUIT". So I crashed on the living room couch for two hours. Then at 9pm I got back up so we could get underway.

Dad and Lois have accuired some dogs who aren't poms in the last year. First was Maggie, a pug/boxer cross that Lois' mother bought and then decided she didn't want, so Lois offered to take her. Then there was Lucy, a little Jack Russell who is really thin and lankey compared to most Jacks. Then a couple months ago they got another Jack, Sadie, who was half-starved and hadn't had any real affection or anything in her entire life. The pics from the day they first picked her up are just sad; she was so thin her ribs and spine stuck out. Poor thing. But she's all chubby and happy now, so it's all good. While Lucy has attached herself to Lois, Sadie has adopted Dad. And Dad is absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. But to be fair, Sadie is the suckiest, most friendly, affectionate little dog you could ever imagine. <3

Anyway, since the market for poms isn't great right now and the market for Jacks is still decent, they decided to give a litter of Jacks a try, so they went out and found a male, Max, who is the newest addition to the pack. Sort of. Because he's unaltered he has to stay in the kitchen and can't run with the girls or EVERYONE would be pregnant, including every human leg who happened too close. lol. Max is a sweetheart, but a little excitable. In more than one way. Haha. They plan to try breeding him to Maggie next year for some cross pups, and then Lucy the year after that. Sadie won't be old enough to breed safely for a couple of years yet, but she's the one that they're really looking forward to getting puppies from since her personality is so perfect. I guess we'll see!

Right now they have one litter of tiny itty bitty pom puppies that are RIGHT AT THE EPITOME OF CUTENESS. Two blacks, a cream (with siamese-like points and some white markings) and an orange-sable. (Their mother is black; idk about their father. It was this pairing that spawned the Parti Poms earlier this year.) They're maybe two weeks old, can see and hear and toddle around a little, but are generally just chubby round little poofy things that lay around with tubby milk!bellies and kind of resemble miniscule bear cubs. SO FREAKING ADORABLE. And they're all friendly as hell, and their mom has no trouble letting you reach in to pet them. Which is good because I spent a good amount of time smishing me some little pups and cooing at them and letting them suck on my nose and chin. X3 Dad says he'll take some pics so I can share. You guys. Seriously. You can't even comprehend the level of OMGCUTE!!1! these dogs are without seeing them. I WILL SHARE, AND YOU WILL SQUEE YOURSELVES TO DEATH I SWEAR.

If they weren't way too young to be sepparated from their mom, I would have been seriously tempted to try smuggling one of them out in my pocket. Heh.

Anyhow, around 9pm Dad and I took off and drove into Toronto so I could catch my bus. We even only got a tiny bit lost! And when we got to the terminal Dad hung around with me until it was time for my bus to board, then he headed home. He did call a few minutes later, though, just to make sure I was on board and on my way fine. Then the 12 hour ride commenced, but to be honest I only remember about 1/4 of it because it was dark and the bus was moving and I just fell asleep.

Ugh, US customs was a pain in the ass this year. And yet at the same time, managed to be really polite and friendly about it. It was weird.

First, the guy almost didn't let me into "his country" because of my passport photo. That one I had anticipated being a problem, since my passport photo was taken back when I was 260+ pounds. I've lost over a hundred pounds AND cut all my hair off since I had it taken, so it doesn't really look like me anymore. But eventually he decided the photo was workable, he just highly reccommended that I get a new one before next summer. Then he balked because I only have $300 US cash on me. WELL WHAT? I have more money, just not IN CASH ON MY PERSON. JEEZ. He was like "how are you going to support yourself while you're down there? $300 won't even feed one person for a whole month!" but I explained about the money situation and staying with friends and etc etc etc and he finally gave in... only to ask if I "had something to be nervous about". Because my hands were shaking. *FACEPALM*

I told him it was because of blood sugar, because that was esier than explaining that I SHAKE LIKE A CHIHUAHUA ON SPEED. ALL THE TIME. FOR NO REASON. So, that sorted... he wanted to know if I had any reason to return to Canada. I was like "...bwuh?" But apparently, because I'm not working, he was concerned I was going to just, yanno, STAY in the US and not go back to Canadaland. Forever. So what proof did I have that I would be going home after the trip? We finally decided that my family and pets were relatively decent reasons. At which point he demanded to know about Maddie and Chloe's home and job statuses, and expressed concerns for me being able to support myself (AGAIN) since neither of them has a full-time job. ASDGH. I was starting to get frustrated by then. I mean really, really frustrated.

I just smiled anyway.

But I finally did get out of there and on to baggage check, which is always interesting because of the weird shit I bring with me for cosplay and stuff. At least the baggage checkers usually get a laugh or two out of it. They take their jobs seriously, but not nearly as seriously as the guys asking the initial questions. =/ In any case, the guy checking my bags only had a problem with my snacks. He took my apple, my cherries, and my cherry tomatoes. Boooooo. But oh well. They're easily replaceable. And he didn't even make a mess of my bags like most customs guys do. I didn't have to reorganize anything at all! (...until later when my backpack kicked the bucket. Then I had to transfer my lunch stuff into another bag and just chucked the backpack in the trash. It was a dollar store one anyway, so meh.)

So, that done, back on the bus and on with the trip! basically, more sleeping. lmao.

At Detroit, though, I had a stopover for an hour until my next bus came in. I got to talking to one of the girls that had been on the last bus and was going to be on the next one. Tyra was super nice and we got along great. So we chatted for the rest of the stopover and then on the bus some before both of us decided we needed to sleep some more. She got off two stops before I got off in Dayton, but we exchanged info so we can get ahold of each other later. ^^ That was once thing about the first year I came down here; I met that girl, Z, on the bus, and we got along great, but I forgot to get her email. I still kind of regret that. =/

But, all in all, it was a pretty good trip. I got in here at Dayton around 1pm and have been waiting for Maddie and Chloe while I've been writing this entry. Maddie had a test to do or whatever so they couldn't be here to meet me when I got in. But that's fine. I have Squall with me, so I've kept busy, and they're on their way now. Should be here any minute! ...and Squall is yelling at me that his battery is low. And I have to go to the bathroom. So I guess I'm done this journal. XD;;
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Right, so here's the actual journal entry that I promised, since I fail at keeping up with my LJ the last couple of weeks. =/

So let's see. Basically, lots of Christmas shopping and stuff. I'm pretty much done now, except for a couple odds-and-ends, and one thing that I ordered and am waiting for it to come in. (Lee's gift, which is this really awesome wall clock in the shape of a Gibson guitar, in red and 1:2 scale to a real guitar! :3 I kind of want it myself lmao. xD;;)

I still have to finish putting together the gifts for Uncle Len/Aunt Clare and Uncle Alec/Aunt Brenda. For them and for my step-siblings this year I'm putting together gift bags with drink mixes that I've made; Chai Latte Coffee Mix, Bavarian Mint Coffee Mix, Orange Nutmeg Coffee Mix, Russian Tea Mix and Dutch Hot Cocoa Mix. All handmade with love from House of Yum! ♥ Hehe~

This week I have to deliver the gift baskets I put together for Dr. K and Dr. W's offices, and on Thursday I'm getting my hair done so I have a basket for Tosha and the girls at the salon too. Other than that I'm done, so I can chill and totally not have to worry about Christmas anymore. I was so stressed at the beginning of this month, too. >>;

Anyhoo, so this morning Dad came up to exchange gifts with my brother and I; which is to say, he and I exchanged gifts and he gave my brother presents, but my brother had nothing to give in return because he hasn't had a job in like two years so he has basically no money. ~_~;; Whatever.

I got Dad two new books that he wanted (the new Pern and Shanarra novels) and a Star Wars poster, and a massive gift bag full of cookies, chocolates, candies and generally a ton of stuff that's very, very tasty. I got Lois a Pomeranian bobble-head (so cute!) and made her a necklace, and got her a set of Christmas cookie cutters.

My brother got a couple of swords for his collection (katanas; very nice ones!) and Dad got me the new Valdemar novel (eeee!! ♥♥♥!!), an ipod shuffle since my mp3 player died a couple months back, and (the best part) he got me a DVD movie set. OF ALL FOUR CRITTERS MOVIES. 8D!! HOLY HELL ASDGH;KL YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPEH THESE MOVIES MAKE ME. KEKEKEKEKE!! >X3 I'm totally not two movies into a Critters marathon right as I'm typing this, either. Really. >.>;;

LOL Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the third one. xD;;

Apparently I have another gift that Dad's not finished putting together as well, so whenever he's done I'll get that one too. .__.;

Other than Christmas stuff, I've been dealing with NAUGHTY FUCKING KITTIES lately. >/ Tia and Juna have decided the last couple of weeks that every night and every time I'm out of the house they're going to get into EVERYTHING. They get into the cupboards and onto the shelves, pull everything out, knock everything over, and chew everything up.

When I got home this afternoon they had pulled all the toilet paper out of the bathroom, thrown it around and shredded it EVERYWHERE. I literally got so mad and frustrated when I saw the mess that I started crying. =__=;; I've been trying everything to get them to stop (short of beating them senseless when they do these kind of things, obviously) and I'm having no luck so far.

I've decided that, at least for now, the two of them (along with Loki, who insists on eating my houseplants every night while I'm sleeping) are going to be locked in the back room when I'm asleep and when I'm going to be out of the apartment for any length of time (Loki is only going to be put back there at night though.) There's a lot less they can get into in the back room, so hopefully that will mitigate things. If not... idek what I'm going to do. -__-;;

At least Dion makes me feel better. When I'm upset he comes and snuggles up under my chin and purrs at me. He's a doll. ♥

Moving on from bratty cats!

I mainlined all of the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne anime this last week. >__>; I'm horrible like that. But it was a series I'd always wanted to see and I had a chance to download it, so I did. And it was ADDICTIVE. @__@; I have such a soft spot for magical girl anime. It's terrible. Haha.

KKJ aside, I've really been on a Tanemura Arina kick lately. I love her art and storylines, and the other day I picked up the last two volumes of The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. IT'S OVER SADFAISE. But it had a good ending and it was generally a sweet story, and the art is so pretty!

I miss my Haine cosplay from Gentlemen's Alliance though; it doesn't fit me anymore. ;~; I think that's one Imma replace, because I really love that outfit. And I really want to do a cosplay from KKJ now too, but idk if I can afford it on top of all the other ones I'm supposed to be doing this year. XD We'll see, I guess...

Oh, and I've been collecting Littlest Pet Shop animals. I totally blame [ profile] papercut917 for this. XD; ♥ They're freakishly cute and addictive. I have something like 33 of them now. I'm running out of room on my shelves for all my little figures lmao. I either need more shelves or less figures. By which I mean, of course, I need more shelves. xD;;

Aaaand... I think that's about it, I guess. For now anyway. I'm sure I forgot stuff because there was so much for me to write about. Oops. Heh. Anyway~

EDIT: Oh, and the other day the cops were here again. Because the fucktards downstairs THREATENED TO BURN THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN.
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Been forever since I last posted. Oops. I fail. But whatever, December is a busy time so I can't help it! DX! I do plan to post a nice looooong entry here tomorrow or the next day though, so yay for that? lmao.

Spending tonight over at Mom's place, as Dad is coming up tomorrow (assuming we don't get a random huge snowstorm or anything) to exchange gifts with my brother and I. And just because Trunks and I are both huge dorks, I brought over most of my Disney and Dreamworks movies and we're having an animated movie marathon. XD <3

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Alrighty! Today was grocery day, as is every Wednesday. Woo-hoo. /sarcasm lol.

I didn't have much to get for actual groceries, but I did have to get cat food at the vet's (prescription weight management/urinary tract care food that Neko and Loki are on) and there were Sena-prescriptions I had to pick up too.

At the grocery store I mostly picked up some dumplings and wontons (they have these frozen ones that you steam and they come out DELICIOUS and taste JUST LIKE RESTAURANT GYOUZA/WONTONS ASDGH! X3), canned cat food for Tri and fresh cranberries for making home made cranberry sauce. ♥ I also actually found some eye-of-round steaks that were 90% fat free. Finding steaks with a low enough fat content that I'm willing to eat them is rare, and they were ON SALE OMG so I got a pack of two. :3 I might cook one tomorrow night!

And since Lee was driving and I wouldn't have to actually try hauling them home, I got another set of shelves at Walmart to complete my movie wall in the living room. 8D I spent an hour tonight putting them together and reorganizing everything and now they look awesome and I looooove it. X3!! Haha, I have room next to them for a small cabinet too, so I might pick one up at some point. Right now I have a stand there that I built out of DIY cubes.

At Walmart we also stopped to have dinner at McD's, and ran into Sarah and her fiancé, so we sat with them while we ate and had a nice conversation. The more time I spend with Arthur the more I like him... he has a very grounding effect on Sarah, and her complete bullshit has gone down a lot since she ended up with him. Just for that I approve of him, though he's also a really nice guy. :)

Oh, and this afternoon (before we ran into them) I got a message from Sarah about the wedding; her mother found out I was doing the bridal jewelry and wanted to know if I could design a piece for her as well, to match a set of earrings she wants to wear. I told Sarah I could probably manage it, but I couldn't say for sure either way until I had a look at the earrings. Basically, her Mom wants a large snowflake broach, which I think I can manage. I even have a basic idea in my head using fire-polished crackle beads and swarovski crystals, but like I said I won't know 100% until I see what I'm trying to match. And Sarah's Mom is like rich, so she's offered to "generously compensate" me for doing the project. I LOVE MONEYS. \o/

What else...

Well, yesterday I was out and about and picking up a few things. I needed rats for Aya-- my baby has graduated from fuzzies to pups!-- and a couple of other items.

I got some cookie cutters from Mariposa Market, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider to take to the Christmas get together in like a month and a half. I'm way the hell ahead of myself. xD;; And while I was there I taste-tested some eggnog-fudge which was just ahguisldfghuiadfgarngvu *DROOL* *A* I am so getting some of it to take to the get together as well. :3

And while I was out I got Lee a gift card to the music equipment store downtown, since his birthday is Friday. ♥

Anyhoo! I started working on some new recipes for dog and kitty treats for Christmas presents, and right now I'm in the middle of a decent maple-and-brown-sugar one. Just a little tiny bit of sugar and mostly maple extract for flavouring. They're pretty tasty. I still want to do one more, I think maybe liver flavour and bacon bits for "sprinkles". We'll see.

Oh, and today other than Squall arriving I also got the books I ordered the other day; two of them are for Dad for Christmas (Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey and Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks) and the other one was a discount book I stumbled upon, Beyond The Body Farm by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. It's by the same people who did Death's Acre, which is one of my favourite anthropology/criminology books of all time. Which I lent to C.A. way the hell back in 2004 and still haven't gotten back from her. *facepalm* She's horrible about remembering stuff like that. I might just break down and buy another copy and let her keep the first one lol. So I'm really looking forward to reading the new one~!

I also got a little package from Maddie and Chloe today! Or, rather, from "Rufus and Reno Shinra"! To "Roxas". I LOLED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. It was epically awesome. ILU GUYS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It had a couple of buttons and some cute stickers in it. And caramels! And a pretty glass star pendant which I put on right away and am still wearing now. =3 Hehe.

And I guess the only other thing is the cats.

First; 'Dion scared the SHIT out of me today. This morning he was sleeping under the desk in the back room, which he does all the time because it's right in front of the baseboard heater. I went to sit down to check something on the computer, and reached down to move him... and he kind of flopped around and looked at me like he was half out of it, but not in a sleepy!kitty sort of way. His fur was also puffed up, which cats tend to do if they're not feeling well. This concerned me, and I took him back to the living room and laid down to cuddle up with him some-- which was when I noticed he was shivering. Not in an "I'm cold" kind of way, but in an "I'm in pain" kind of way. I cuddled him close and fretted over him and tried really hard not to panic while I decided if I should rush him to the vet or not.

Finally, he fell asleep and so did I. A couple hours later when I woke up he wasn't there, and when I went looking for him I found him playing and looking as if nothing was wrong. I don't know what the problem was, but DAMN, 'DION. PLEASE DON'T PULL THAT KIND OF STUFF. YOU NEARLY SCARED YOUR MOM TO DEATH. D8

I'm going to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just in case. But now he's acting completely fine, so...

Second; Got a call from the Barrie SPCA today, finally! Way back when I first brought Tia home, I called them and got on the wait list for having her spayed and Juna neutered. They were still too young at the time, but the wait list was about four months long so by the time they got around to me they'd be the right age. Sounded like a plan to me!

So on Friday I'm taking Juna and Tia to Barrie to be fixed, for $50 per cat. Let me say that again; $50 PER CAT. Instead of the $350/cat it would cost me to take them to the vet in town and have it done. They also say they can give them all their vaccines and etc. at the same time. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN AND THE COST INVOLVED. ^___^

I couldn't book 'Dion at the same time since he's still too young, but tomorrow I can call and get him on the wait list and in a few months when they get to me again he'll be old enough.

I'm really, really hoping that having Juna neutered will calm Neko down a bit; Neko is NOT Juna's biggest fan right now and keeps kissing and spitting and snarling at him, which I keep trying to dissuade of course, but it's not working. Neko seems to think that Juna is vying for Top Cat in the pride, which Juna really isn't. He just avoids Neko and defers to him, acts submissive, but Neko doesn't take that for what it is and beats the hell out of him whenever they cross paths. Luckily no real injuries have happened, just one or two tiny scratches and a lot of flying fur. Still. Hopefully once Juna is neutered things will settle down...

And now I think I'm done rambling. For now. And I have the munchies. So Imma go find something to eat. OMNOMNOM and all that.

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Been puttering around this place the last couple of days. Doing organizing and tidying and whatnot.

I've also been baking, though. I decided to try my hand at making animal treats! 8D

The first batch I did were cat treats and I used chicken boullion to flavour them. But they came out kind of tasteless and really salty so the cats wouldn't even eat them. So I trashed that batch and started over with tuna flavour instead, and that batch came out great! All my cats loved them, and I gave some to Mom and Lee for Jessie, and she gobbled them up too. ♥ SUCCESS!

The next ones I made were doggie biscuits; peanut butter flavoured (I used fake PB though, obviously, since real PB kills me. Dead.) with banana flavoured yogurt icing and a few sprinkles to make them pretty. THOSE ones actually came out really good right from the start, and to be honest I rather liked them myself. A touch of sugar to the biscuit dough and they'd be really yummy as people-cookies. XD

Since I don't have a dog to test the doggy treats, I took the first batch over to Mom and Lee's place for Possum. He ADORED them, but I don't think I trust his opinion, as he once ate a slice of onion that was coated in mustard and then begged for more. *eyeroll* So I need to expand my test group. HEY, ANYONE ON MY FLIST HAVE DOGS AND WANT SOME FREE HOUSE OF YUM DOG TREAT SAMPLES? I just need to know how they go over so I can adjust the recipe if needed...

And then today I did a test of biscuit treats for the rabbits (and rats, and really any small animal), with grated apple, pureed peach, honey and cinnamon. And lmao they're really tasty too. I always taste-test the stuff I make (even the tuna cat treats and whatnot) but I didn't expect to like the animal treats so much. xD;;

Recipe testing aside, tonight I invited Mom and Lee over for dinner!

I haven't had anyone over for dinner since I moved here (over a year ago now), because the place was so cluttered and looked really disorganized. But the last month or so I've rearranged and changed my furniture, gotten more shelves and etc., so now I feel comfortable having people over. It's still a small apartment, still crowded, but at least it looks more organized, and the way I have the furniture now opens the place up a LOT.

I'll actually take photos to share finally, I think. :D

Anyway, I made turkey meatloaf (with sage, onion, celery, garlic and thyme; it turned out soooo good! It tasted like Thanksgiving!), steamed asparagus and rice. Then I also made a fruit crisp with apples, peaches, blackberries, walnuts, almonds and coconut for dessert. SO YUMMY.

So Mom and Lee were over for a couple of hours, and then headed home. Then about an hour after they left I got a knock on my door and when I answered, there was my brother, face pressed against the screen door and soaking wet from walking in the rain. XD;;

Today was his D&D day, and he walked one of his friends home, and since his friend lives about five blocks away from me he decided to stop by. So he came in and we ended up chatting for two-and-a-half hours. X3 I was so happy! My brother and I used to hate each other when we were younger, but about the time I turned 19 we started to get along. Now we're really good friends (mostly, we still squabble from time to time, of course) so I like spending time with him. And I don't get much quality time with him because of conflicting schedules and whatnot, so it was really nice. ^^

He left around 11:30pm, at which point I had to actually get working on garbage and recycling since tomorrow is pick-up day for my street. Fun stuff.

Then when I was done and checked my email, Dad had sent me one telling me that apparently there's a 3rd Lake Placid movie, so I checked online and found somewhere to watch it. AND IT'S ACTUALLY LIKE 200% BETTER THAN LAKE PLACID 2, SOMEHOW. Not as good as the first one, but I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to pick up a copy to bring down to Otakon with me next year, as it's been decided that 2011 is going to be Year Of The Croc/Alligator for Movies Sena Brings To The US With Her. 8D

Hmm, and other than all that...

Oh, got everything completely squared away with MDG, so this time next week Squall will be shipped off, which means he should get to me by next Friday at the latest. I'M SO EXCITED! FANCY LAPTOP IS FANCY!!

And did I mention it's officially set that I'm designing Sarah's wedding jewelry and doing all of the wedding photography? WELL IT IS. I HAVE MY FIRST ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY JOB ASDGH;KL!! Granted, I'm not charging her for it (I can't afford a wedding gift, so I'm doing the jewelry/photography pro-bono), but it can all go into my portfolio, so YAY! X33!!

That's about it for now. Ah, except I think on Friday I might drag Mom to Aji Sushi for lunch. I'll have to order for her since she won't know what anything is, but I want to show her that just because it has "Sushi" in the name doesn't mean everything is raw fish. I know she'll like the place once she tries it. ♥

Also? If the two freaking houseflies that are buzzing around here don't piss off soon, I might just go on a homicidal rampage. Just saying.

Other than that, today has been a really, really good day. :)

Sena out.
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Dad came up Sunday morning at an ungodly hour (as usual lol) and dropped off some stuff for me, and picked up the souvenirs that I got for him and Lois while I was down in the US this summer. I also sent some jam home with him, and a bunch of empty plastic seed-bead tubes that he uses for scratch-building models and whatnot.

Yesterday Orange!kitty showed back up and invited himself back into my place again. One again the neighbours said they didn't want him, and then this morning the girl came back and (again) said oh, she changed her mind. This time though I lied to her and said he'd already scooted back outside. I'm going to keep him long enough to get a few decent meals into him at least.

I'm still really worried about Orangey and his siblings. I would take them all in if they would make up their fucking minds about whether they want them or not. At least then I could make sure they'd get some good food and a good environment that isn't all trash and empty beer bottles. Then I'd take them to the SPCA to be re-homed. But the stupid people downstairs are being retarded about it, so I'm kind of stuck on the issue. =__=;

Anyway, Orangey is pretty much settled in here and I love him to bits and pieces, and he's already made friends with all my cats (except Neko, who is feeling rather put out right now) and fits in really, really well. I want to keep him so badly. But tomorrow I guess I have no choice but to return him. Dammit.


And I can't afford to get Tia spayed right this minute either. So hopefully I misinterpreted what I saw. Or something. I guess if push comes to shove I can keep Tia in the back room until it's time to have her fixed. Though she wouldn't like it. Still, it's an option I suppose. Hmm. =/
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Ugh, I feel like such a zombie lately. My brain just isn't working right. It rather sucks actually. But anyway, I've procrastinated over updating my journal for long enough, I figure I should maybe actually, yanno, do it. Numbers to help me keep my thoughts organized, though everything's not really in any particular order. ♥

1) The cats have fleas. UGH. I have literally never had a flea outbreak in my house (despite the number of critters) and I'm seriously not pleased with it. In fact, it fucking sucks. The only saving grace is that they haven't gotten to the rabbits. Yet. I've tried practically everything to get rid of them, too; I flea bathed them all, gave them over-the-counter flea drops, gave them Vet prescription flea drops (which cost a fortune, btw), and then tried a flea spray (I treated the entire apartment as well.) Finally, in a last-ditch effort it was recommended that I shave them all down and do the flea spray again when they were nekkid, as there was a possibility that the spray wasn't getting all the way through their fur.

So! I went out and purchased an electric shaver (technically marketed for dogs, but whatever) for freaking $50 +tax. I figure at least I can use it on them every year in the spring to lessen the shedding epidemic when it starts getting warm. I can also use it on Pagan, since he's my only long-haired bun and tends to get mats on his underside at random intervals for no apparent reason and no matter how often I brush/groom him. Anyway.

I know my cats, and I knew that Loki was going to be the hardest one to do since he's such a nervous kitty. I decided to do him first to get him out of the way, and also because I figured that if I did him later he would find somewhere to hide as soon as he knew what was happening. What I didn't figure on was my lovely, cuddly, affectionate Loki-boy going ABSOLUTELY FUCKING POSTAL. .__.;

Mom and my brother were helping to hold him, and as soon as I turned the clippers on he WENT INTO A TERROR-INDUCED HOMICIDAL FREAK OUT. I knew he was going to be nervous and a little scared just like he is with anything new, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was like trying to hold down a MOUNTAIN LION, right down to the insane amount of personal injury; Mom got bitten a half dozen times on her hands, my brother got seriously MAULED from the elbow down on BOTH arms, and my left leg was mauled and he bit right through the nail on my right hand, completely severing it. Then this past Monday I went to the doctor's and Dr. K had a look and is pretty sure not only did he fuck my nail up but the crushing injury was so severe that he managed to actually break the tip of my finger bone off. So of course, my hand is taking IONS to heal and still hurts like a fucking bitch nearly two weeks later. ~__~;; Sooo...

All three of us trouped to the hospital when it happened and got antibiotics and Mom and my bro got tetanus shots since theirs weren't up to date. Fun times with the family, huh? So that was the adventure with trying to shave Loki, who is still not shaved and who will never be, short of drugging him into a coma beforehand. Haha. Neko, Juna and Tri are all 3/4 naked now, though, and with them the worst that happened was that Tri puffed his tail at me while I was doing it. Now I just need Mom to help me treat them with the spray again. Cross your fingers for me that it, you know, works this time. Because if it doesn't I'm out of options short of building little cabins and inviting the fleas to move in for life.


Haha, and then the hospital reported the "attack" (by law they have to) so the Health Unit called to talk with me and put Loki on quarantine for ten days just in case. This of course made me lol because whatever, he's a house cat anyway. XD He's officially off quarantine now though.

Loki and I have since made up, of course. :)

Moving on!

2) Today I got some catnip for the pride and sprinkled it down on the carpet in the living room. This is something I do on a regular basis, but it was particularly amusing this time because it's the first time Tia has been exposed to it. OMFG she was hilarious! I giggled at her for like half an hour while she zoomed around and rolled in it and licked the carpet and was generally all =OwO= It was really adorable. ♥

3) Aya finally shed! I'd had him for two months and nothing, even though the pet store peeps said all the rest of the ball pythons from his clutch did the week I got him. When I got home from the US he still hadn't shed and I was starting to get a little concerned. But then last week his pattern started to fade and his eyes clouded over. YAY. A few days later I peeked in the terrarium and the old skin was balled up in the corner by his hidey rock. ^^ I was hoping it would be straight so I could take a pic, but oh well. And he had been really lethargic since two weeks before I left for my vacation, but now he's all energetic again. Or at least as energetic as a snake can be. ^_~

4) Due to massive injuries and seriously excessive pain, I've spent the last two weeks unable to do pretty much any cleaning around here aside from sweeping a bit. I normally sweep/vacuum/mop/dust every couple of days, and not being able to do it was driving me nuts; the floor and carpets were a disaster, dishes (which I also do every couple of days) were piling up... last week I couldn't even clean out the rabbit/rat cages, which I HATED because it meant my poor babies had icky living conditions for a whole week.

Luckily, the last couple of days the pain has subsided a bit; not much, but enough that I could vacuum the place and do a few dishes (not all of them because my finger started throbbing again halfway through) and tonight I managed to finagal my way through cleaning all the cages out. YAYZ! Now I don't feel guilty and like a terrible Mom anymore. Whew.

Also got my bathroom tidied and reorganized, which it's needed for ages.

5) Today I took a wander downtown. It was nice out, just a little cool so I got to wear my (faux) leather jacket, which fits me again whoo! I went to the dollar store for a gift bag for a Christmas gift that I've already got 90% finished and a new shower curtain (I have to replace it every couple months because the cats like to play with them and trash them in the process), then went to Salon Salon and got my eyebrows waxed because they really really needed it. I also picked up the bulk order of eyepins I ordered from Magpie Beads like two months ago.

Speaking of which... MAGPIE BEADS IS CLOSING!! DDD8 They're moving to Barrie! They're the only bead store in town and they're leaving meeeeee! *WEEPS*

Right. So after that I had to go across town to pick up some prescriptions, and while I was around there I went into the Dollarama; got some odds and ends, mostly for other people lol. Then I went to Blockbuster to look at previously viewed movies... and they were having a huge sale on them. I got eleven movies for just over forty bucks! ASDGH! I may have had a little mental flail. XD

I picked up Terminator: Salvation, Battle for Terra, Drag Me to Hell, Zombieland, The Rundown (my Rock movie collection is ever expanding! X3), The Patriot, The Alphabet Killer, Swarmed, The Black Hole, Dragonball Evolution (out of morbid curiosity; and it only cost me $3) and Ghost Machine, which I'm watching right now. ♥

And the sale is on until Oct 3rd, so Imma go back for a few more when I get my money at the end of the month. I'm gonna try to sell some stuff in the meantime to make up for it. Hehehehe new movies make me happy. :3

6) Other than picking up some DVDs, I've seem some newer movies lately too. I'm partway through Predators, which is turning out to be fun. I won't have a concrete opinion on it until I've watched it all though. Wish I could find a better copy online... maybe I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD and pick it up to finish watching it.

Piranha 3D; I didn't watch it in 3D, obviously, but... OMFG. It was AWESOME. >3!! Prehistoric piranha + spring break = fucking fun times! I was a little surprised how gory it was, actually. Not that it bothered me since I'm already so desensitized to cinema violence, but about halfway through it just suddenly struck me that there was A LOT of gore. Go figure.

Resident Evil: Afterlife; EEEEE NEW RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE!!

The Last Exorcism; This one started out really slowly, and I almost gave up on it. It did get really interesting about halfway through, though, and was quite good from then on. The only thing I disliked was that it was filmed like a documentary (like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield), and I'm not overly fond of that way of filming. But it was good for what it was.

I just saw a preview for this movie, too, and it looks amazing and creepy and I really want to see it:

7) I have packages for the following peeps, which I swear I'll be mailing out soon. No really. Steph & Reppy, Lome, Kiin-bb, Maddie & Chloe and Mari. ♥

[ profile] kierseth, [ profile] etcetera_cat and [ profile] cat_mcdougall. HEY YOU GUYS. We haven't done a proper P.O.S. exchange in forever! Want to organize one again? ^_^

8) Dad is coming up later this week to stop in for a visit. He's picking up his and Lois' souvenirs and the movies I borrowed from him last time I was down back in May. He's also bringing me a bunch more b-grade movies to replace them, which makes me happy because, I mean, B-GRADE MOVIES WUT. xD

I'm thinking about asking if I can go back with him to visit for a couple of days. I told him I'd help him go through the rest of Aunt Cheryl's stuff in the barn, and I want to get that done before it gets too cold out. Plus I'd just like to visit with him and Lois and the dogs a bit. I don't get to do that often enough. =/

9) I had an appointment in Toronto with the dietitian a couple weeks back. I have to go every 3-4 months for a checkup and bloodwork. I'm told my weight loss is going very well and I'm perfectly on track for where I should be (I've lost 80lbs since Feb 26th), so probably by February I'll be down to about my target weight of 130-140lbs. The only thing is that they're concerned I'm not getting enough protein in my diet, so I'm supposed to try having more in the way of cheese/eggs/etc. *shrug*

Anyhoo, the dietitian called today and left a message regarding the results of my bloodwork; my iron is low, so she wants me to go on iron supplements daily (I normally only take them when I'm on my period) and my vitamin C was really low which makes no sense considering the amount of vitamin C rich fruits and drinks I eat but she wants me to take vitamin C pills too. She also noted that my white blood cell count was high, but at the time they took the blood I was just getting over a bad cold so that doesn't surprise me.

10) Yesterday I took my camera and did a video tour of my apartment to post on FB for people, since I apparently fail at posting pics despite peeps on my f-list there and here asking for them. >>; But then I got carried away and it ended up way too long, so when I tried to upload it it didn't work. *facepalm* Guess I'm doing another one tomorrow. A shorter one. lol.

11) Been rewatching House on DVD; the first five seasons. I just finished yesterday. The season 4 finale made me bawl like a baby. AGAIN. ~_~;

12) Back when I was down in Dayton I was supposed to paint with Chloe, but somehow we just never got around to it. But when I got back home I still kind of had the itch to do it, so I picked up a couple of medium-sized canvasses. My first painting is maybe a third done now. Haha, I haven't painted in forever, and this is my very first painting actually on canvas! I'm really enjoying it (even though my injured hand is making things difficult) and I plan to do a few more.

Funnily enough, the first painting started off as kind of an abstract idea but has given birth to a new character/species. He doesn't have a name yet, but I think he might fit into the same world as Terra/Ilo/Celine/Aysel. I really like his design, so I plan to do more sketches of him, and maybe another larger and more detailed painting.

I'm considering doing painting for people for Christmas this year, too. Would anyone like a Sena!painting? 83

13) Mom and Lee are on vacation right now. They're coming back tomorrow; they just spent a few days off in an out of the way cabin-type place where they could both relax and everything. They really needed it, they've both been totally fried out between one thing and another. Hopefully a few days away will have helped.

In any case, I called yesterday to invite my brother over here for dinner but he had friends over. So instead we decided that I'm going over there tomorrow to visit and make supper for him and Mom and Lee when they get home. ♥

14) I NEED MONIES. $__$ Does anyone out there want a pony or jewelry commission or something? :3
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1) First, the photos from when I was in the hospital for the surgery back in February! I've been meaning to post them forever and just kept forgetting. I fail. Anyway, here they are finally:

Sena-vacuum wtf. )

2) Photos of Juna, finally! I posted a couple over at my FB page but I haven't posted anything here so now I am! :3 Look how handsome my new baby is! He's going to be huge when he's full grown though lmao he's already ten pounds at only six months old. >>;

Arjuna, Hindu God of Destruction and Floofiness. )

3) The little, teeny-tiny kittens at Dad's place right now. They're all varying degrees of tabby, but they're SO cute. They're mobile now but they still toddle around and lose their balance half the time. It's so adorable. ♥♥♥ The female is Mia and the smaller boy is Max. Then the bigger boy is Butch.

The Hole In The Wall Gang. )

4) Dad has about 200 dolls stored in the top of the barn right now. They used to belong to my aunt, but now they're just collecting dust and he doesn't know which ones are worth money and which ones are cheap ones and etc.; so while I was down this weekend I had a quick look through some of them for him. About half of them are worth A LOT of money. The other half are either damaged or cheap ones. Some weekend in a couple months I'm going back down to help him go through them properly since I only had about an hour to look through them this time.

Anyway, one of the ones that was damaged and kind of ratty I brought home because even though the DOLL was damaged the clothes were still pretty much pristine, just a little dusty. So now I have a BEAUTIFUL dress for Nazoko, which I LOVE. And I think I might take the rest of the broken dolls too and strip them down before getting rid of them. The dresses are gorgeous and it'd be a waste for them to go just because the dolls have seen better days.

Gothic-Loli Nazoko. )

There was a lot of other stuff besides dolls too (my aunt was a hoarder and a compulsion shopper) so I ended up with some cute Christmas ornaments, a tiny decorative tree, a brand new crock pot, some wine goblet candle holders and a porcelain baby doll for Sarah too, since she collects them. Dad's trying to finally clear everything out since it's been there for about seven years now. >>;

5) And finally! At AN yesterday I bought a pair of red contacts for Kyo!cosplay at Otakon and Matsuricon, so I tried them out tonight. They're hilarious and awesome. I'm tempted to wear them out on Tuesday when Mom, Sarah and I go to do groceries. XD!

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Didn't do much of anything today. Was feeling lazy and it was really muggy so I basically holed up with Z and my electric fan and spent the day wishing I could put my air conditioner in by myself. Mom's going to help with putting it in tomorrow though, so I guess it's alright. xD;;

Other than that... hm. I'm watching High Plains Invaders right now, which is a b-movie about alien bugs in a wild west town. AWESOME, right? XD Dad recommended it to me. We send each other movie recs all the time. My last one was Mega Piranha, and he "saw my Mega Piranha and raised me High Plains Invaders." Anyway, HPV is turning out to be really entertaining. Plus it has James Marsters in it, so~ ♥

Tomorrow is groceries and I have to ship a bunch of stuff again. Fun times.
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

Stolen from [ profile] sweetwithdrawl, even though I'm supposed to be sleeping. >>;

Meme goes HERE. )


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite possession to anything else. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post/comments.
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Yeah I fail at like... everything online lately. I've been having a lot of trouble irl with various things, which I may or may not get into in this entry. Anyway, list format today for the sake of my sanity because I have a fuckton of stuff to talk about since it's been so long since I last wrote anything. xD;

1) ANIME NORTH. Okay, basically I spent the whole weekend at my table trying to sell jewelry and pony commissions (since I wasn't allowed to actually sell the ponies there). I sold a bit, and got two commissions (Van from Escaflowne and Reno from FFVII. XD), but the way Artist Alley and Crafter's Corner was organized this year was RETARDED, and the Corner was way the hell out of the way so we got practically no traffic. SO ANNOYING. Anyway, all that work and spending that much time at the table, and I basically broke even for the cost of the con registration, the table, and the parts that went into the jewelry. So much for making money for Otakon. -__-;

Anyway, that aside, I got to see Mel and Zexy again. :3 I went to a D-Gray photoshoot with Mel on Friday, and to the Moonlight Ball with her and Bonnie on Saturday night for a while. I didn't get to see Zexy as much, but she stopped by my table twice to say hi and give her her present~

On Friday I wore my Org13 Demyx outfit. It was INSANELY HOT. DAMN PLEATHER. And I forgot my gloves at home, so I just wore my shark/dolphin rings instead. *shrug* I also didn't have my boots because the morons I ordered them from backed out at the last minute. This was remedied Saturday morning, though, when I found awesome bootcovers in the Dealer's Room. Then Saturday during the day I wore my casual!Demyx outfit. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wig? It's so awesome there are no words to describe it. And it fits perfectly, and stays in place all day, it doesn't even budge. >w<~ Anyhow! Then Saturday night for the Moonlight Ball I wore my Haine cosplay. Sunday was Org13 Demyx again for a while, then last-minute casual!Lavi that pretty much all came from my closet lol.

I didn't buy a whole ton of stuff like I do most years because I was trying to save monies for Otakon, but I did get four boxes of pocky, a Riku plushie (I always get myself a plushie at AN), and about 30 buttons. XD; A bunch of KH ones, some FFVII ones and some Ouran ones. Also, one booth had kitty buttons and the proceeds from them went to a cat rescue, so I got myself one of those. Then I got three more the next day to send to people. XD; Oh, and I got some henna done on my arm. It's faded out now, but I took pics of it~

Various photos from AN. Haine cosplay photos when I get around to getting some from Mel or raiding my Mom's camera. >>; )

2) ON THE WAY HOME FROM ANIME NORTH. Two things happened; first, I was looking out the window of the van and actually saw a songbird attack a hawk in midflight. It was spectacular and I couldn't believe it. I've seen that kind of thing on Animal Planet, but I never thought I'd see it IRL. WOW.

Second... I broke a knuckle in my right hand. >__>;; I caught it in a booth when we stopped for food. It was all bruised for a while and hurt like a bitch, but I didn't bother going to the hospital. *shrug* Which was fine until a couple days ago when I smashed it off a doorknob and re-cracked it. xD; *FAIL OMFG*

3) OTAKON. Well... I didn't make any money toward Otakon at AN like I'd wanted, but I still managed to finagle out a way to pay for it. GO ME. Basically, I'm not paying my parents rent for next month, and then paying double in August. I'm also borrowing $300 from my Grandma, which I'm paying back in September. Ugh more debt but fuck it, I'M GOING. XD; So I've already paid for my registration and my plane tickets (NO 26 HOUR BUS RIDE FOR ME THIS YEAR), which completely maxed out my credit card two weeks ago, but you know... whatever. >>; It'll get paid off at the end of the month.

Maddie love, let me know when you have a tentative total for the stuff we're doing in Dayton and gas monies and everything. ♥

Cosplay for Otakon! Org13 Demyx and Haine for sure. Also, I think I'm going to do Riku cosplay from BOYS, just for kicks and to see how many people get it. I could trim up my Suigintou wig a bit and it'd work for Riku totally fine. I NEED SOME HEMP BRACELETS AND STUFF. I SHOULD GET SOME HEMP AND JUST MAKE THEM MYSELF IT WOULD BE CHEAPER. I also need some gray arm warmers to go as fake long sleeves under the t-shirt so that I don't have to wear layers lol. Also, yakuza!Kadaj, complete with pinstripe shirt and fedora. >D

I'm also bringing about six other wigs in case myself or anyone wants to do impromptu cosplay of anything. My Kyo wig for sure, and my blonde pigtail one, and probably my blue one and maybe my red one, though I got that one for Axel cosplay (next year maybe), and I don't want it to get messed up between now and when I have a chance to style it... hmm. Must think on this more.

4) B-GRADE MOVIES. After AN, we stopped at Dad and Lois' place to say hi and see teh doggies, and I borrowed 24 b-grade movies from him. XD TWENTY-FOUR. AWESOME. Some of the best ones were The Burrowers, Alien Raiders and Decoys (the second one is bad though.) I also borrowed Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which I LOVED. ♥

5) SORA AND RIKU. Last week I had to take my rats to the vet. Riku was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the vet gave me antibiotics for him... but unfortunately, he died the next day. It's sad, but he was in a really bad way, so I'm kind of glad he didn't suffer for long. Sora doesn't seem to know what to do without him, though. Also, I had to treat Sora for mites today. That's no big deal, though.


7) FEET. Last Friday, my feet and ankles swelled up to twice their normal size. As in, I had no discernable ankle, and could barely walk because of it. =_=;; And they stayed that way until TUESDAY NIGHT. WTF? I have no idea why, but it was a pain and a little disturbing on top of that. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday though, and the doctor wants me to go for bloodwork, since it's possible my meds are the cause of the swelling. Yep.

8) DOCTORS IN TORONTO. A while back, I mentioned about going in for gastric bypass surgery. Last month I went to the initial consultation in Toronto, and then earlier this month I went for the appointment with the social worker and dietician. I still have to go to a gastric bypass class, and see an internist before going back to the surgeon again, at which point my surgery will actually be scheduled.

Things are actually coming along rather well. The only big problem right now is that my Grandma is really against it. She doesn't think I should do it. But then she thinks that my weight issues are my fault. It's bad enough that strangers assume I'm lazy and don't eat well, but having my own Grandma think that really hurts. She keeps giving me lectures about exercise and eating right-- I already eat right (even the dietician was impressed), and I exercise as much as I can but with my legs the way they are, it isn't always possible. I have to walk with a cane, Grandma, it's not like I can just break into an easy run. *sigh* I really need to talk to her about it, but... I know I'll just get another lecture about not trying hard enough, and end up crying for two days over it. I dunno...

9) THE YARD. Mom has decided this summer that she's sick of the back and front yard (what little we have of them, this is just a townhouse after all), and wants them to look really nice. So we've all been working on the yard for the last month, putting down sod and seeding and watering and pulling up weeds. Also, in the front yard we lined the sidewalk with quartz stones, with solar lights along the other side. Then next to the door we planted a little cedar tree, with more quarts around it. Yep.

10) ROLEPLAY. I haven't been rping as much lately, with everything IRL. I was supposed to be back from hiatus at TV like a month ago. I really need to get back there before people get sick of it and I get kicked out.

I have, however, been rping some zombie!apocalypse-verse Kingdom Hearts with Michi over email. It's hilarious and fun. Plus RikuRoku, which makes me happeh. :D And I've been rping with my bb Kiin over at [ profile] losechesters, which is a comm Kiin set up for us for "Winchestertastical" roleplay. I'm Sam and she's Dean and basically it's just for the sake of crack. It's SO much fun. Which reminds me, I need to think up another post for there... >.>;
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I have about 20 ponies to try to sell from the hotel, plus a ton and a half of jewelry. I'm really hoping everything goes alright and I get enough money to pay for Otakon. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WORK OUT. Since we're paying for a hotel room this year instead of crashing at Dad's place, there's no budget for food, so today I have to make all the sammiches and salads and stuff that we're bringing with us in the cooler. Also onigiri, but just for me since Mom won't eat them. xD; Maybe I'll bring extra to share with other people though.

Then I have to double-check that I've got all my cosplay stuff, pony supplies, and jewelry supplies packed. (Mom and I are stopping for more beads on the way out of town on Thursday.) 

At the hotel on Thursday night I have to finish sewing my leg covers for Haine cosplay (note to self: pack a freaking needle and thread!), and add some length to the elastic of my eyepatch for Lavi because it's a teeny bit too small. Plus I have to style my Haine and Lavi wigs. At least my Demyx one is finished and spiffy because I wasn't the one who styled it XD;;, and the Haine one just needs the bangs fixed and some pulled back in a bow. Lavi is the one I'm not sure about, but I think since I'm doing casual!outfit Lavi I might go with the flatter hairstyle.

Mel and Kaz: If you need to get ahold of me at the con, text me instead of calling, since I have unlimited texting but I'm almost out of minutes on my phone. DX Or drop by Crafter's Corner. I hopefully will have presents for you both, assuming I get them finished in the next 24 hours. >.>;; *fingers crossed*

After the con on Sunday, we're going to stop by and visit Dad and Lois for a couple hours, so I can show them my Demyx or Lavi cosplay (Haine is for Saturday, but I haven't decided on Friday or Sunday for the other two) and play with the puppehs some. I'm considering taking Tetsuya and Nazoko with me just to take pretty pics of them around the kennel property, since it's gorgeous there. Plus it would be an excuse to take pics of Nazoko, since I haven't had the chance to do a proper photo shoot with her yet...

Cosplay Schedule Assuming Everything Works Out:
Friday: Org13!Demyx (KH) or casual!Lavi (D.G-M)
Saturday: Haine (TGAC)
Saturday Night: Suigintou (RM) or Haine (TGAC)
Sunday: Org13!Demyx (KH) or casual!Lavi (D.G-M)
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This morning I watched Monsters vs Aliens and now I'm in the middle of watching The Bone Snatcher. MvA was cute in a Dreamworks kind of way. I really wanted to see it because Hugh Laurie did the voice of Dr. Cockroach for it. XD; And TBS is one that Dad recommended to me a while back and I just managed to find. It's a b-grade, with a bone-creature eating people and everything. Fun stuff.

My brother fixed his computer last night, he had to take it all apart and put it back together again but now it's running fine, which means he's no longer bored and I can have my PS2 back. lol. In a not-really-but-maybe-a-little related note, I want KH Final Mix, but sadly can't afford it right now. ;A;

Today I went up to the corner. My legs have gotten so bad that even just walking the few blocks there practically cripples me and I have to sit around outside the buildings or whatever until I can walk home again. -__-;

Anyway, I picked up a few Canada souvenirs to send to Jose, and some more beads and charms for making phone straps and earrings for Anime North. They also have those vacuum bags, you know the ones that you put stuff in and then vacuum all the air out to save space? So I grabbed a couple to try. If they work, they'll make packing for cons way easier from now on.

Then I went to the used bookstore to look at the manga. There wasn't any I was interested in, but I did get two other books, The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz, and Vespers by Jeff Rovin. I'm in a horror kind of mood, I guess. While I was there, I was set upon by one of the store cats, Finley. There's two that live there (the other is Molly), and they're both sweethearts. But I'd forgotten I had some catnip in my coat pocket the other day that I got at the pet store for my cats, and Finley seemed intent on getting it. I was paying for my books and the next thing I knew he was on the counter with his head stuck in my coat pocket. XD; It was really cute.

MADDIE: I got more star beads for you today. I could only get six packs since that's all they had right now, but I'll pick up more later on when they get them in again. ♥

Aaaaand now for some RP rambling, so if you don't care to hear about it, you can stop reading from here on. :D

Holy hell, I posted a Roxas journal a couple days ago, and I swear half of TV just POUNCED on him. XD It was awesome, but I could barely keep up lol. Anyway, he made friends with Natsu, Lavi and Lenalee (who is one of his roommates). He may also be leaning toward being frienemies with Joshua. And he had a chat with Riku. That same day he talked with Sora since Naminé and Riku thought it was a good idea. And a couple days ago he made friends with Soul. Today he's talking to Reborn, who is another of his roommates. The only one he has yet to meet is Captain Sparrow.

I am amused.
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Okay lol, so I finally decided to actually watch Twilight. And despite that I swore I wouldn't, I squeed at it like a little girl a couple of times. *facepalm* I'm so embarrassed that I did it, too. I mean wtf self, wtf? xD;

Dad came up yesterday morning (I guess technically it's two days ago now, but whatever), and we exchanged Christmas gifts. He got me the new Valdemar novel, which gives me massive fangirl glee. He also got me a memory card for my camera, which is awesome, since it gives me a spare for when I go to cons and stuff. And a digital photo keychain, and also a copy of The Dark Knight.

My brother and I got him a couple of Star Wars bobbleheads, and the first season of Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato in Japanese), which was SUPER expensive. Oo; My brother got the first two seasons of Supernatural.

He couldn't stay long, but it was nice to see him anyway. We only get to see Dad maybe three times a year (not counting when Mom and I are down by his place for Anime North in May), so any time he can make it up is good.


Jan. 9th, 2009 08:00 pm
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I made fall squash soup today. Pumpkin/potatoes/pears/onion in it, and Gouda cheese as a topping. It was really different from what I normally make, but turned out good. The whole family is in love with Gouda now, which sucks because it's really really expensive. :P

The other day, I found out that the used book store at the corner sells manga for $5 each. I may be in trouble lol. I got 1-6 of After School Nightmare, because I'd heard about it a while back and it sounded interesting.

Also, yesterday I went out with Mom and got my belated-birthday present, a new digital camera. It's tiny and black and I generally adore it. It takes really nice photos. Mom also got me a memory card for it, so it can hold something like 600 pictures all together now.

Dad was supposed to come up tomorrow morning for Christmas with us, but he's been called in to work on his day off again. No idea when he's actually going to make it up. This is the third time he's told us he's coming and then had to cancel. It sucks.

EDIT: And I mailed half of my Christmas packages the other day. The second half are going to be mailed next week, since Mom and I couldn't carry them all. >>;

Catching Up

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Yeah, so I haven't posted anything in forever. >>;

1) Christmas #1: On the 23rd the immediate family did Christmas. I got a couple movies, and my cell phone. Also a book, and a gift card, and a chair for at my computer. It was nice. Most of my Christmas from Mom and Lee was the phone though, lol.

2) Christmas #2: On the 24th, we all went up to Grandma's place to do prep for the turkey and everything the next day. That night we gave Grandma the gift that my brother and I got for her, and she gave us our cards with monies in them, because she's been too sick to go out shopping. The next day the whole family was over and we had dinner, and did the family gift exchange. I ended up with a wok set, which is awesome because I'm the one who bought that one because I wanted it. XD;

3) Dad couldn't make it up in time for Christmas, so he's coming up this next weekend to exchange gifts. THE GIFT I ORDERED FOR HIM BEFORE CHRISTMAS BETTER BLOODY BE HERE BY THEN, DAMMIT. >__O;

3) Did nothing for New Year's, though that morning I did get my cell activated. Thank God I have three months free texting, because despite not planning on using it much I've been texting A LOT. I'll need a text plan when my free time runs out. XD;;

4) My RY secret santa gift from [ profile] toxicatedpoison got here the other day! Eee! It's a pretty crystal heart pendant that she got engraved with "Sena". ILU SO HARD PRONNIE. ♥

5) Speaking of RY, tomorrow we are officially on hiatus for two weeks as a community, so that Steph, Maddie and I can kind of revamp it, and add in more plot points and get everything back on track. WE SHALL RETURN.

6) My birthday was yesterday! 8D ...I did nothing for it, and didn't get any presents, though a bunch of people wished me a Happy Birthday. At some point this week Mom is taking me out to buy me a new camera though, she just hasn't had the time until now.

7) Yesterday I met up with Pam and Ryuu-chan at the Tim Hortons at the corner, and we hung out there and talked for almost two hours. Then we came back here and hung out some more. It was really nice because I haven't seen any of my RL friends in over a year. Turns out Pam is living in town again (sort of anyway, she's actually just outside of town), so hopefully I can see her some more now, at least until she moves to Alberta in a year or so.

8) One of my new wigs (for Haine cosplay from The Gentlemen's Alliance) came in a couple days ago, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It's long and curly and light brown with blonde streaks, and looks freakishly good on me, or so everyone is telling me. XD; Now I wish I hadn't cut my hair so short so I could dye and curl it lol.

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Today was a really, really long day. With a ton and a half of driving. Plus, I was up super early this morning. ><;

Mom and I went up to Grandma's first thing this morning to take her to some apointments and to do some grocery shopping. We also brought her some cookies and stuff. She's doing much better right now than she was this time last month. She's feeling well enough that she's joking around some again, instead of being constantly subdued and depressed. It's a relief because I was really worried about her. Still am, but at least I know she's on the road to recovery.

After we were done doing everything with Grandma, Mom and I came home. The roads today weren't super great because of the snow and everything. There were quite a few cars in the ditches on the way up there and back as well.

Anyway, about an hour after we got home we had to go out again to go to the dentist, as I had an appointment at 3:30 and then she had one at 4:15, so we were there for over an hour and a half in total. Pretty boring, really. I had a cavity filled, so now my jaw hurts. -__-;

Once we were finished at the dentist we went to the health food place to buy fake peanut butter for me to bake with (as actual peanut butter, you know, KILLS ME), and then to the bulk food store for a whole bunch of misc. baking supplies, as well as rabbit food. Tonight I'm not doing any baking (screw it, I'm tired and need a break XD;) but tomorrow I'll start up again with the next three batches of lemon cheesecake cookies, and the (faux) peanut butter danties, and possibly the coconut macaroons.

Then on top of all that, I made soup for dinner. But that wasn't hard because I just made minestrone. XD; It mostly comes from cans (kidney beans, lentils, tomatoes, etc.) and only takes about 20 minutes to put together and cook, lol. We also had garlic bread. :3

Oh! And today I got a package in the mail, with some DVDs I bought for my brother and Mom for Christmas, as well as season 4 of House and the first two seasons of Dexter that I nabbed when Columbia House had them on sale for like $17 each. There's still one Columbia House package to go with the stuff that Mom ordered through my account, and three things I got off ebay (a video game for my brother, two bobbleheads for my Dad, and my Haruhi figure.)

I also need money for buying the last of what I want to pick up for Mom, and for Dad, and for shipping freaking packages, but I have NONE DAMMIT. NONE. I'm so pissed off, all my packages are going to be late, and so is most of Dad's present, and probably half of Mom's as well, and I can't do anything about it until my freaking credit card comes in. ><;;

So if you're getting a package from me for Christmas, I'm really sorry but it's going to be late. D:
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I just realised, I'm so out of it from all the stupid moving stress that I'm developing a twitch again. =__=;; Last time that happened was when I was working at Tim Hortons. How fucking irritating.

Today Dad called to chat, and recommended a bunch of movies to me that he'd heard were good, so I downloaded a couple to give them a try. I watched Eye of the Beast (giant squid~) and Croc (maneating... well, croc. ._.) earlier, and they were really good. Now I'm watching The Cry (which I've had for two weeks and not watched yet, wtf self) and trying for the second time to download Grizzly Rage. It doesn't seem to want to unpack after I download it. What a pain. Vipers is doing the same thing, too. :P

Tomorrow is the last day before I move on Tuesday. I have to finish packing up the kitchen, and the TV/VCR/etc., then Tuesday morning I have to get the critters all ready to go, and deal with my PC. After that, I'll probably be offline for a day or two, until I can get a wireless router on Thursday or Friday.

Once all this is over, I'll be very relieved. I've almost lost it a couple times now because of all this, and I haven't stopped shaking in three weeks, I've pulled every joint in my body, and I've had a migrane non-stop all this time too. I'm exhausted, and completely emotionally drained. I hate my life.
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1) Yesterday Dad came up in the morning to pick up his cell phone (I borrowed it for Otakon and owe him like $150 in charges on it because of long distance and roaming ><;;) and drop off some movies for me to borrow and my brother's birthday gift. His birthday is on the 13th of October, but Dad doesn't have another long weekend between now and then, so... *shrug* He also brought up more boxes for me, since I'll be moving at some point in the next four months or so, most likely. No idea where I'll be going. Probably moving back in with Mom, since I have nowhere else at this point.

2) MOVIES. I CAN HAS THEM. Dad brought me Rogue, Creature, Raptor IslandThe Ruins (which I'd just downloaded and watched like two days before lol) and Loch Ness Terror. ♥ Rogue is about a giant rogue crocodile in Australia (I luff giant croc movies~ xD;), Creature is based on a book by Peter Benchly, and is about a half-man-half-shark monster. Raptor Island is about... raptors. On an island. .__.; And then Loch Ness Terror is about nessie. In lake superior. 8D YAY.

Also, I've watched Black Water (also about a rogue crocodile XD;), The Dark Knight, Doomsday, Shutter, The Happening, Hancock, Get Smart, Hellboy 2, Wall-E, The Ruins and Mirrors recently. ^__^ So much fun! HEHE. I already talked about some of them a couple days ago, but here's what I thought of the others;

-> The Dark Knight: >__>;; Okay, so um. I don't know if I want to actually type this. :D;; Eheh. ^^; So, my basic thoughts on it are; great movie! ...but not as spectacularly awesome as everyone else thinks it is. >>;;; *dodges rocks and tomatoes* SORRY. SORRY!
-> Doomsday: Was uh... interesting. @__@;; Like, it was every genre of movie crammed into one package. Crazy and lol-worthy. Also, full of FAIL!military. Though it did have the best extended car chase scene I've ever seen in it. XD;
-> Shutter: Creepy! 8D It's based on a Korean movie, I believe, like an American remake of it. Joshua Jackson = LUFF.
-> The Happening: I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm a huge M. Night Shayamalan fan. ^^;; *geek* This one was interesting, different, and weirdly... non-supernatural, considering his other films.
-> Get Smart: FTW. X33 I had so much fun with this one~! It reminded me of watching the old TV show reruns at my Grandparents house when I was a kid. It was my favourite (along with Mork and Mindy lol), and the casting was perfect. ♥♥
-> Hellboy 2: I actually had more fun with this one than with TDK. ^.^; The visual effects were excellent. I always am amazed at Ron Pearlman's ability to do ANYTHING in his makeup lol.
-> Wall-E: WAS SO FREAKING CUTE! >w< ADORABLE! I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES! (Though I do miss their 2-D stuff, despite my love of the Pixar films.)
-> Mirrors: O___o; Was freaky. I am impressed with the creativity of the writers though. Some very unique stuff in that movie. And awesomely untypical deaths. The bathroom one made me go HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT though, and I was watching it with the volume off because Pronnie warned me ahead of time. xD;;
-> Black Water:
I am a sucker for a good killer crocodile movie. 8D This one was more realistic than most, as the croc in question wasn't even big enough to swallow a person whole. GASP. lol.

Still to go are Iron ManThe Incredible Hulk, and The X-Files 2.


4) ...last week, I had a discussion with my brother about some things that have gone on in his life recently. I love that he trusts me enough to talk to me about things he won't talk about with anyone else. At the same time, some of the things I'm finding out... I don't know. I want to blog about what he told me, maybe in the hopes that it'll help me work it out, but I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around it. Maybe in a few days I can... hmm...

5) The adorable Marly/Kadaj stuff is slowly giving way to angst tonight. XD;; Kiin and I had planned some angst for a couple weeks from now, but it seems to be coming out sooner than we originally intended. Kadaj is all insecure and distraught because Mar seems to be trying to convince him not to stick with him if it comes down to it, because the social worker the court assigned is being nosy and poking around about Kadaj's boyfriend.. He's terrified right now at what might happen. ;__;

EDIT:: DDDDD: Mar just broke up with him! (Well, sort of.)


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