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Okay, maybe writing every single day is too much to hope for. So every few days is my new goal for now. XD;;


Today I went with Lee to visit my brother and his girlfriend and swap gifts with them. It was really nice. I love seeing B and E, and don't get a chance to visit with them more than maybe, MAYBE once a year. So chatting with them and going to lunch with them was super great. ♥

Other than that, I didn't do much else today. Between the drive there and back and visiting and whatnot, it took up most of my day.

I did go to the pet store to get fish for Gen and crickets for Muffet, though. That took a whole half hour lol. xD;; Tomorrow I have tons to do, though. Grocery shopping and some Christmas shopping, and I need to go to another pet shop for hoppers and reptibark and whatnot.

Also more baking. I've made shortbread cookies and date squares already, but I still have to do macaroons and (fake) peanut butter dainties. But I love baking, so that's something I'm looking forward to. I'd've done it sooner, but I need some things from the grocery store to finish up. :3
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- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you. [Note: Your home address is not required!]

- Surf around your friends list (or friends friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Repost this in your journal so that others can see what you would like to have. Maybe someone will be able to make a holiday wish come true for you! :)


1) Christmas cards! I ♥ getting Christmas cards!

2) Cute buttons or stickers for my collections~

3) Quirky/weird plushies (think Gloomy Bears or Skelanimals, or plush germs!)

4) Pretty beads or jewelry findings/supplies. :3

5) Kingdom Hearts figures! Specifically the Mini Avatar ones, Static Arts KH2 Riku and Formation Arts Final Form Sora.

6) Photos of you guys to add to my scrapbook! I don't have pics of most of you! Sadfaise!

7) Gift cards to Walmart or Zellers are always good~


9) Commissions for ponies/jewelry or jam/cookie orders. Will work for my Christmas present!

10) Any of the DVDs on the following rather extensive list lol. ) Used/second hand DVDs are fine. ^_^ I get most of my DVDs second hand from Blockbuster already. (The movie list will probably be added to as I think of others. How did I get so damn behind on my DVDs? I mean really. =/)

If you need my address, message me through LJ or FB or email me and I'll get it to you. ♥
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I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas! ^_^

My Christmas was good, I'm happy to say. All of December had been really stressful and depressing and I've been having a lot of trouble, so I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas because the 24/25/26th are always the most busy days for our family. But I was actually able to relax and enjoy things, which was nice.

On the 24th I did very little, just hung out around the house and cleaned, played with the cats and finished last-minute gift stuff.

That day a package from Maddie and Chloe came in the mail, which made me really happy. ♥ It had Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper (♥!!), some lotion that I wanted for Lois and my Christmas gift in it; some pretty beads, and a bracelet with matching earrings that Maddie made-- they are gorgeous, and I LOVE them, and they even matched my Christmas outfit perfectly, so I wore them to the family get together on the 26th, where I got lots of compliments on them. :3

The next morning Mom picked me up around 11 and took me and all my gifts for everyone over to her place, and we finished up the last bits of cooking/baking for the family gathering. Then Grandma got there around 1pm, and we all exchanged gifts.

I gave Grandma her souvenirs from my trip to the US in the summer (finally lol) and her Christmas present was a glass vase with decorative butterflies and a candle. I got Lee a wall clock shaped like a guitar (a Gibson, which is the one he uses most out of his actual guitars), and some blank VHS tapes because the ones he's using right now are old and wearing out. Then I got Mom a decorative 3D wolf plate, two scented oil infusers, and copies of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons on DVD. I also got two gifts that were for both of them; a wall sign ("Pomeranian Crossing" haha) and a bag of goodies (chocolates, cookies, etc.). And I got my brother three couch pillows (I got them at Matsuricon from the wonderful and insanely talented NeonDragon) and a copy of Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey. ♥

As for me, I got a whole set of new bakeware (two cookie sheets, two round cake tins, a loaf pan, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin pan and a pizza pan!!), an electric mixer (eee!! ♥♥), a DVD copy of Independence Day (to replace my worn-out VHS one), a zombie movie DVD set (Last of the Living; Grave Mistakes; Awaken The Dead and I Am Omega; my brother tells me I'm supposed to tell you all "HEAD NOMMING GOODNESS!"), money from Grandma, and a notebook that is my favourite thing I got this year. It's completely handmade including the paper, and free-trade. It's cover is etched leather with intricate designs and a pentagram on the front. X3!! It's going to be my recipe book, but Imma call it my spell/potion book lol.

And my brother got me the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess, but I already had it, so it's got to be exchanged for something else. Ah well~

Then we had dinner and everyone else played cards for a while. I, meanwhile, dyed my hair back to my natural colour so it would look nice for the family gathering, and also because I was sick of having the huge dark stripe down the middle of my head lol. XD

I went to bed pretty early that night because I had to get up early-ish the next morning to make the dip for the get-together (it took an hour in the slow cooker.) Then we all got dressed and ready and packed everything up, and headed out around 11am.

Now, a couple days earlier I had been surfing Kijiji, looking for a new terrarium for Aya because he's starting to outgrow his current one. I found one for $45 (as compared to $250 for a brand-new one), but it was in Barrie. But we were driving right through Barrie to get to my Uncle and Aunt's place for Christmas, so I asked if we could just stop to pick it up on the way past.

So I got it and brought it home last night after everything... and then kind of thought about it and it's kind of tall and thin, which is much better for an aquarium for fish than a snake terrarium. So I decided to set it up as an aquarium (I miss having fishies anyway) and found another terrarium that's more suitable for Aya's needs. It's being delivered tonight. :)


We got to the get-together around 1-ish and set up all the snacks and appetizers and everything, and then sat around and visited and just generally caught up with everyone until it was dinner time.


lol and after dinner we set out the desserts (there was a TON of delicious stuff!) and started the gift exchange (we all bring an anonymous gift, then we draw numbers and each of us can either open a new gift or steal someone else's.) There was a lot of good stuff this year; a couple nice blankets, a box of chocolates, a tea set, a set of glass bakeware and etc. I ended up with the glass bakeware (which I do kind of need for doing casseroles and that kind of thing, but Lee had ended up with a set of china popcorn bowls that he would never use (and neither would Mom or my bro) so I traded them. The bowls are actually good sizes; the big one can be used as a mixing bowl, and the smaller ones for a variety of things. Plus I can always borrow the glassware if I need to. XD;;

It was fun and very enjoyable. The only semi-bad part was that I had a run-in with a peanut butter cookie. =/

Aunt Clare had brought a tray of desserts, and most of them she had made but she included a few that a friend of hers had made too, and some of them turned out to have peanut butter in them. It was my fault too, because I'm so used to not having to worry about peanuts at family functions (because they all know about my allergy), I wasn't as careful as I normally am. But as soon as I bit into it I knew there was peanut butter in it, and spat it out without actually swallowing. Then I rinsed my mouth out. A LOT.

Poor Clare felt so bad about it, but it wasn't her fault. And I was fine (with the exception of a headache from it later; my peanut allergy actually gives me migraines) so it wasn't a big deal. I just took some aspirin and that was that. :)

Soooo... we all visited some more, and then around 8pm we decided it was time to start heading home. We packed up (I took some desserts home with me because I'm baaaad lol), and on the way out the door Uncle Alec and Aunt Brenda gave me a couple of Cat Cubes for my kitties to play in. THE CATS ARE IN LOVE WITH THEM LMAO.

Once we got back to Orillia, we went to Mom and Lee's place and unpacked what we had to, then packed up the rest of my things and Lee drove me home, where my cats were waiting to AMBUSH me because it was after their dinner time and they were STARVING TO DEATH.

So I fed them and put some things away... then decided screw it and just shoved everything into a corner so it was all out of the way and went to bed. I was exhausted, and besides that my head still hurt from the Peanut Encounter (tm). I slept really well, though 'Dion spent all night insisting on being cuddled up under my chin. He has separation issues. >>;

Then today I went downtown to pick up some more reptile bark (for Aya's new terrarium) and a bunch of river rocks for the aquarium. I also got a fish net and a larger hide for Aya since he's outgrown his old one.

After that I spent a couple hours cleaning the apartment and setting the aquarium up. I also called and talked to my brother for a few minutes, and we ended up deciding he was going to come over and hang out for the day. So he showed up a while later and we watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still and now we're watching 2012. And I made lasagna and garlic toast for dinner. Yay! :D

And that's about it.

Oh, except that the landlord for the apartment I'm moving to sent me the address today, so I looked it up on Google Earth. It's in a really nice neighbourhood, only two blocks from a grocery store, and only a couple blocks from the park/lake. X3 It's so awesome!!

I still need to go and actually look at the place, but what the hell, it can't be worse than where I am now, right? I'm 99% sure I'm going to take it. ♥

I do need to call Mom and coordinate with her a day we can go and look at it, though... hopefully in a couple days. Hmm.

EDIT: New Terrarium has been delivered, and Aya is all set up! ♥ His new home is much bigger and perfect for him, and will be for the rest of his hopefully long life. :)

And the pet store I got him from has already ordered my new Kenyan Sand Boa, which I will be picking up in February. Her name will be Nyoka (an African name meaning "snake"), and she will be moving into Aya's old terrarium. Since she won't get as big as Aya will, it'll be fine for her and I won't have to worry about upgrading~
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Right, so here's the actual journal entry that I promised, since I fail at keeping up with my LJ the last couple of weeks. =/

So let's see. Basically, lots of Christmas shopping and stuff. I'm pretty much done now, except for a couple odds-and-ends, and one thing that I ordered and am waiting for it to come in. (Lee's gift, which is this really awesome wall clock in the shape of a Gibson guitar, in red and 1:2 scale to a real guitar! :3 I kind of want it myself lmao. xD;;)

I still have to finish putting together the gifts for Uncle Len/Aunt Clare and Uncle Alec/Aunt Brenda. For them and for my step-siblings this year I'm putting together gift bags with drink mixes that I've made; Chai Latte Coffee Mix, Bavarian Mint Coffee Mix, Orange Nutmeg Coffee Mix, Russian Tea Mix and Dutch Hot Cocoa Mix. All handmade with love from House of Yum! ♥ Hehe~

This week I have to deliver the gift baskets I put together for Dr. K and Dr. W's offices, and on Thursday I'm getting my hair done so I have a basket for Tosha and the girls at the salon too. Other than that I'm done, so I can chill and totally not have to worry about Christmas anymore. I was so stressed at the beginning of this month, too. >>;

Anyhoo, so this morning Dad came up to exchange gifts with my brother and I; which is to say, he and I exchanged gifts and he gave my brother presents, but my brother had nothing to give in return because he hasn't had a job in like two years so he has basically no money. ~_~;; Whatever.

I got Dad two new books that he wanted (the new Pern and Shanarra novels) and a Star Wars poster, and a massive gift bag full of cookies, chocolates, candies and generally a ton of stuff that's very, very tasty. I got Lois a Pomeranian bobble-head (so cute!) and made her a necklace, and got her a set of Christmas cookie cutters.

My brother got a couple of swords for his collection (katanas; very nice ones!) and Dad got me the new Valdemar novel (eeee!! ♥♥♥!!), an ipod shuffle since my mp3 player died a couple months back, and (the best part) he got me a DVD movie set. OF ALL FOUR CRITTERS MOVIES. 8D!! HOLY HELL ASDGH;KL YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPEH THESE MOVIES MAKE ME. KEKEKEKEKE!! >X3 I'm totally not two movies into a Critters marathon right as I'm typing this, either. Really. >.>;;

LOL Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the third one. xD;;

Apparently I have another gift that Dad's not finished putting together as well, so whenever he's done I'll get that one too. .__.;

Other than Christmas stuff, I've been dealing with NAUGHTY FUCKING KITTIES lately. >/ Tia and Juna have decided the last couple of weeks that every night and every time I'm out of the house they're going to get into EVERYTHING. They get into the cupboards and onto the shelves, pull everything out, knock everything over, and chew everything up.

When I got home this afternoon they had pulled all the toilet paper out of the bathroom, thrown it around and shredded it EVERYWHERE. I literally got so mad and frustrated when I saw the mess that I started crying. =__=;; I've been trying everything to get them to stop (short of beating them senseless when they do these kind of things, obviously) and I'm having no luck so far.

I've decided that, at least for now, the two of them (along with Loki, who insists on eating my houseplants every night while I'm sleeping) are going to be locked in the back room when I'm asleep and when I'm going to be out of the apartment for any length of time (Loki is only going to be put back there at night though.) There's a lot less they can get into in the back room, so hopefully that will mitigate things. If not... idek what I'm going to do. -__-;;

At least Dion makes me feel better. When I'm upset he comes and snuggles up under my chin and purrs at me. He's a doll. ♥

Moving on from bratty cats!

I mainlined all of the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne anime this last week. >__>; I'm horrible like that. But it was a series I'd always wanted to see and I had a chance to download it, so I did. And it was ADDICTIVE. @__@; I have such a soft spot for magical girl anime. It's terrible. Haha.

KKJ aside, I've really been on a Tanemura Arina kick lately. I love her art and storylines, and the other day I picked up the last two volumes of The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. IT'S OVER SADFAISE. But it had a good ending and it was generally a sweet story, and the art is so pretty!

I miss my Haine cosplay from Gentlemen's Alliance though; it doesn't fit me anymore. ;~; I think that's one Imma replace, because I really love that outfit. And I really want to do a cosplay from KKJ now too, but idk if I can afford it on top of all the other ones I'm supposed to be doing this year. XD We'll see, I guess...

Oh, and I've been collecting Littlest Pet Shop animals. I totally blame [ profile] papercut917 for this. XD; ♥ They're freakishly cute and addictive. I have something like 33 of them now. I'm running out of room on my shelves for all my little figures lmao. I either need more shelves or less figures. By which I mean, of course, I need more shelves. xD;;

Aaaand... I think that's about it, I guess. For now anyway. I'm sure I forgot stuff because there was so much for me to write about. Oops. Heh. Anyway~

EDIT: Oh, and the other day the cops were here again. Because the fucktards downstairs THREATENED TO BURN THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN.
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Been forever since I last posted. Oops. I fail. But whatever, December is a busy time so I can't help it! DX! I do plan to post a nice looooong entry here tomorrow or the next day though, so yay for that? lmao.

Spending tonight over at Mom's place, as Dad is coming up tomorrow (assuming we don't get a random huge snowstorm or anything) to exchange gifts with my brother and I. And just because Trunks and I are both huge dorks, I brought over most of my Disney and Dreamworks movies and we're having an animated movie marathon. XD <3

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Mom came over today for a little while. I needed her to help me hang some photos, and we needed to go over the Christmas baking recipes so that we knew what we needed to pick up ingredients-wise. So she was here for about an hour... and after we finished everything we realized we messed up with one of the recipes, so we had to go to her place to get it and re-do the shopping list. XD;; *facepalm*

But we did manage to get the list done, and then went out to the bulk food store and picked up all the dry ingredients. Then next Wednesday when we go grocery shopping we'll pick up all the eggs/milk/cream/etc.

While I was at the bulk food place I got some sea salt and vegetable glycerine! 8D ...I know, you're all going "" aren't you? xD; I'm trying my hand at making soaps/lotions/body scrubs/facial scrubs/lip balms and that kind of thing. The other day I made a couple of kinds of sea salt body scrubs (berry medley scented and coconut-ginger scented) and they turned out really good. I need to get some coarse sugar for the facial scrub that I want to try out. And I need beeswax before I can do any of the lotions, but it's kind of fun and I think that kind of thing could make good gifts in the future, assuming I get the recipes down pat. ♥

Hmm, what else...

Oh. =__=;; The fucktard downstairs neighbours? THEY OPENED MY FUCKING MAIL THE OTHER DAY. THAT IS A FELONY. ...unfortunately I have no way to prove it, so I can't do a damn thing about it. I'm really pissed off about it though.

Basically, I have a handful of things ordered for Christmas gifts, right? Well one of them came in on Tuesday. It's this cute little Pomeranian bobblehead for Lois. So I went out in the afternoon to check the mail, and found it unwrapped ON THE PORCH, half under the barbecue. I immediately knew what had happened, but my suspicions were confirmed that night when I was putting the recycle on the curb for the next morning and found the shipping box in their recycle.

So what's happened is they've opened it, decided they didn't want it, and then just tossed it up on the porch in the general direction of my door. You'd think they'd at least be smart enough to put it back in the fucking box. I'm lucky it didn't break. >__O;; Anyway, I have another figure that was supposed to be here a month ago that hasn't shown up, and now I'm wondering if it did arrive, and they just decided to keep that one. >/

But again, no way to actually prove it. So. -_______-;;

Anyhoo, time for a topic change before I feel the urge to bang my head against the desk out of frustration! 8D;;

So, speaking of figures, my formation arts Roxas came in today~~ ♥♥♥ He's only my second formation arts figure (I have Axel from the last batch; and the overdue/missing figure I mentioned above is the formation arts Riku from the same set as Roxas), but I luff him. :3 He's little and cute with his sea-salt ice cream, and I love the detail in the formation arts stuff. ♥

Other than that, I don't really have much to report. The landlord has finally gotten around to getting all the trash in the yard taken care of (thank GOD; it was like living in a landfill), and I've been working on new recipes for dog and cat treats with relative success (the cheese-and-bacon doggy biscuits from last night need some tweaking.) And I've been watching a lot of movies.

GO SEE MASTERMIND. GO GO GOGOGO! I loved that movie! And now I really want to see Tangled~

Oh, and tonight I dug through my books and decided to start re-reading my Animorphs collection. SHUT UP I'M STILL ONLY 12 YRS OLD IN MY HEADSPACE, DAMMIT. XDD;;

But yeah. That's pretty much it. .__. I'm a boring, boring person.


EDIT #2: I'm randomly excited at the prospect of mailing things to Japan. idk why. XD;

EDIT #3: Oh... and after two weeks of keeping my lights down so M wouldn't bother me, last night I finally had the nerve to keep them on normal levels... and guess who showed up at my door? And since I'm way too fucking nice of a person, I answered. WHY? WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? I FUCKING KNOW BETTER! ...I think next time he knocks I'm going to answer again and just tell him flat out I don't feel comfortable with him in my apartment anymore. Hopefully that'll deal with it. ~_~;
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Right, well, I've done basically nothing the last couple of days. *facepalm*

On Saturday night Mom and my brother came over for dinner (which reminds me; Maddie darling, I need you to send me like ten more boxes of the Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper. All three of us loved it. XD;;), which was nice. Lee had band practice so I invited them over. ♥

Then yesterday I wandered downtown for a little while (around 4pm which meant it was after dark when I was coming home) and got some things to mail to people with Christmas cards and a second bottle of cider from Mariposa Market, as I'm pretty sure just the one I got before won't be enough when it comes time for the family get together.

Then I spent about four hours last night beading and cursing my right index finger; that's the one Loki almost bit in half (literally; I came very close to just losing the tip of my finger all together), as I still don't have feeling in the tip of it and that seems to make the more intricate beading a lot harder. =/ But oh well. Not much I can do about it.

Aaaand other than that I've basically spent 90% of the last couple days watching movies. Last night I was up until almost 9am movie-marathoning on Squall. Which of course meant that when I did get to sleep, I slept until dinner time. *facepalm* Now I'm all flipped around. Bah.

Oh, and I've also been chatting/rping with Michi (which is always tons of fun ♥♥), and last night I did have a nice conversation with Matt (one of my high school friends that I've gotten back in touch with via FB) about websites and stuff, since he runs a hosting business and does html professionally and I SUCK at it, but I'm looking at getting House of Yum and Esprit Studios sites up and running in the new year.
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Today I was supposed to go over to Mom's place to discuss Christmas baking with her. Originally she said she would pick me up between noon and 1pm, so when I was still tired when my alarm went off at 10am I just reset it for another hour and went back to sleep... so of course she woke up early and decided to come get me at like 10:30. XD; Oh well.

She had a couple of things to pick up while she was out, so we went to Walmart. She needed yogurt and ketchup and diffuser sticks, and a shower curtain. Then while we were there we poked through the kitchen section and she ended up grabbing a couple of things for me for Christmas. lol yes while I was there. xD

I got a couple of LPS for my (growing) collection (and one that I'm customizing as a Christmas gift for Mom/Lee, but I didn't tell her that), some mini-cookie-cutters, and some catmilk for Tri (every so often he looses weight and I have to give him catmilk for a little while to help him put it back on.)

Then we meandered next door to the Walmart to look through the new dollar store there. It's MASSIVE OMG. I picked up one or two things there and so did Mom, and then we left and went to Subway. For foodz, obviously. Yummy sub was yummy!

We took our food back to her place and ate there, and then I did some laundry while we discussed Christmas baking/plans so that I have some idea what the hell I'm doing over the next month-and-a-bit, as I'm the one that does all the family baking nowadays. I pretty much took over five years ago and slowly everyone else has just... stopped making stuff. Mostly because I have a tendency to make way too much, so there's no point in anyone else bringing baking to the get-together. >.>;;

Anyway! We decided on the following:

-No-bake chocolate macaroons x1 batch
-Shortbread x1 batch
-Date squares x1 batch
-Buttertart squares x2 batches
-Broken-glass torte x2 (one is for Dad, though)
-No-bake fruitcake x1
-Lemon cream-cheese cookies x2 batches
-(Faux) peanut-butter dainties x1 batch
-Lemon-raspberry squares x1 batch
-Tropical cheesecake squares x1 batch

And also some kind of biscotti, but I haven't decided which yet. I'm also bringing two bottles of sparkling cider to the get-together (for those of us who don't drink wine), some eggnog fudge from Mariposa Market, two kinds of home-made cranberry sauce (one is cranberry spice and one is cranberry-orange), and a few different kinds of appetizers, which I have yet to decide on.

I decided to be particularly participatory this year, haha. Usually I just bring the desserts. ♥♥♥

I need a baking/cooking icon. =/
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The last couple days I've been feeling kind of icky. Not sick, just... off. Bah.

So I haven't really been doing much of anything aside from watching movies and some rping with Michi. lol we're still rping in KH-zombie!verse. It's been over a year and a half now with the same rp. Then again, we're planning to piece it together into a fic, so the length and detail makes sense given that. And I can actually start doing that now that I have Squall and can load Microsoft Word. Yayz! ♥

Anyhoo, yesterday was groceries and this time I just needed a handful of things. Canned cat food, litter, kleenex, milk and etc. Then at Walmart I got a couple more packs of mini-ornaments because Walmart has a TON of pendant-worthy ones this year. On Saturday (when I have more monies) I plan to go back again as well. I also want to look for some Christmas gift stuff for Lois and Lee.

I'm actually mostly finished my Christmas shopping already. But I don't have anything for Lee yet (I know what I'm getting him, I just have to actually buy it come the end of this month) and I only have half of Lois' gift ready. I might pick up something else for Mom as well, if I can find something small-ish.

I also need more Christmas cards. I only bought a pack of 12 to begin with, and it turns out I need more like 20. xD;;

Aaaaaand then tonight I watched the new episode of Criminal Minds from yesterday, then the movie Dinosaur (an oldie but a goodie!) and now I'm watching Darkness Falls (another older one that I ♥ to bits~)

Tomorrow I'm going over to Mom's place to do laundry and talk to her about Christmas baking, as it's getting close to time for me to get started on it. As usual I'm making chocolate macaroons, no-bake fruitcake (for Mom; no one else eats it :P) and shortbread. I'm also making lemon cream cheese cookies again because they are ASDGH DELICIOUS. But I'm not sure what else. I think I want to try some new recipes this year. Maybe I'll try making some kind of biscotti! 8D
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Today thusfar has been pretty average. Not much is going on, though I let Juna and Tia out of the back room this afternoon, so now I have to police them to make sure they don't go overboard and mess up their incision sites. >>; This is INCREDIBLY hard to do in Tia's case. Having been cooped up in the back room since Friday has left her BOUNCING OFF THE FREAKING WALLS. *facepalm*

Though right at the moment she's snoozing. I guess she's worn herself out for now. Crap I spoke too soon, now she's getting up again. DX

I have some chores that need done today, mostly cleaning the back room up and sweeping/mopping/vacuuming, now I'm kind of procrastinating over them. idk, I just don't feel like doing chores today. :P They DO need to be done though, so I guess once I'm done watching Criminal Minds I'll get on it. Le sigh.

Some time this week I also have to get off my duff and finish up my Christmas gifts for my online friends too. Which reminds me:


Yeah. So. I guess that's about it for now. I'm so proud of myself for actually posting journal entries lately. I think I'm starting to finally get back into the swing of things with LJ. Took long enough! lol. ♥
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Alrighty! Today was grocery day, as is every Wednesday. Woo-hoo. /sarcasm lol.

I didn't have much to get for actual groceries, but I did have to get cat food at the vet's (prescription weight management/urinary tract care food that Neko and Loki are on) and there were Sena-prescriptions I had to pick up too.

At the grocery store I mostly picked up some dumplings and wontons (they have these frozen ones that you steam and they come out DELICIOUS and taste JUST LIKE RESTAURANT GYOUZA/WONTONS ASDGH! X3), canned cat food for Tri and fresh cranberries for making home made cranberry sauce. ♥ I also actually found some eye-of-round steaks that were 90% fat free. Finding steaks with a low enough fat content that I'm willing to eat them is rare, and they were ON SALE OMG so I got a pack of two. :3 I might cook one tomorrow night!

And since Lee was driving and I wouldn't have to actually try hauling them home, I got another set of shelves at Walmart to complete my movie wall in the living room. 8D I spent an hour tonight putting them together and reorganizing everything and now they look awesome and I looooove it. X3!! Haha, I have room next to them for a small cabinet too, so I might pick one up at some point. Right now I have a stand there that I built out of DIY cubes.

At Walmart we also stopped to have dinner at McD's, and ran into Sarah and her fiancé, so we sat with them while we ate and had a nice conversation. The more time I spend with Arthur the more I like him... he has a very grounding effect on Sarah, and her complete bullshit has gone down a lot since she ended up with him. Just for that I approve of him, though he's also a really nice guy. :)

Oh, and this afternoon (before we ran into them) I got a message from Sarah about the wedding; her mother found out I was doing the bridal jewelry and wanted to know if I could design a piece for her as well, to match a set of earrings she wants to wear. I told Sarah I could probably manage it, but I couldn't say for sure either way until I had a look at the earrings. Basically, her Mom wants a large snowflake broach, which I think I can manage. I even have a basic idea in my head using fire-polished crackle beads and swarovski crystals, but like I said I won't know 100% until I see what I'm trying to match. And Sarah's Mom is like rich, so she's offered to "generously compensate" me for doing the project. I LOVE MONEYS. \o/

What else...

Well, yesterday I was out and about and picking up a few things. I needed rats for Aya-- my baby has graduated from fuzzies to pups!-- and a couple of other items.

I got some cookie cutters from Mariposa Market, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider to take to the Christmas get together in like a month and a half. I'm way the hell ahead of myself. xD;; And while I was there I taste-tested some eggnog-fudge which was just ahguisldfghuiadfgarngvu *DROOL* *A* I am so getting some of it to take to the get together as well. :3

And while I was out I got Lee a gift card to the music equipment store downtown, since his birthday is Friday. ♥

Anyhoo! I started working on some new recipes for dog and kitty treats for Christmas presents, and right now I'm in the middle of a decent maple-and-brown-sugar one. Just a little tiny bit of sugar and mostly maple extract for flavouring. They're pretty tasty. I still want to do one more, I think maybe liver flavour and bacon bits for "sprinkles". We'll see.

Oh, and today other than Squall arriving I also got the books I ordered the other day; two of them are for Dad for Christmas (Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey and Legends of Shannara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks) and the other one was a discount book I stumbled upon, Beyond The Body Farm by Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. It's by the same people who did Death's Acre, which is one of my favourite anthropology/criminology books of all time. Which I lent to C.A. way the hell back in 2004 and still haven't gotten back from her. *facepalm* She's horrible about remembering stuff like that. I might just break down and buy another copy and let her keep the first one lol. So I'm really looking forward to reading the new one~!

I also got a little package from Maddie and Chloe today! Or, rather, from "Rufus and Reno Shinra"! To "Roxas". I LOLED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. It was epically awesome. ILU GUYS, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It had a couple of buttons and some cute stickers in it. And caramels! And a pretty glass star pendant which I put on right away and am still wearing now. =3 Hehe.

And I guess the only other thing is the cats.

First; 'Dion scared the SHIT out of me today. This morning he was sleeping under the desk in the back room, which he does all the time because it's right in front of the baseboard heater. I went to sit down to check something on the computer, and reached down to move him... and he kind of flopped around and looked at me like he was half out of it, but not in a sleepy!kitty sort of way. His fur was also puffed up, which cats tend to do if they're not feeling well. This concerned me, and I took him back to the living room and laid down to cuddle up with him some-- which was when I noticed he was shivering. Not in an "I'm cold" kind of way, but in an "I'm in pain" kind of way. I cuddled him close and fretted over him and tried really hard not to panic while I decided if I should rush him to the vet or not.

Finally, he fell asleep and so did I. A couple hours later when I woke up he wasn't there, and when I went looking for him I found him playing and looking as if nothing was wrong. I don't know what the problem was, but DAMN, 'DION. PLEASE DON'T PULL THAT KIND OF STUFF. YOU NEARLY SCARED YOUR MOM TO DEATH. D8

I'm going to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just in case. But now he's acting completely fine, so...

Second; Got a call from the Barrie SPCA today, finally! Way back when I first brought Tia home, I called them and got on the wait list for having her spayed and Juna neutered. They were still too young at the time, but the wait list was about four months long so by the time they got around to me they'd be the right age. Sounded like a plan to me!

So on Friday I'm taking Juna and Tia to Barrie to be fixed, for $50 per cat. Let me say that again; $50 PER CAT. Instead of the $350/cat it would cost me to take them to the vet in town and have it done. They also say they can give them all their vaccines and etc. at the same time. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN AND THE COST INVOLVED. ^___^

I couldn't book 'Dion at the same time since he's still too young, but tomorrow I can call and get him on the wait list and in a few months when they get to me again he'll be old enough.

I'm really, really hoping that having Juna neutered will calm Neko down a bit; Neko is NOT Juna's biggest fan right now and keeps kissing and spitting and snarling at him, which I keep trying to dissuade of course, but it's not working. Neko seems to think that Juna is vying for Top Cat in the pride, which Juna really isn't. He just avoids Neko and defers to him, acts submissive, but Neko doesn't take that for what it is and beats the hell out of him whenever they cross paths. Luckily no real injuries have happened, just one or two tiny scratches and a lot of flying fur. Still. Hopefully once Juna is neutered things will settle down...

And now I think I'm done rambling. For now. And I have the munchies. So Imma go find something to eat. OMNOMNOM and all that.



Oct. 5th, 2010 10:33 pm
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My GST came in today, so I spent a while downtown picking up odds-and-ends that I needed.

I got frames so I could hang the Zelda prints I got at Otakon, then when I got home I set about doing just that... and dropped the Midna one, so the glass broke. I had to clean it up and then go back downtown to get another frame to replace it. ~_~;; At least they had the right size at the dollar store, so they each only cost me $5, whereas getting them at Walmart or Zellers or wherever would have been more like $15-$20. =/ Frames are expensive.

Anyway, I also got some reptile bark for cleaning Aya's terrarium. And a couple odds-and-ends for (just one more thing I want to pick up and then I can start boxing everything.) And I got a few more things for Maddie and Chloe's Christmas/Yule present, so now I'm almost done that. Then it can be boxed up too and mailed so it'll get there, yanno, by Christmas. xD;;

Oh! And today Air Canada finally called about the rebate ticket I mailed in way the hell back in July! ...turns out I forgot to put in the ticket info when I mailed it, which was why it took so long. So they got all the info from me over the phone (thank God for me writing everything down on the calendar!) and are going to set about processing it, so the money should go onto my credit card in two or three weeks. WHOO!!

Hm. A few days ago I downloaded a short anime series called Dai Mahou Touge ("Magical Witch Punie-chan") and it was... um, in a word? CRACK. It was really amusing, violent as hell and perfectly cheerful about it. Haha, I might look into getting it on DVD at some point.

And right now I'm working on downloading Angel Beats! because it sounds interesting and I'm an absolute sucker for the kind of art style it's done in. :D I'll let you know how it is once I've watched some of it~


...and now I should really stop procrastinating and clean the bunny and rattie cages out, since it's garbage night. >___>
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So it turned out the orange kitten was from the trailer trash downstairs neighbours. I went down and asked them about him and they told me he came from there but they didn't want him back. So I kept him in my place and planned on taking him to the SPCA or whatever the next day. Then at like MIDNIGHT the girl comes and knocks on my door and tells me she changed her mind and wants him back.

Fine, whatever. I gave him back because I really had no choice, though I hated to do it because of his condition. Now I'm worried about all three of the kittens they have, since I'm sure they aren't feeding them right and I'm relatively sure they've got worms as well. And I KNOW they're all lousy with fleas. ~_~;; All of which wouldn't be so bad if they would take them to the vet, but I know for a fact if it came down to taking them to the vet or buying beer, the beer would come first.

And despite their generally iffy condition they aren't so bad that I can call the SPCA and get them to look into it...


Right now I'm making banana bread because I had some bananas that I needed to use up. For some reason this week they ripened really fast and in about a day after I bought them they were borderline bad. I dunno why, but whatever I guess. I like banana bread too. I'm doing two loaves; the first is just banana, and the second I didn't have quite enough mashed banana left so I added a cup of stewed rhubarb. Should be interesting. XD;

Tonight I feel like painting, I think. I'll work on my current painting some. I have an idea what I want to do next, but I haven't decided entirely.

One thing I have decided is that I'm going to do a painting for Grandma for Christmas this year-- of her little dog, Angel, who just recently died. (She let Angel outside in the middle of the night to go pee and a freaking OWL ate her. D8) I don't want to give it to her right now because it's too soon and would just upset her, but at Christmas time is should be alright...

Now I just need to get a good picture of Angel from someone without Grandma finding out. >>; Hmm.

EDIT: That movie that I linked to the trailer for a couple of posts back? Grace? It was AWESOME. X3
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Been working on ES stuff today. I've got the new studio blog up and running (mostly) at [ profile] espritstudios. Still have quite a bit to do, but I'm rather happy with how it is so far. I've also opened an ES FB page, but I haven't done any work on the content at all yet. I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day, hopefully.

It's taken me forever, but I'm determined to actually get off my rear and get all the Esprit and House of Yum stuff running. >O I CAN DO IT.

Other than that... I'm working a lot on things for people for Christmas. I don't have any money to buy presents for anyone this year, so I'm making things instead. It's the best I can do.

I'm making a home-made wreath for Mom (she finally threw out her old one last year), and doing a pony for Lee and one for my brother; then I'm doing jewelry for as bunch of people, and have a bunch of preserves for Lois. The only problem is Dad. I have no idea what to do for him! ;A; idk... maybe I can scrape up enough money to get him something, if he's the only one I'm buying for...

Anyway, all you people who would normally get cards and gifts from me, you'll still get them, just probably about a month from now because I won't have shipping monies until then. XD IT EXTENDS CHRISTMAS/YULE/ETC SHUT UP. <33


Other than that... my RL bff came back from England for a couple weeks. I miss her terribly, and haven't seen her since two-and-a-half years ago. She was supposed to come visit me today but ended up not being able to make it and she's going back to England tomorrow. ~_~;; FML. I was really seriously looking forward to seeing her, too.

Maybe if my government money comes through I can take a visit to England and see her there. That would be fun. I want to go there anyway. And I can inflict myself on other people while I'm there too! >D lol.
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The sun is coming up and I'm still watching movies. Bah. I fail at, yanno, sleep. And stuff. Basically I've been up all night doing chores that were put off the last few days, with movies on in the background just for the company. Fun times.

Also, for some reason Z's clock is a day ahead. He's insisting it's a day later than it actually is. And that screwed me up royally for about six hours last night. ~_~;; idk, I guess I'll reset the clock? Hm. Silly laptop. <3

And omg. ;~~; My paid account and userpics expired! And I don't have the money to renew them! So if anyone wants to get m3 a present for Christmas/my birthday, I would love love love love a paid account and more userpics. The lack of pics and stupid banner ads are already driving me crazy. D:

Now, since I'm sure I've missed a few Christmas Card posts on my f-list. So basically, I WANT CHRISTMAS CARDS! FROM EVERYONE OMG! AND I WANT TO SEND CARDS TO PEOPLE TOO! So! My address is under the cut (remember I've moved, so if you have my old address you need this one instead) and leave your address in a comment if you want me to send a card to you. <3

Sena's Address )

I guess you could send birthday cards too, since my birthday is so close after Christmas. ._.

Anyway, comments are screened of course~

EDIT: Um, yeah, I need like EVERYONE'S addresses again. They were all on Tempest and he is currently out of commission. I need to gather them again in a big file folder on Z now. ~_~;
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Nazoko came in a couple days ago. EMS brought her on Tuesday, but there was a $14.50 customs charge on the package, and I didn't have the cash on me so I had to take the delivery card and pick her up the next day. Right now she's sitting with Tetsuya (on his lap actually, as I'm that short of space in here right now.)

She's very pretty, but I'm finding I'm really not liking the obitsu body. She's not as flexible/poseable, and the joints are really ugly. I wouldn't want to put her in a tank top or anything like that. To be honest, I didn't click with her right away like I did with Tetsuya.

Well, we'll see how it goes once I've had her for a while and have the right wig/eyes/clothes for her. If push comes to shove, I can always sell her and use the cash to go toward Otakon, or to pay for Yumeko. *shrug*

EDIT: People have finally started getting my cookie packages! :D
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Okay lol, so I finally decided to actually watch Twilight. And despite that I swore I wouldn't, I squeed at it like a little girl a couple of times. *facepalm* I'm so embarrassed that I did it, too. I mean wtf self, wtf? xD;

Dad came up yesterday morning (I guess technically it's two days ago now, but whatever), and we exchanged Christmas gifts. He got me the new Valdemar novel, which gives me massive fangirl glee. He also got me a memory card for my camera, which is awesome, since it gives me a spare for when I go to cons and stuff. And a digital photo keychain, and also a copy of The Dark Knight.

My brother and I got him a couple of Star Wars bobbleheads, and the first season of Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato in Japanese), which was SUPER expensive. Oo; My brother got the first two seasons of Supernatural.

He couldn't stay long, but it was nice to see him anyway. We only get to see Dad maybe three times a year (not counting when Mom and I are down by his place for Anime North in May), so any time he can make it up is good.


Jan. 9th, 2009 08:00 pm
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I made fall squash soup today. Pumpkin/potatoes/pears/onion in it, and Gouda cheese as a topping. It was really different from what I normally make, but turned out good. The whole family is in love with Gouda now, which sucks because it's really really expensive. :P

The other day, I found out that the used book store at the corner sells manga for $5 each. I may be in trouble lol. I got 1-6 of After School Nightmare, because I'd heard about it a while back and it sounded interesting.

Also, yesterday I went out with Mom and got my belated-birthday present, a new digital camera. It's tiny and black and I generally adore it. It takes really nice photos. Mom also got me a memory card for it, so it can hold something like 600 pictures all together now.

Dad was supposed to come up tomorrow morning for Christmas with us, but he's been called in to work on his day off again. No idea when he's actually going to make it up. This is the third time he's told us he's coming and then had to cancel. It sucks.

EDIT: And I mailed half of my Christmas packages the other day. The second half are going to be mailed next week, since Mom and I couldn't carry them all. >>;

Catching Up

Jan. 4th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Yeah, so I haven't posted anything in forever. >>;

1) Christmas #1: On the 23rd the immediate family did Christmas. I got a couple movies, and my cell phone. Also a book, and a gift card, and a chair for at my computer. It was nice. Most of my Christmas from Mom and Lee was the phone though, lol.

2) Christmas #2: On the 24th, we all went up to Grandma's place to do prep for the turkey and everything the next day. That night we gave Grandma the gift that my brother and I got for her, and she gave us our cards with monies in them, because she's been too sick to go out shopping. The next day the whole family was over and we had dinner, and did the family gift exchange. I ended up with a wok set, which is awesome because I'm the one who bought that one because I wanted it. XD;

3) Dad couldn't make it up in time for Christmas, so he's coming up this next weekend to exchange gifts. THE GIFT I ORDERED FOR HIM BEFORE CHRISTMAS BETTER BLOODY BE HERE BY THEN, DAMMIT. >__O;

3) Did nothing for New Year's, though that morning I did get my cell activated. Thank God I have three months free texting, because despite not planning on using it much I've been texting A LOT. I'll need a text plan when my free time runs out. XD;;

4) My RY secret santa gift from [ profile] toxicatedpoison got here the other day! Eee! It's a pretty crystal heart pendant that she got engraved with "Sena". ILU SO HARD PRONNIE. ♥

5) Speaking of RY, tomorrow we are officially on hiatus for two weeks as a community, so that Steph, Maddie and I can kind of revamp it, and add in more plot points and get everything back on track. WE SHALL RETURN.

6) My birthday was yesterday! 8D ...I did nothing for it, and didn't get any presents, though a bunch of people wished me a Happy Birthday. At some point this week Mom is taking me out to buy me a new camera though, she just hasn't had the time until now.

7) Yesterday I met up with Pam and Ryuu-chan at the Tim Hortons at the corner, and we hung out there and talked for almost two hours. Then we came back here and hung out some more. It was really nice because I haven't seen any of my RL friends in over a year. Turns out Pam is living in town again (sort of anyway, she's actually just outside of town), so hopefully I can see her some more now, at least until she moves to Alberta in a year or so.

8) One of my new wigs (for Haine cosplay from The Gentlemen's Alliance) came in a couple days ago, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It's long and curly and light brown with blonde streaks, and looks freakishly good on me, or so everyone is telling me. XD; Now I wish I hadn't cut my hair so short so I could dye and curl it lol.



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