Oct. 9th, 2008 08:03 pm
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CSI premier 2 minutes in:

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CSI was supposed to be a new episode this week (finally), and then... they're playing a repeat. ARGH. What a pain. -.-;; Oh well, I guess eventually they have to start playing new ones again. Maybe next week.

lol omg, I was downstairs cooking foodz for dinner, and I needed a container for extra cabbage (mmmm cabbage <3), so I reached up to the top of the fridge... and discovered the pears. =D;; Or at least they used to be pears. A long, long time ago from the looks of it. xD; They were in a bowl on top of the fridge and I guess Sarah and I both forgot about them. When I pulled the bowl down they were 90% liquid, and smelled like wine. 8D;;

Yeah it was pretty bad. And also kind of amusing. I'm relatively sure I could have gotten drunk off what was left if I'd had the inclination to. XDD;;

Ah, I was bored last night in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep (OMG SO MUCH PAIN D:) so I ended up watching the last half of the extended version of The Return of the King. I dunno why. I'd forgotten my love of that movie, and LoTR in general. I'll have to watch them all again some time soon~

So Awesome

Nov. 22nd, 2007 08:52 pm
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Holy crap, today's CSI is killing me. I can't stop laughing. xDD;
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My whole world just went up in flames ;-;

*curls up in the corner and wibbles*


Sep. 27th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Photoblogging, Day 71 )

EDIT: Meh, Tetsuya was complaining at me about the prospect of being nekkid and bald, so I finally gave in and bought him a cheap outfit on ebay to do until I can buy him some fancier clothes; a black sweater, black sneakers, and dark brown plaid-ish trousers, all for about $25. Bets he still complains about being bald anyway? lol.

EDIT #2: I got outbid on stuff. So instead I got him this shirt and these pants. They're a bit more expensive than the others, but they're nicer and better quality, and they're still relatively cheap. The shirt is so Tetsuya, but the pants aren't so much... but I really like them so I got them anyway and he can put up with them until he gets more clothes. Then I'll stash them away for a future dollfie to wear... or maybe donate them to Fujii or something. >.> I can't remember if he likes purple or not. .__.;
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HAHA, I finally finished him! ^____^

Way the hell back like a year and a half ago, I got permission from Tres to do CSI ponies based off this fanart that she did. About five months later I finally started Grissom, and it's taken me a freaking year to get him finished. XD;; *fails a lot*

But now he's done and I <3 him! =3

Gil Grissom pony-fied (I know, it's wrong isn't it?) )

From back when he had a beard, clearly. =D

Hmm. I don't know if his hair photographed very well, but good enough! At least you can see the texture that took I swear three hours to do. ^_^; His hair was actually a chore, though the rest of him was easy. Clay and texturing aside, it's painted really dark brown, and then drybrushed in red-brown and silver-grey layers as well. And then, when I finally got working on him a couple of days ago, I couldn't find his freaking tail, so I had to do it over. -.-;;

Still, yey~~ ♥

His eyes are done differently than I've been doing eyes lately... but then the last six months I've been doing all anime ponies, and anime-eyes wouldn't suit Grissom. So he gets spangly eyes like this instead, which I think turned out good. ^^

Next is Catherine. I'll get her done in a couple years or so. XDD;;

EDIT: lmao, you can't tell because in the photo it's not in focus, but across the front of his vest in teeny letters it says "Grissom". >>;

Damn You TV

Feb. 5th, 2007 11:05 pm
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senashenta: (Tamaki: *BLINKBLINK*)




Host Club.

It was a grown-up one, and was much much more centered around sex, but just the fact that it was called a Host Club made he snigger. A lot. CROSSOVER FROM HELL! XDD;
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So last year I asked this, and then ended up not being able to get a table at Artist Alley, which SUCKED. But that's digressing. >>;

Basically, I'm asking what characters you all think I should attempt to make ponies from~

Because I know I'm not always 100% in tune with the newest big series/characters, lol. XD;

So far, my plans are Fruits Basket ponies (Jyuunishi, Tohru, Hana, Arisa), Ouran ponies (Hosts, and maybe Nekozawa and Renge), FMA ponies (so far just Ed, but probably at least Al as well) and SM Stars ponies (Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.) So that's like 30-ish ponies planned already. But I can do two a day (and I've got 9 done already), so I can do more than 30 if I get my bum in gear. ^.^

So what else is big right now? Any other characters I really should be doing?

I guess they don't have to be anime ponies, either. People at Artist Alley do all kinds of things...

Maybe I should try to get some of my CSI ponies done in time for AN, too...

EDIT: Yes, I'm still awake. Shush. >>;;
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I'm so tired... -.-;

I must go eat supper now.

Then I want to go to bed, but it's only 7:30.

Besides which, CSI: Miami and stuff is on tonight. XD;;

I am a slave to my media...


Oct. 19th, 2006 09:18 pm
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Was I hearing wrong, or did Grissom just call Sarah "dear"??


Argh CSI

Oct. 12th, 2006 09:35 pm
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*flails* OMG GREG! ;___;

Dammit, what the hell is with the writers this season??


Sep. 28th, 2006 09:52 pm
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New CSI again tonight.

And Cassandra-san isn't here again... not that I should complain, given all the times I've slept through my alarm or whatever. -_-;;

Ahh, bored...

EDIT: AGDSNJIEGYSJFG! Poor Catherine! ;___;


Sep. 25th, 2006 11:41 pm
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BORED. >_>

At least CSI is playing right now; the first half of the finale/premier where Nick was kidnapped. Such an awesome storyline.

...I haven't eaten much today, just a bowl of cereal. I should get something else before I go to bed, probably.


Sep. 21st, 2006 09:48 pm
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Spoiler for the premier. )

So Excited

Sep. 20th, 2006 09:17 pm
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TV-wise, CSI: Last Vegas premiers tomorrow, and I'm watching the premier of Criminal Minds right now. Ahhh, so much good tv the last couple of weeks. :)

Anime-wise, yay episode 24 of Ouran! ^__^ Only two more episodes to go, though. ;-; *wibble*

RP-wise, WTFANGST?? =_=;; And tomorrow is just going to make it worse. So freaking much worse! But at least this weekend it'll be okay again. Hopefully. Until October and Kao-mun's plotting for then. :P lmao, we're so bloody mean! XD;;

Cooking-wise, I made raspberry-rhubarb jam-stuff today. *drools slightly* SO YUMMY. It's still setting a bit, but tomorrow I'll be able to have some. =3

Pets-wise, dammit Loki get the hell off the table already! >_<;; You used to know the rules, what happened??


Sep. 18th, 2006 11:34 pm
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YEY CSI: Miami premier. =D

Other than that... *shrug* Eh. Nothing much to report.

I'm tired.


May. 19th, 2006 11:03 pm
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First Ghost Whisperer, then CSI: Miami, and now Close To Home.


Also, wow. I'd forgotten how fast a new/working CD burner burns stuff! :)
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Way to freaking BLINDSIDE me at the end there, CSI finale! =O

... *squees anyway* X3


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