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...yeh. So it turned out that my sis and her family couldn't make it for dinner today after all. Arthur wasn't feeling well, plus the roads were bad because of the storm yesterday. Thusly, we're postponing everything until some time next week.

But I made that special cake, and it wouldn't last until then, so I went over to Mom's anyway and stayed for dinner (we had chili ♥) and we all had some cake anyway. The cake itself turned out REALLY good, but the avacado icing was much too sweet. Oh well, live and learn, right? I'm going to adjust the recipe a bit and then make another cake in a few days when Sarah, Arthur and Leah do make it over. :)

On a completely unrelated note, I broke my computer mouse last night, so I had to pick up a new one today. I stupidly dropped it on the kitchen floor and it just died. I wouldn't have even had it IN the kitchen, except I have no ink for my printer so I had to bring the laptop in there for the recipes when I was baking.

I really need to just bite the bullet and pay for the cartridge refills. ~_~;;
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Baked cupcakes tonight. Starting at 11:30pm. JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO. XD;;

Anyway, they're confetti cupcakes with white icing and I decorated them with Halloween decorations; orange and black sprinkes, tiny black and white candy skulls and slightly larger candy bones. The bones are white with splotches of red "blood".

idk I just felt like it, even though I can't eat many cupcakes anymore. *shrug* Like with most things I bake nowadays, probably 3/4 of them will go to Mom, Lee and my bro. I'd share with other people, too, but I pretty much don't know anyone else in Orillia anymore. It's a sad state of affairs, really. ~_~;;

Other than baking, I guess the news is Squall and the cats.

My spiffy laptop, Squall, is being a dick again. He won't load windows at all, and the startup diagnostics have literally been running for over 48 hours now. =__=;; In the morning if nothing's changed I'm going to just turn him off. Hopefully MDG will get back to me about having him repaired, since he's still under warranty until the end of November.

So for now I'm back to using my netbook, Z, which means I'm not going through Internet Withdrawl. No, instead I'm going through EVERYTHING ELSE withdrawl, since all my writing. music and bookmarks are on Squall. There is literally nothing on Z's HD since I cleared it out about 8 months ago. -.-;;

I'll have to hook Gale (my external drive) up and transfer some stuff from there, I guess.

In the meantime I've been mainlining two things the last few days; Mantracker and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, I am aware that this is about the weirdest combination I could have chosen. XD; Whatever, I'm enjoying them both so :P. I'm watching all the eps of Mantracker that I haven't seen, which is like 3/4 of them, and I'm working my way through TMM since for some reason, even though I have the whole series, I never watched past about episode 20. Must've got sidetracked and forgotten...

As for the cats, Nio has passed his cold on to EVERYONE EXCEPT NEKO AND LILY. *EPIC HEADDESK [HERE]*

Oh, and the other big news is that one of my close friends from highschool had her first baby! She's shared pics of the new little girl, and she's sooooo cute! CONGRATS, P! ♥♥♥♥♥

...this is the closest thing to a baking icon that I have. WHYYYYY?
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I'm at Mom's right now, just to hang out and chitchat. (I also said I'd help with some chores since she has stuff she needs to get done and I happen to be here.) My brother's friends should be arriving any time now for D&D; it was his birthday yesterday and all he asked for was permission to have all his friends over for the afternoon/evening to play. He's pretty easy to please. :)

Anyway, tomorrow I'm mailing Z off to Acer to have his screen repaired and his battery switched out, so I'll not have Internet access until after he gets back. Though I think I'm going to get a new laptop anyway and keep Z for travel since he's so tiny and lightweight.

So I looked into getting a laptop from MDG and they approved me for financing, which means I would be paying for it in installments. I need to get a bank statement and whatnot to send in with the signed contract tomorrow, and then they'll ship off the new laptop.

It's one that's got a 15.5" screen, a ton of RAM, 260MB harddrive AND A CD PLAYER/BURNER/DVDPLAYER/ETC. OMGYAY!! That was the one thing I hate about Z, he doesn't have a disc drive so I can't burn anything or install programs off discs. So on the new one I can install Microsoft Works and that kind of thing.

I need to think of a good name for teh new laptop... another tempermental wind name. My PC was/is called Tempest, and then my netbook is called Zephyr, so~~

EDIT: New!laptop will be called Squall. *sage nod*
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Anyway. ~_~;

So, I've got some more gemstone charms for phone straps. I did a ton of them yesterday but then I ran out. xD; Today I was near the store that sells them so I got a bunch more. So now I can do 108 more phone straps... or some phone straps and maybe some necklaces. Fun stuff! I have a bunch of awesome pendants to make into necklaces too.


Also, Z's screen is getting progressively worse. All around the edges are turning brown, though you can still see through it. I think it's burning out already, even though I just got him back in the fall. I guess I'll see and if it gets much worse I'll take him in to be fixed, since he's still under warranty until November.
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Been a month since I posted last. Mostly that's because of my stupid computer. It crashed about a week into October and took a week to have fixed. Then when I brought it home from that, I plugged it in and it immediately crashed again during bootup. -__-;; So I took it back in again. Two more days and it was fixed a second time. I plugged it back in... and this time my monitor died. >__<;;

Picked up a cheap monitor from goodwill to do until I could get a decent one. Brought that home. Plugged everything in. MOUSE DIED ASDGH;KL. Worked a little with a half-working mouse. Then, last night, COMPUTER CRASHED YET AGAIN. TT~~TT

Welcome to my nightmare the last month. -_-;; Ugh. Anyway, like $500 later and the PC was back in the shop this afternoon. Then Mom and I were at Walmart (getting business cards for me to print up and a new mouse) and happened to see that they had mini-notebooks on sale for like $340 + tax. So, already $500 of repairs and replacements later, I made the decision to scrap the old desktop and just get a new laptop.

EEEE MY FIRST LAPTOP~ AND IT'S SO TINY AND BLUE AND ADORABLE~~ <333 ...I don't know how to do hearts on this keyboard. >>;

So the guys at the repair shop are going to just copy my documents folder onto discs and I'm getting rid of the desktop all together. Teeny laptop ilu! :3

More update tomorrow or whatever once I've finished setting up everything on Zephyr (my old PC was called Tempest, I name them after grouchy winds for a reason lmao) and got some sleep because I am ever ever so exhausted today for some reason. Even my laptop glee can't make me stop yawning. :P

EDIT: Also, the only reason I could afford it was because Mom fronted me the money. I'm so broke right now I have bill collectors on my ass for the first time in my life, and it makes me a sad panda. ;-;
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Posting from Momo at Maddie and Chloe's house. I miss my own PC, but I'm glad they'll let me borrow the laptop to check my email and everything. I'm writing this now because they've gone to bed so I don't feel so bad about stealing their computer lol. ^^;

Anyway, everything is pretty much going fine, and I'm having tons of fun. My one leg is royally fucked up though, and I really need to see a doctor when I get back to Canada; it feels like I've got something tearing in my calf, a muscle or tendon, and it hurts like hell. But it's holding up well enough that I don't have to go to the hospital here, which is a good thing considering I don't have travel insurance. >>; Chloe says is it comes down to it I could go to an urgent care clinic though, so I'm keeping that in mind just in case.

Short post because it's 5am and I need to get to bed, but I'll have a huge long Otakon post when I get back to Canada in a week (complete with tons of misc pics, including from the massive yakuza!Kadaj and Asch photo shoot that me, Pronnie and Maddie did on Saturday night.) Until then, this is it.

Oh, and sorry to anyone I was supposed to be texting while I've been here. Turns out that when Virgin told me my plan "covered everything", they actually meant "covered everything in Canada", and here it's completely useless. My fucking cell is a PAPERWEIGHT here. I can't even call 911 on it. When I get back home I'm going to call Virgin to bitch about it and get my plan changed so that next time I won't be stuck without a phone. -.-;

Tomorrow we're going to a Celtic festival! 8D
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Health: Still sick. Need more sinus meds. Was extremely bad yesterday. I had a high fever most of the day. Today it's intermittent, but more not-feverish than feverish. So that's a step in the right direction.

Halloween: Meh. We bought two boxes of little chocolate bars, and then had a total of twelve kids come by. Pfft. >>; So we have 183 bars left over. XD;; I didn't dress up, but I almost used it as an excuse to flounce around the house in my Suigintou cosplay for the night. If I wasn't so tired and sick I would have done it. Too bad, but oh well.

Internet: After Mom got home from work yesterday she, my brother and I went out to the bank and then to Future Shop so I could get my PC set up for wireless. I also got an optical mouse while I was there. When we got back, we had dinner and then I got Trunks to help set it up... and the optical mouse killed my disc drive for some reason. ><;;

So I had to take the whole tower downstairs to hook it directly to the Internet there so that I could download the software I needed for the wireless to work directly from the website (as with no disc drive I had no way to read the software cd.) Everything seems to be working alright now, though the Net died once and I had to spaz at my brother to fix it because I'm a noob at wireless. ^^;

I'm taking the mouse that fucked up my disc drive in on Tuesday and getting my money back. I'll have to take the PC in to have the drive fixed eventually, which pisses me off. But for now I can use the computer without it. *sigh*

Unpacking: Still working on it. So much unpacking to do. But I've got all the important things set up, including my TV/VCR and DVD Player (also, my PS2/Game Cube), so the rest can be done over the next week or two. I'll take photos to show my downgrade to a single bedroom once I find my camera.
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...I didn't sleep at all last night. ><; Or, I did, but only for like three hours.

When I put the cats in the basement for the night, they spent about two hours straight wailing for me so finally I decided I'd just sleep downstairs with them for the first night until they were settled in a bit more. But then all three of them wouldn't leave me alone to sleep, so finally around 3 I went upstairs and left the basement door open so they could join me and explore a bit while everyone else was asleep.

Unfortunately, moving from the basement upstairs woke me up completely, so then I spent another three hours working on unpacking and watching Vipers on the computer. Finally around 6 I managed to get to sleep, and then had to get up at 9:30 to go back to the house and do more moving. DX

It was just me and Mom today so we didn't get it all done, but we got quite a bit finished, and can probably finish the rest tomorrow night. We also emptied out the fridge of all my perishables and brought them over here. Tomorrow there are some cupboards to move, a bar fridge, the microwave and stand, and some carpets. Then I have to sweep and mop and gather my cleaning stuff to bring back here, and we'll be done.

Anyway, after two trips to storage today, we came back and puttered around for an hour until it was time to pick up Sarah for groceries. lol, there's not much we needed to pick up because all my food came over here with me, but there were things like milk and pepsi (and coke for me, since I don't drink pepsi :P), and Halloween candy. Plus I needed to get a new lamp, zip ties, an extension cord and some sinus decongestants. Bah.

Aaaaand today the cats seem much more comfortable, especially in the basement. They haven't cried all day, and earlier I was downstairs with Mom and Lee and there was a cat in each lap, perfectly happy. I'm glad, I was really worried how they would be for the first bit here.

Still not Internet on my own PC. Using Mom's for email and aim a bit, and using mine for music and movies. Getting a wireless router on Friday. CAN'T WAIT FOR IT OMG. >.<; Now I also have to hook up the TV and everything still, but other than that I'm good electronics-wise. I still have a lot of books and my anime to put away, but I think most of my movies are out, and all my manga is. I also have to organise and pack all my craft supplies away, but I can't really do that until everything else is done. :P

Now I'm attempting to chat with Kiin, whilst my brother sits three feet away playing D&D with his friends. UGH I WANT INTERNET ON MY OWN PC NOW DAMMIT.
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I woke up around 6 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up. *shrug* But then as soon as I actually turned the lights on, Phantom decided she was restless and was going to start being a brat, chewing on the support doweling in the cage and chasing the other buns around. >>; So after attempting unsuccessfully to get her to stop, I finally just fished her out for some play time outside the cage.

I still can't let her out on the floor with the others or she picks on them, so I'll let them out later on today. Anyway, I guess she just needed to burn off some steam, because she's playing happily and being very well behaved now that she's out. She even hopped up into my lap and let me pet her (on the condition that I share my peach with her, of course.) She's still so standoffish when it comes to pets and cuddles that when she does decide to get up in my lap I really reward her, so that she'll associate interaction with people with nummy nummy treats. She got about half my peach by the end. Haha.

While she's been out playing I've been organizing a bit, and watched one of the movies I got from Columbia House this last week. Face, which is a Korean horror/supernatural movie. It was really good. There was a dub option, but I of course watched it in subtitles. I'm very fond of Asian horror/sci-fi/supernatural movies, and Korea does some of the best ones. The Host was Korean as well. ♥♥

Anyway, Face came in yesterday, along with Day Watch, which is originally in Russian (dubbing an option, again), and the sequel to Night Watch. Dad lent me Night Watch way back in May when I was down there for AN (and I still have it, hurr hurr, guess how often I actually get to see my Dad >>;) and I really liked it. When he watched it, he said it didn't make a lot of sense to him, but I think the problem was that he watched the dubbed version, and it might not have translated well. I watched the subbed version and had no problems with it. I still need to get my own copy of Night Watch, but I had the opportunity to get Day Watch for like $3.95 a couple weeks ago, so I grabbed it. xD;

Buy one at regular price, get unlimited DVDs at 75% off was an AWESOME sale, Columbia House. Do it again soon! >w<~

--> LOL I just put Phantom back into the rabbit cage and she's FLOPPED now. SUCCESS.

I feel the urge to write something original. I've been thinking about it the last couple days. And I really kind of want to get back into Angel Fire, but... it's on a floppy disc. =__=;; I completely forgot that while my old PC still took 3+1/2 floppies, my new one doesn't. I HAVE A WHOLE FUCKTON OF WRITING ON FLOPPY DISKS DAMMIT. DDDDD< Ugh. I wonder if Encode has a computer that can take floppies or something, maybe I can get them to transfer files for me...

But, since Angel Fire is out of the question, unless I want to write some drabbles or a one-shot type thing, and I believe so is The Hounds of Passing, I might work on something I've been tinkering with the last month or so. It's called Reaper Crossing, and is about a Reaper who decides he's sick of being death's emissary and basically quits and goes on the run. I have no names yet, but he, and the other Reaper assigned to hunt him down and bring him in are the two main characters. Later on there are two others as well who are basically bounty hunters, but they're still more sketchy as I haven't worked on them as much.

In RC, there is no distinct "God" or "Satan", there's just One Being who oversees everything, so Reapers, Hunters, Angels and etc. all work for the same person; this is because He is perfect, which doesn't mean that He is entirely Good, it means that He is exactly Balanced between Good and Evil. That's the reality, but humanity still has their varied outlooks and beliefs, including the basic Christianity stuff. *shrug* I'm still working on the afterlife and God things, but that's the basic principle behind it.

Hmm. I need names. I need good names for Reapers, and then a good alias for the main character to go by on Earth. *ponderponder* I also need to decide how I'm going to name the Hunters, since I'm OCD about names having meaning and reason behind them...

EDIT: Apparently Dad didn't lend me Night Watch, he gave it to me. :D YAY.

EDIT #2: So, it seems Sephiroth/Zexion is a common pairing out there. .__.;
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Oookay, so it turns out my computer was completely dead. As in, not salvageable at all. When they ran a virus scan and then restarted it, it just wouldn't turn on again. -__-; So I had to get a new PC. Like I can afford it. It had to go on Mom's credit card until after Otakon, which makes me feel guilty, but I'm really grateful that she was willing to do it too.

Now I have to reinstall all my programs and everything, and figure out how everything works on this one. My old one was 7 years old so it was pretty obsolete with most things. *sigh* I've already installed Skype and AIM, as well as my printer/external drive/camera software, and discovered that this PC comes with a DVD writing program so I can actually put all my anime onto actual DVDs. Sweet.

My place right now is a mess of boxes and packing material, as well as all the instruction manuals and whatever. I need to clean it up. But first I should feed the cats because they seem to think they're about to STARVE TO DEATH right before my eyes. >>;

Another journal about other stuff later after I get all my imaging programs working and can fix up the pics of Tet-chan to post along with the next entry...
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1) Back from Grandma's... my computer is still not ready. -__-; They said it'd be all good to go by Tuesday. Not impressed. Though I did call and they said I can pick it up tomorrow. Right now I'm using Mom's PC again.

2) A few days ago, before I went to Grandma's, I decided it was finally time to put Phantom in with my other girly bunnies in the big cage. I was still a little worried about it, since both she and Pauper are so territorial, and I thought if it didn't go well there might be a bunny bloodbath. But I've been working on Phantom for four years now and figured it was about time to give it a shot; so I let her out of her cage to play, then a while later I gave her some granola and picked her up, and just put her into the big cage instead of the one she's usually in.

She went "...." but didn't flip out as much as I thought she would. And surprisingly neither did Pauper. ^_^ It went SUPER well actually, and aside from some obligatory humping to establish dominance (Pauper came out on top, I think), there wasn't even any fighting. (Which could be in part because I loaded them down with as many treats as I possibly could as a distraction lol.) I kept an eye on them for a few hours just in case, and then relaxed and set about switching Pagan from his little cage to Phantom's old cage. ♥ Then I left for Grandma's tuesday and when I came back it was all still well. I'm pleased, and Phantom seems to be liking the big cage pretty well. And I'm hoping being social with the other buns will help Phantom be a bit happier too. :3

3) Went to get my train tickets! :D ...and when I got there they told me that three of them couldn't be ordered from them because I was leaving from a US city. BAH. But I still got my first ticket (from here to Baltimore) and the one from Toronto to here at the end of the trip. The other three I have to order from the online US Greyhound site. Psh. Doing that on Monday.

For now, Michelle, my bus officially arrives in Baltimore at the downtown bus hub at 12:45pm on the 6th. <3 If you can't pick me up for some reason I'll get the address for the hotel from Maddie and take a cab there or something. :)

4) Grandma's place and the trip to the naturopath... sucked ass. But I don't want to get into it right now or I'll start crying again. I'll type it up tomorrow or the next day once I've calmed down a bit.

5) Also, I have a ton of pics of Tetsuya that I'm going to post once I have my own PC back.
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Back to my place today. No computer for at least all of tonight, and probably all of tomorrow night as well. D: Sorry, those of you I'm in the middle of rps with!

Gah, every time my PC crashes and I have to take it in, I realise how dependant I am on it. And I vow to change that. And then the next time it happens it's the same thing. >>;

Also, 15 icons is NOT ENOUGH. o__o;

Dead PC

Jul. 11th, 2008 11:29 pm
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My computer is dead. I took it in to be fixed this afternoon, but it won't be ready until Monday at the earliest, or possibly Tuesday. -.-;; So right now I'm at Mom's place. She's letting me crash here to use her computer lawl. XD; Anyway, my hope is that they can fix everything without losing my files, but I think they'll probably have to wipe the harddrive. Le sigh.
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First off, serious apologies to [ profile] rufustehshinra, I wasn't thinking. I promise I'll keep Kadaj out of trouble for a while to give Seph some peace. <3

Second... omg I finally got a headset for my PC, so now I can set about downloading Skype. >3< I'm happy about that. lol, I'm burning a whole bunch of CDs for Grandma, so she bought that and a charger for my Zen as "payment" for the work. ^^;

Third. The Naturopath re-tested my blood yesterday and says apparently I'm doing MUCH better. Meh. I don't feel any different. On the plus side, he's taken me off the stuff he had me taking before (and put me on different things :P) and I'm no longer totally restricted with the stupid diet he gave me. I can have red meat "on occasion" if I want, and milk and whatnot as well, I'm just not supposed to go crazy with it. Well duh.

Fourth! Michi and I finally finished up that Axel/Kadaj log we were going. xD; We've been working on it for a while now, emailing back and forth, and it's like fourteen pages long. X3

Fifth~ I got some more souvenirs to take with me down to the States in the summer for people! I'm enjoying souvenir shopping for that. But. I must remember not to get too much, or I won't have room for my cosplay stuff and clothes and everything. .__.;

Even More

Dec. 14th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Spent the day with Mom today! That's how most Fridays go.

In the morning we dropped my PC off at Encode to have a diagnostic run, since it's been revving really badly and running super slow lately. That was around 11, and they worked on it and I picked it back up around 7-ish. Basically, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with the fans (I know they're dying, but usually they don't start acting up until the computer's been on for a while and they didn't run it long enough... whatever, I guess I'll just have to run them until they die completely.)

Anyway, they cleaned out the inside to rid it of dust and then upgraded the RAM for me. X3 NOW IT RUNS FAST~~~

After dropping my PC off, we went up to Zellers and had lunch there (chicken penne pomadora! <3), and I got some more earplugs and new rechargable batteries, and then snuck off to pick up a bunch of gift certificates for Mom for Christmas. ^^ She wants new clothes, so that's the best way to do it. ♥

Then groceries, and we bought like $200 worth of baking supplies so I can get all the Christmas baking done finally... I'm so late this year! >< Usually I do all the baking early in December, so now I've got to rush and do it all over the next few days. Macaroons, shortbread, broken glass torte, fruitcake, date squares and buttertart squares! Yum!

Anyway, while we were at the bulk food store I FOUND SNOW BALLS! ZOMG! >3< They're these marshmallow things that are covered in chocolate and then rolled in coconut OMG SO YUMMY! I first had them back in like 2008, and haven't been able to find them again since, I was so excited to see them! BWAHA, so I bought a bunch and I'm now on a major sugar high from them, lol.

I also got some more Gingerbread Spice tea there, but it's actually for Lois to add to her Christmas present this year. Speaking of which, Dad's coming up on the Sunday before Christmas to exchange gifts, yey. And this Sunday I'm going out shopping with my brother, so basically we're taking a cab to Walmart and I'm putting stuff in the cart and then he's paying for it all. xDD; He hates Christmas shopping, so he just lets me do it and comes along to pay for it, lol, it's hilarious. Last year I even picked out my own gift and then wrapped it later. XD;;

This year he says he's already got my present and he's super proud of himself so that makes me kind of happy for him. He rarely shows interest in shopping or finding gifts for people, and he's so excited about it. Doesn't matter what he got me, I'll still be happy and love it. ^^~

So, having done all that shopping we came back and wrapped some presents, and finished decorating the tree here. Now I'm going to be spending the night so Mom and I can work on baking tomorrow. We won't get it all done, but at least we'll get a start at it. <3

I can't wait to get home tomorrow and set my computer back up again. X33
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Today has been tiring. -.-; Just a lot of running around, and me not feeling 100% on top of that. Ahh, December is always like this!

Mom and I had an appointment out of town just after one, so she picked me up around noon-ish; or at least that was the plan. She actually ended up getting to my place early because she'd picked up Lee's Christmas gift, and wanted it to be a secret so she asked if I could stash it at my place for her until Christmas Eve. lol. It's a guitar! :3

Then we went up to Gravenhurst to the Chiropractor. Normally he works on my wrists/hands and jaw, but today he couldn't do much with my jaw because it's still really sore from all the needles at the dentist on Tuesday. >>; He did, however, fix my hip, which is awesome as it's been pressure-sensitive for about a week now.

On the way home we stopped at the mall so I could look for MLP at Zellers (I still hold out the vain hope that I might actually be able to find the winter series ones without having to go on ebay), and then to the book store where I picked up some books for [ profile] cat_mcdougall's older kidlings. (Note for Cat: I'm sending the reciept with them when I mail everything, so if they already have them or you think they're not appropriate you can take them back and buy them something else. ♥)

After the bookstore, I zipped into San Diego and found my brother's Christmas present (FINALLY!) It's a mister, you know the things you fill with water and plug in, and they make mist. I have one from last Christmas that I asked for, but his is actually way cooler. XD; It's a blue dragon looming over a pool-- you fill the pool with water, and in the middle of it is a crystal ball. *mibble* I wants it~~! lol. <3

After that, we stopped at Mom's place so I could start my laundry, then dropped Trunks off at work and made a quick side-trip to Sui-chan's place so I could drop off her Christmas present. She wasn't home, but her brother was, so he said he'd give it to her. Haha, I hadn't seen him in about five years and he's grown so much! XD;

Then we did grocery shopping, and while I was at it I bought a whole whack more Gingerbread Spice tea, because it's LOVE and I know it won't be available after Christmas time. lol. I want to send some to people in the next packages I put together, but if I can't get more next week I might not be able to. >>; I also want to send some Pumpkin Spice tea too, because it tastes/smells like pumpkin pie. XDD

Aaaand now I'm back at Mom's, waiting for my laundry to dry so she can take me home. =D;, working on her computer just makes me realise how behind the times mine is. Mostly because this one has a dual processer, and mine only has a single one; plus, the one I do have has been acting up lately, and doesn't like to do pretty much anything faster than a snail's pace. Gah, if I'd known it was going to die on me like this, I would have asked for a new one for Christmas or something. D:

EDIT: ALSO! Someone help me think of a good journal name for Eiri Yuki! ><; I picked him up as my fourth character over at [ profile] rizumikaru_yomi, but I haven't been able to do anything with him because he doesn't have a journal yet and I fail at making one. ;o;

1 - 5

Jul. 8th, 2007 09:49 pm
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1) Finally, a month and a half after AN, I've got Esprit Studios up and running. XD; I was hoping to have it up by the con so that I could have a web address on the cards I was handing out, but I was so busy with other things it just didn't happen. Anyway, I wanted to purchase my own domain (like or something), but I couldn't afford it; it would cost me like $10 to register the domain, but then $200 for hosting for a year. ^_^;;

So Esprit is hosted at in a paid account, the same as ND/FC. I'm really happy with my hosting at angeltowns, they're affordable and they give you a lot of storage/bandwidth/etc. for what you pay. :)

Everything's up and running right now except the Gallery, which I'm going to work on bit-by-bit until it's finished. And I'm thinking about adding a How-To page about how I do my customs, with FAQ and stuff.

2) I mailed Axel on Wednesday, and he got to his new owner on Thursday! Yey! I was quite concerned about shipping him because of how much trouble I had just transporting original!Axel around the con, but I did him with Super Sculpy and packed him in a ton of foam peanuts, and wrote FRAGILE FRAGILE FRAGILE all over the box. And he made it safely, so I'm very happy with that. =3

3) [ profile] valdemar_blogs! There's the beginning, Sethi! ^_^; Don't look at the layout, I'm working on a new background image for it. And my blog for it is [ profile] king_gwydion (gee, am I blogging as a Grove Born or what?), which also totally lacks a layout right now. XD;; I'll let everyone know what's going on and pimp it some places in a bit when I've had some time to write up the rules/regs and work on everything else some more~

4) Mmmmm. Tuna sammich with celery and relish. *__*

5) Now I have to turn my PC off, because it's thunder-and-lightning storming out right now and I don't want it to fry. *wanders off to work on commissions again*
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Ugh. These antibiotics are making me really sick, and I've only been taking them for one day. Six more days of this? ><;;

Oh well, not much I can do about it. Especially with how bad my hand is right now. And I've got a fever. I'm not loving Loki right now. >>


That aside, Dad came up this morning to do the Christmas thing with me and Trunks; we got him all the Superman movies (a box set of the four older ones, and the new one separately). Trunks got an FMA pocketwatch and wristwatch, and a bunch of computer games.

I got some ponies and a new 320 GB external hard drive for my computer. X3

So I spent a while today transferring all my media and stuff onto it to free up my computer so that it'll hopefully run at a decent speed again. ^_^;


Jun. 25th, 2006 11:23 pm
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Dad just emailed me from his new laptop computer. ;-; *wibble*


Maybe now I can convince him to give me his spare 200GB hard drive, though... X3
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The last few days I've been downloading Karin and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu via BitTorrent... Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is single-episode downloads, but I downloaded Karin in a batch of all 24 episodes, so by the time it was done downloading this afternoon, my computer was running really slowly. ^_^; So I had to burn Karin onto discs right away, so that I could continue with SHnY. They both look really entertaining. I might send Karin to [ profile] cat_mcdougall at some point, actually... ^^

Oh, and today I downloaded episode 11 of Ouran, since it was available. I was quite amused, but that's typical of the show. YAY Nekozawa! =3


Every time I download anything more than an episode here and there, it reminds me how much I really REALLY want to upgrade the storage space on my PC. I've got 40gigs now, which does the job I guess, but still... eventually I want more.

Dad's actually got a spare 200gig hard drive that I keep trying to steal, but he won't let me. :P lol. I think he's planning to put it into the spare computer in the loft, but I don't know for sure... oh well.

Now I'm off to do some dishes, which I never got around to finishing yesterday because of the funk I am still was in. Then I have some tidying to do, and then I WILL WORK ON DAD'S PONY AND FINISH IT TONIGHT, since Father's Day is TOMORROW! YARG! >O I can't actually hand it to him on time, but I at least want it to be done so I can send pictures or something!

Other than that...

Happy St. Jean Babtiste Day, people in Quebec.


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