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Today was grocery day. Yay? Yeah, it was typical of grocery days where I, yanno, bought groceries. And stuff.

But tonight after groceries C.A. came over to visit, which was awesome as usual. ♥ I gave her her Christmas gift and made cookies for her fiancee, whom I have never met but love nonetheless lawl. I might be going to see The Hobbit with them on Friday, possibly. Not 100% sure yet.

And now... eggnog. Yep. It's definitely eggnog time. *nod*

Just Stuff

Mar. 11th, 2012 11:27 pm
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Not much has been happening the last few days. A lot of spring cleaning, since the weather's been nice, and I've watched quite a few movies. I'm on a horror kick and have been going through the Netflix archives for ones I haven't seen before. I'm also watching a lot of foreign movies, too.

Other than that... well, Aya's at J&K right now since he hasn't eaten in almost 10 months. ~.~;; I took him down this past Wednesday to see if they could get him to eat, but he was so stressed out from the trip down that they just kept him and tried to feed him yesterday instead. But he still didn't eat, so they're going to hang onto him for another week and try again next Saturday. idek what's going to happen if he doesn't eat then, either. =/

Back on Tuesday, I saw C.A. for the first time in almost two years! X3!! She's back from abroad and planning to stay this time. Her long-term bf is moving to Canada with her too; he's supposed to come over in June or July area. ♥ But she stopped by for an hour and a half or so, and it was SO AWESOME to see her again. I missed her immensely while she was gone. But now hopefully we can get together once in a while. In fact, we already made tentative plans for her to come over for an Asian Cooking Night some time soon. :3

Aaaand yesterday by brother came over for dinner. It's nice when he comes over, as we get along really well nowadays. I made sheppard's pie (turkey not beef) and it was all looking good until I bumped the stove and accidentally turned the broiler on. >>;; This caused the pie to cook until it was black on top and set the smoke alarm off. Then when I went to pull it out of the oven, I set one of my oven mitts on fire. .___.;; YEAH. It was One Of Those Days. (When I pulled the black layer off the pie, it was still perfectly good and yummy underneath, at least. lol.)

Other than that, I've been tinkering away at my Writing Blog ([ profile] vanimadin) and my Food Blog ([ profile] houseofyum) and obsessing over My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic because... uh... YEAH IDK, THE CUTE IS ADDICTIVE, I GUESS? 8D;;
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Yesterday was awesome and exhausting. I got up at 9am and vacuumed and swept/mopped before C.A. came over around noon. lol she forgot my books again, but that's nothing new. She's been forgetting to return them for like four years now. XD;;

So she got here and we pretty much left right away to have lunch at the new sushi place downtown (Asai Sushi? The name is something like that.) We were originally going to have dinner there instead but C.A. had to head home around 4pm, so plans got changed to lunch. ANYWAY.

The sushi place was AWESOME. It moved in there in the spring-ish of last year but there's no one in town normally that would go with me and I can never justify actually going out to a restaurant to eat by myself. >>; And C.A. was having the same problem so us going together worked out perfectly.

So we looked over the menu and ended up getting a couple of things to share, just a variety of sushi. We specifically got unagi though because I wanted to try it. X3 We had miso soup to start with, then a gyouza appetizer and then a sushi combo plate with the unagi as well as sushi with cod roe (which is SO MUCH better than salmon roe), some with crab, some with tuna, and some with prawn. SO YUMMY!! ♥♥♥

We were going to get some green tea ice cream for dessert too... but then we completely forgot about it until like two hours later. Oops. XD

Then on the way back here we stopped at Euphoria and got smoothies. This time I tried the raspberry lemonade smoothie and oh. My. God. It was freakishly good. I am SO getting another one next time I'm downtown. :3

So we came back here for a few minutes to rest and then headed out again, this time up to where the LCBO and Zehrs are. We looked for Popov vodka in the LCBO, but they don't carry it yet (SADFAISE), then we went into Zehrs so C.A. could buy some Lucky Charms for a friend of hers in England. I got grapes and tapioca pudding while I was there, and thought about getting some persimmons but then changed my mind because they didn't look really good. Ah well.

Then we wandered back to my place again at which point it was about time for her to leave. I MIGHT be seeing her once more before she heads back to England, but it's not for sure yet. I hope so, though. I seriously miss having her around here to talk to or just hang out with like that. *sigh*
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Shopping day was yesterday. I had like no groceries to get at the actual grocery store (the only thing I needed was milk) but I had a bunch of meds and pet stuff to get at Walmart so I just did all my shopping there. It took me about 20 minutes and then I sat around McDonald's by myself waiting for Lee and Sarah to finish up for another 40 minutes after that. XD;;

As I was meandering back to the cash after getting everything though, I wandered past the fruit section and ended up grabbing a dish of watermelon. DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS WATERMELON. Speaking of which, have you guys heard my watermelon rant? It basically boils down to me being jealous of the USA because they still get the good watermelons and up here all we get are the crappy seedless ones that have no taste. =/

While we were out for shopping I mailed the first half of the things that I sold on ebay. $70 later and I still have another dozen packages to go next week. Ouch. But at least I'm getting rid of some clutter and the things I'm selling are going to people who will enjoy them, right?

So after shopping/mailing/whatever, Lee brought me back home long enough to drop off my groceries and then I went back to Mom's place with him to visit and have dinner. Mom and Lee were away all this last week, so I chatted with Mom about their trip and I have to say, she was SO stressed and frustrated with everything when she left, but she's feeling MUCH better now. It's so good to see because my brother and I were both starting to really worry about her...

For dinner we had broccoli and carrots, and potatoes done on the bbq. Then Lee cooked pork chops, which I can't eat, but he insisted on digging out some chicken and grilling it for me instead. I really can eat a meal without meat (I've been doing it for half my life) but it was appreciated anyway. :)

...and then after all that, something in the meal (I think the potatoes, they had a lot of margarine on them to keep them from burning on the bbq) didn't agree with me and I ended up having to throw it all back up again. God, I felt SO BAD about it. They invited me over and cooked dinner for me, and then I ended up puking it in the end.

I apologized a bunch, but they said not to worry about it. Still. That sucks. *sigh*

And today C.A. is coming over to hang out and we're going for sushi later. I'm really looking forward to it. :3
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Currently watching the original The Crazies, the one from 1973. I watched the new one a couple months back, I figure I should see the original one at least once. Anyway~

I actually talked with C.A. on the phone today, and we made plans for Thursday. She's going to get a ride into town (she lives outside of town) around lunch time and hang here for the afternoon. And we're going to go to the new sushi place downtown and check it out for dinner. ♥ I'm super excited, since I only saw her for five minutes when she was here at Christmas. X3

Aaaand tonight I tried cooking spaghetti again, but it was a no-go the same as the last two times. I can eat every other kind of pasta, why do I always hurl when I have spaghetti? MAKES NO SENSE. So after an unpleasant experience where I had an intimate meeting with the toilet, I waited a bit and then just ordered pizza. >>;


Then I cleaned out all the cages and litter boxes, since tonight is garbage night. Now all the bunnies are out to play; the girls are in the kitchen and the boys are in there living room here with me generally being adorable and underfoot.

lol this is the first time Juna has seen them outside of their cages, and he keeps following them around and going .___. in their general direction. ♥
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So being all proud that I walked all the way from downtown to Mom's place? Yeaaaah. When I woke up the next day my body HATED me for it. My knee and one of my hips are currently seizing up off-and-on every ten minutes or so, and have been since yesterday. Muscle relaxants; they are my friends.

Other than that, I ended up staying at Mom's place and hanging with my brother until like 10pm yesterday before I finally called a taxi and came home. XD;; Then I pretty much just fed the critters and then went to bed.

Today I had an appointment with my doctor, where she weighed me and asked me various questions and generally got my medical charts caught up. My prescriptions are also changed a bit now, I have to pick the new ones up tomorrow or the next day.

After the appointment I walked downtown (slowly, with my cane this time) and went to the dollar store because I needed some fine tip black markers (for addressing the packages I have to mail.) On the way home I stopped at Euphoria and got myself a berry blend smoothie and a chicken fajita wrap for lunch/dinner. ♥

And now I'm watching Robin Hood on tvshack.

OH. My rl bff is back here from England for a while, and am hoping to actually get to visit with her this time. We have tentatively decided to go out for sushi together some time this week. But since email/facebook convos don't tend to stick with her very well sometimes, I'm going to give her a ring tonight and see if we can finalize our plans over the phone. :3

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Been working on ES stuff today. I've got the new studio blog up and running (mostly) at [ profile] espritstudios. Still have quite a bit to do, but I'm rather happy with how it is so far. I've also opened an ES FB page, but I haven't done any work on the content at all yet. I'll get to it tomorrow or the next day, hopefully.

It's taken me forever, but I'm determined to actually get off my rear and get all the Esprit and House of Yum stuff running. >O I CAN DO IT.

Other than that... I'm working a lot on things for people for Christmas. I don't have any money to buy presents for anyone this year, so I'm making things instead. It's the best I can do.

I'm making a home-made wreath for Mom (she finally threw out her old one last year), and doing a pony for Lee and one for my brother; then I'm doing jewelry for as bunch of people, and have a bunch of preserves for Lois. The only problem is Dad. I have no idea what to do for him! ;A; idk... maybe I can scrape up enough money to get him something, if he's the only one I'm buying for...

Anyway, all you people who would normally get cards and gifts from me, you'll still get them, just probably about a month from now because I won't have shipping monies until then. XD IT EXTENDS CHRISTMAS/YULE/ETC SHUT UP. <33


Other than that... my RL bff came back from England for a couple weeks. I miss her terribly, and haven't seen her since two-and-a-half years ago. She was supposed to come visit me today but ended up not being able to make it and she's going back to England tomorrow. ~_~;; FML. I was really seriously looking forward to seeing her, too.

Maybe if my government money comes through I can take a visit to England and see her there. That would be fun. I want to go there anyway. And I can inflict myself on other people while I'm there too! >D lol.
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1) Yes this post is numbered. Just because. :P

2) So... turns out C.A. is in Korea because Nova (the company she went to Japan under) like... crashed and burned. Seriously. It was this huge scandal where they weren't paying the teachers and everything. So she was selling stuff out of the apartment they gave her so she could buy food, and then disappeared for a while and showed back up in South Korea. O___O;

That's as much as I know, and I'm really seriously worried. I need to call her parents and see what's going up, if she's coming home or what. *fretfretfretfret* D:

3) Maddie and Chloe are having problems right now, which seriously sucks. (*fretfretfretmore*) I'm worried about them too... in fact, I'm running a collection box for them at Rizu, because we ♥ ♥ ♥ them and want to help. <3

4) Stupid gmail won't let me into my inbox right now. ><;;

5) I've been picking up odds-and-ends for my cosplay in the summer the last while, including a bunch of earrings for my AU!Demyx. >3< The stars came in today, and two of the ear cuffs came in yesterday. Two of the pairs of hoops arrived last week, but were sadly the wrong ones so I had to send them back. Now I have to wait for them to come in, as well as one more ear cuff and a messenger bag. Yep.

6) While we were out grocery shopping today Mom and I popped into Walmart, and we stumbled upon plastic tubs... CLEAR plastic tubs! :3 YEY. Mom bought me four of them lawl, and I'll probably need more before AN, but that'll give me a good start. Now I can pack some of my finished ponies away and make room for more as I finish them.

I also got a deep fryer because they were on the end of the aisle right by the plastic tubs, and on sale for $22. O__o; I was like *YOINK*. Though the only reason I did was because my GST money came in haha. XD;

7) Okay, so the Otakon trip has become slightly more, which is awesome as far as I'm comcerned since I've never been to the US at all before. X3 I'm going to Dayton, then taking the train to Baltimore with Maddie and Chloe, then one of the days we're going to DC to be tourists there, and on the way home, between Baltimore and here, I'm stopping for a night to bother [ profile] cat_mcdougall. X33 And that's just what's been planned so far. Nevermind all the stuff in Baltimore and Washington that we've planned, the aquarium and everything. ^___^

Oh, but [ profile] lipstickcat, what days are you going to be in Toronto? Just to make sure, so I can plan for that too. ^^

8) RP STUFF! =D;

Hikaru is basically the same as last time I rambled about him. He and Kaoru are about to have crazy angst since Kao slept with Allen. ^^;

Demyx is all excited because Larxene and Marluxia are in town now, haha. But then he gets excited about everything. Also, he's met C.C. and Link when he went to visit Fate in the hospital, and is happy to have made new friends. He's also planning to go visit Axel sometime soon, since he hasn't seen him around much and Zexy keeps saying he must have died or something. XD;;

Yuki is the same as Hikaru, nothing much going on. I need to get him into something interesting so I can unleash his snark. lol.

Kyo is... oh God, the angst. FFS, he was supposed to be a fun snarky character to play dammit. But no~ he's all love triangle angstangstangst and stuff. Blegh. Though the AIM-verse SephxKyoxZelos is hot and made of awesome. Oh yes.

And finally, I took a 5th character because I fail. Except this time at least it's a GIRL. xD; lawl. We need more girls, seriously. So I took up Shiraishi Mahiru from Mikan no Tsuki ([ profile] myluck_yourluck), because she's cute and fun, and has a pet bat named (creatively enough) "Mr. Bat" or "Batty". <3

9) Just called to talk to Dad, but he's working that weird shift again so he's in bed. So I talked to Lois for a couple minutes and asked how she was doing; she says much better, though not having use of her one hand is driving her nuts. I can imagine, lol. She also liked the pony I gave her for Christmas, so yey. :)

10) Tomorrow, Grandma is coming up around lunch time and her, me, Mom and Lee are going out for lunch. She's going to drop off some stuff, and pick up some things that need sewing, and see Mom's new furnature and everything since she hasn't yet and it's been 6 months since the place was painted and they got the new furnature and curtains. Haha.

11) And also, I didn't have a birthday party this year, but Ryuu-chan, Andy and Steve came by to visit, which was awesome. I hadn't talked to any of them in a while, but specifically Andy I hadn't talked to in like two years. He's so hard to get in contact with! ><;

EDIT 12) Random anonymous v-gift ftw! Pony! Thank you anon! ♥

EDIT #2, 13) Dammit Kyo-muse! Stop whining for sex already, jeez! >P

EDIT #3, 14) OMG After Eight dark chocolate mints win at everything. ;3; They're so good, and were on sale so I got a couple boxes of them. Now I'm all high on sugar. FWEE. 8D

EDIT #4, 15) Kyo-muse doesn't have me writing Kyo/Seph/Zelos smut, I swear. >.> *innocent whistle*
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A bunch of doujinshi I ordered a while back came in today. Happy One-Day-Early Birthday to me! :3 There was four sepparate doujin, and then one thicker one that's an anthology. Four of them were a smaller size than the rest of my collection. O.o; Whatever. XD;

I'd also bought some earrings for my AU!Demyx costume in the summer, and they came in... and both pairs were the wrong ones. UGH. So I emailed the person I bought them from. I'll probably send them back. They're cute, but not the ones I wanted.

Tomorrow Ryuu and Andy are coming over for a short visit, since I'm not having a birthday party this year. Pam might be coming over on Saturday for a bit. Man, I miss everyone. I haven't seen Michelle in about two years. D:

OMG, and by the way, I FINALLY got an email from C.A.; she left for Japan in September, and I have some stuff to send her, so I emailed her in October asking for her address. But she fails at keeping in touch, so I didn't hear back from her until about a week ago, and her whole email was

"Sorry, you know how I am with these things. Long story short, I ended up living in South Korea. Merry Christmas."

WTF C.A.?? XDD That's too short! It doesn't qualify for "long story short" dammit! And she still didn't give me her address, even if it is in S. Korea. She can be so frustrating! the same time, it was so C.A., so after I stopped swearing at the computer screen I just had to giggle. =D;;
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Right now I'm watching that remake movie of The Dukes of Hazzard on the TV... for some reason. XD; lol, not the kind of movie I'd normally watch, but whatever. It's good for a laugh I guess.

A couple days ago I finally got around to digging out my tree and Christmas decorations, now I just need to put it up. I need a tree skirt though, and Mom says she'll take me out to get one tomorrow or the next day so I'll put everything up then I guess. I really wish I could have a poinsetta, but there's nowhere in my place the cats (read as: Loki) can't reach, and that includes the tall shelves in the entryway. >>;

But! The shelves on the wall above the TV are up where they can't get. They're covered in custom ponies right now, but I guess I could pack them away for a while, at least until the holidays are past...

Also, I talked with my brother yesterday and next weekend we're going to FINALLY go out Christmas shopping. He always puts it off til the very last minute if possible, and then wants me to go with him because he sucks at finding stuff for people. xD; Last year we went and I picked out my own present, put it in the cart, he paid for it, and then two days later I wrapped it too and made him sign the tag. lol.

I need to get something else for Mom, and something for Grandma, and he needs to shop for like... everyone. So it should be interesting. (I am 95% sure he's conspiring with Mom to buy me a Playstation 2, though, as this is the first year in my life I've mentioned wanting a game system and when I did his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Since then he keeps telling Mom he needs to talk to her about my present. He has no poker face. XDD;;)

Anyway, when I asked Mom what she wanted for Christmas, she said she really wants/needs some new clothes, which doesn't really help much since I can't buy her clothes unless she's there with me. >___> But there are three or four shops at the mall that she buys clothes at, so I think I'm going to get her a $100 mall gift certificate.

I don't know about Grandma yet... hmm.

And some time between now and Christmas Dad is going to come up to bring us our gifts and get the ones we've got for him and Lois. Probably next weekend or the 22nd.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, C.A.'s been in Japan for almost three months now and I haven't heard from her at all. She's never been great at keeping in contact, even when she was just in a different city, but she could at least let me know her address! I've got stuff for her here I've been waiting since September to send her! ><;;

I guess I'll call and talk to her parents... I'm sure they've got her address, right? O__o

RPG; Kaoru's better, so Hikaru's good again. lol. The two of them have recently decided they need a new toy, and also decided that Guy would be a good one. He's all cute and innocent and stuff, and they like the look of him. X3

Demyx finally went to pick up his kitty, and his super pleased that Nocturne gets along with Zexy and hasn't eaten his fish yet. Yaten adopted Nocturne's sister and named her Mint. <3 Demyx will inevitably come up with a shorter nickname her the poor thing, of course. Also, Zexion is totally jumping him at every opportunity, and has made him late for work a few times. He keeps getting laughed at by his co-workers since he's a lifeguard and has all these marks and stuff on him. Haha. XDD;;

Kyo is still dealing with the whole Sephiroth thing, which continues to provide endless entertainment. xD; In fact, here's a short fic that Seph-mun wrote. BWAHA. Other than that, he's still hanging out with Dante and Zelos, and is spending Christmas with Zelos as well. Also, he's collecting stray cats who follow him home and become pets-that-live-outside.

And Yuki... hasn't done anything yet, but at least he has a journal now! [ profile] irritable_muse! =D; Um, he's being forced to do the journal by his therapist, and is forced to go to therapy by his editor. lol. He writes, and works as a Modern Lit teacher at the local highschool as well (where Shuichi happens to be a student~ >.>). Shu-mun and I haven't decided if they're going to be together or not. If it happens it happens. *shrug*

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Wow, I woke up an hour and a half ago and was wide awake. That hardly ever happens.

Today my back seems to be much better, though the muscles are still tight and sore, but at least they're not spasming anymore. My allergies are no better though. In fact, I think they're worse. Stupid immune system. :P

I managed to get a couple phone calls made earlier, to ask what the hold up is on my books for the Writer's Craft course I signed up for, and to reschedule an ultrasound that I was supposed to have last week; it didn't get done because of the craziness after the pipes bursting in the basement.

I also wrote a card for C.A., so I can send it when I mail her a present later. It's a couple of maple leaves in a photo frame. Kind of artsy. I'll take a pic of it before I mail it off. A piece of Canada for her. =3

But I was afraid it'd get hung up in customs because it's made of real plants, so rather than mess her up in the airport I decided to mail it to her later, that way if they won't let it through it just gets sent back to me, instead of hampering her getting to Japan.

Photoblogging, Day 70 )

Hopefully I'll get that sales post up later today or tomorrow...
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1) I've spent almost 24 hours now with my back in major spasms practically constantly. I must have pulled something yesterday at some point. Fuck, it hurts though. I've had to be taking major muscle relaxants and I've spent a lot of time just lying flat on my back. Hopefully it'll go away soon. -__-;;

2) Yesterday I started going through one of my storage spaces for things to sell. I have three boxes and a plastic tub so far, and I'm only halfway through the first space. I still need to pull out my second dresser and go through everything in the storage space behind there too. So at some point in the next few days there'll be a sales post with stuff, and I'll be posting things to ebay as well.

[ profile] tsukizu, if you have friends who would be interested in the GW figures before I post them up for grabs/put them on ebay, send them this-a-way now. :)

I decided that I am going to sell off a bunch of my SM collection; mostly the North American stuff that I've got. I'm keeping most of the Japanese items, and the plushies I've got because I find them horribly cute.

I'm also selling most of my individual comics, from back before I figured out it was more economical to buy graphic novels instead. lol. Plus some other misc. stuff, keychains and some odd-and-end action figures, and I think my flute, which I can get a couple hundred bucks for. Also a handful of MIB ponies that have 3-D symbols, since I hate using them for customizing anyway because the symbols are a pain to remove. >>;

3) C.A. is in Japan now. ;3; And actually, I got a card in the mail from her this afternoon, I guess she mailed it yesterday before she left, haha;

"Hey Tiff, how's it goin? I just wanted to send you a card to thank you so much for making it all the way to Bracebridge for a stranger, drug, & booze filled party just for me. It means so much to me that you made it all the way there & I was so happy to see you. You truly were a part of making my dreams come true because I always wanted a surprise party, but clearly can't plan one for myself. You are truly a gem among my friends. Thanks again for the jams & book which I am more than grateful for. Thanks also for signing my blanket, I will always have a reminder that at least one person is jealous! Tee hee, love you lots."

It made me giggle. At the party, Jodi brought out a blanket she's been working on; she sewed it with patches and then got us all to sign a patch and write a message. Mine was something to the effect of I'm so rediculously jealous. lol. Then there was an extra patch and she made me sign again, so I doodled an anime face and wrote good luck, have fun on that one. XD;

I'm gonna miss her so much. ;~;

4) I have a major craving for a can of coke, but I totally don't have any and the corner store is closed. :P

5) Whilst going through my stuff yesterday, I found my coin rolls! Now I can finally wrap up the $150-ish bucks in change that I've got hanging around. YEY.

6) My freaking allergies have been horrible today. I've been taking antihystamines, but they're barely doing anything. My eyes won't stop itching, and my nose won't stop trying to run off my fave. UGH. D=

7) Yesterday CSI: Miami premiered, and today was Bones and House; I missed Reaper. ;.; Still, I'm happy! Hurray for Premier Week!

8) Photoblogging, Day 68,69 )
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Haha, I with all the craziness the last week or so I haven't posted any of my photoblogging stuff. So here's my catch-up post!

Photoblogging, Day 59 - 64 )

I need a photography-related icon. WHERE ARE THOSE SCREENSHOTS OF THE TWINS WITH CAMERAS FROM TONO'S INNER-MIND THEATRE? *searches hard drive*

On Sunday C.A. is planning to come over for a bit in the afternoon. It'll be sad, it's the last time I'll see her before she leaves for Japan. I'm going to miss her immensely... I hope she's better at keeping in touch while she's there than she is normally. =3=;
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Friday there was a surprise going away party for C.A. out at Jodi's parent's place; they live in the middle of nowhere. So just before 5, Ryuu picked me up and we went to Jodi's to get directions to where the party was supposed to be. Then we had to drive for about an hour to get there. OH WELL.

Pam and Kevin were already there when he arrived, along with a couple of guys from Peterborough that I didn't know until then; Jordan and Peter. Normally I have trouble talking a lot with people I don't know, but Jordan and Pete were so awesome and nice. They were about the only people there that I didn't already know that I could deal with though. >>;

Haha, everyone was late including C.A. and Jodi. xD; It was this huge secret, and we were all out in the garage waiting for them to get there for like two hours. All six of us, wtf. XDD;; Out in the garage was this cutout thing... you see them on beaches and in tourist places, the big pics with the faces cut out for people to take photos in/with? There was one in the garage that was a mountie riding a moose (and smoking a joint for some reason, lol.), so we all crowded behind that to jump out, and Kevin and Ryuu stick their faces in. Then instead of popping out right away, we just waited to see how long it would take for her to notice them.

It was funny just to listen to. She was like ", that kinna looks like Kevin..." and then there was this long silence. We all sniggered and then jumped out at her. It was priceless.

After they were there, we just sat around in a circle on lawn chairs and talked, and other people drank (Ryuu and I don't drink.) Ryuu and I had brought C.A. gifts, so she opened them. She got a t-shirt from Ryuu, and I gave her a bunch of jam and a Japanese dictionary. <3

More people did come after a while, and there was about 20 in the end. Then there was a band because the lead singer/guitar was Jodi's boyfriend so she insisted. HAHA. They were really good! They only did covers, but I really enjoyed them.

I had a lot of trouble though, because of the crowded space, the number of people, the loud music and the dancing (plus because of all the above it was very hot), so I spent about half the night sitting just outside the garage, listening to the music and looking at the stars so I wouldn't end up having a huge panic attack. Pete was really nice and sat with me for a while the one time, and Ryuu and Jordan ended up outside with me later and we talked about media (movies/actors/books/etc.) for like two hours. ^_^;

The band finally packed up around 3am, and most of the people left (the ones that weren't spending the night). It was fun, and kind of stressful, and camping-parties last freaking forever. -.-;;

The ground around Jodi's parent's place is really uneven, and it was raining off-and-on all night (so no campfire! D=), so the grass was wet... and we lost power for a while. (Jodi's dad set up the generator so the band could still play!) But because of all that, I fell like fifty times. I think I managed to find all the potholes in the entire lawn. It was kind of funny, actually, because I don't even drink and I was the one falling all over the place. XD;; DOH.

Anyway, so my right ankle is all swollen and sprained, and my left knee is all cut and scraped up. Ah well, it's not so bad. Imma limp for a while, though.

Then when I finally got home I crashed... and slept for like 14 hours. Something like that. >.>;;

All in all, it was fun and I'm glad I went. I don't get to see Pam and Kevin much, and I was glad to meet Jordan and Pete, and spend time with C.A. and Ryuu. I knew I'd have trouble with the sound level and the number of people, so that at least wasn't a surprise. At least I could get out and have some fresh air to get over it, and people were nice to keep me company. :)


So that was Friday and yesterday. =D

Photoblogging Day 51,52,53 )

OH, AND! Before I forget, Friday afternoon I finally mailed the last round of P.O.S. packages! So [ profile] kierseth, [ profile] cat_mcdougall, [ profile] etcetera_cat, [ profile] smoulderedtears and [ profile] lipstickcat have big heavy boxes coming their way! But they were mailed ground mail (because they were so big and heavy... except for etc's, it's uber heavy but not as big as the others) for money reasons, so they'll take a bit to arrive. Hopefully everyone will get theirs by a month from now.

Like a week from now I also have to mail about 12 Christmas packages too. No wonder I don't have any money. >>; lol.

EDIT: YEY Johnny Depp biography~ X33

EDIT 2: Oh, and when Ryuu picked me up on Friday she gave me my present from when she went to China a few months back. "Present" and not "souvenir" because it's edible. lol. She got me pocky and pretz; dark and white chocolate pocky, and shrimp and pizza pretz. <3 Apparently it's really cheap there, like 50 cents a box. O.o;
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Last night I made some more jam... and it didn't set either. -___-;; Mrrgh. Tomorrow I've got to fix them up and add more gelatine... I'd have done it today, but C.A. was over. :)

Stuff about C.A. )

Photoblogging, Day 27 )
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Yesterday C.A. came over after dinner time and hung around until 9:30 or so, so we had a good talk. I don't get to see her much, so it was nice. In this particular case I hadn't seen her since January so we had a lot to catch up on. :)

We did talk about her going to Japan (of course), and her contract is for a year, so she'll be gone that long starting in September. She's really disappointed that I can't go, too, but she says I can go to visit and stay with her for a while once she's settled in if I want.

BUT. I've just done a whole bunch of searching (my eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen >>;;), and managed to find a place that does the TESL course via correspondence! =D

It's a 12-week course (but since it is correspondence, it could take less or more time depending on how fast I complete it), based out of a university in Winnipeg (I believe). The site was really informative, but I'm going to call them and ask a few more questions before I sign up, of course.

I'm going to have to figure out the tuition for it, though. And tuition is exactly why I haven't gone to university yet, because I can't afford it at all. Though only taking the one course will be significantly less expensive (just under $1000), it's still more than I have, and more than I could save up in a decent amount of time.

I think if I talk to my family, I can probably get some help with that though, and I'll contact my case worker for ODSP to see if there's anything they can do to help me out as well. I know that Grandma will help me out; back when I was originally looking into it (and couldn't find any courses that were offered in correspondence), she told me that she'd help me out financially if I figured out a way to set it up. I don't think she'd be willing to do the entire $1000 (and I'd feel guilty if she did), but anything would be appreciated...

Ahh, anyway. I'm very happy even to have found a course. I really hope I can work all this out~ >.<

I won't be going at the same time as C.A., but I might be able to join her later! And even if it takes longer than that I could still go, and it would still be awesome (if a bit lonely at first, lol.)

Cross your fingers for me~ ♥

...I shouldn't get my hopes up. Every time I do, something happens and things are yanked out from under me. But I can't help it. I want this so badly...
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C.A. was supposed to come over today, but about 45 minutes after she was supposed to be here she called to let me know she wasn't going to make it. >>;

Steph: Wah, I tried logging back onto aim but you were already gone~ ;-;

Anyway, she's going to come over on Monday instead, since she has that day off. Whatever. It's fine with me except I have a doctor's appointment at 2:30 so she'll have to hang at my place for a while by herself or come with me. She says she'll bring a book and wait at the doctor's office, and I'm all yey because it'll give me someone to talk to while I'm waiting for my appointment...

So now I'm at Mom's place doing laundry since I won't have a chance to tomorrow. They got new furniture delivered earlier today, and it is so comfy! *3* It's faux suede, and both the couch and the love seat are lay-z-boy so the legs fold out. And it's all puffy and squishy to lean back in.

I'm plotting to steal it. lol, like I could get it out of this house, nevermind into mine. XD;;

They've gone to a festival thing in Barrie, so I'm here alone. I think I'm gonna put in a movie, I brought a couple to watch and there's nothing else on the TV right now...

*putters off*

Today Was

Jul. 11th, 2007 11:39 pm
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My copy of Blood and Chocolate came in today, a little while after kitty!Hika. <3

Today was generally a good day, if a little... complicated. I managed to get something off my chest, though I'm not really sure how I feel about that. Good, I think. It's definitely a relief, but still I'm a little worried... and this'll make no sense to almost anyone on my f-list so I might as well stop there. xD;

Tomorrow I've got some things to do earlier on, and then Friday I've got a doctor's appointment, and then C.A.'s gonna come over for a while around 5-ish. I plan to tie her up, hide her in a closet, and take over her life until "she" gets back from Japan. >.>;; lol.

EDIT: Blood and Chocolate = ♥ ♥ ♥

Green Eyed

Jul. 2nd, 2007 08:32 pm
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So like I said a few days ago, C.A.'s going to Japan in September, to teach English there. And I'm happy for her, and excited for her... and jealous beyond belief. So jealous; and the more I think about it, the more jealous I end up.

I feel like a terrible person for it, but I can't seem to help it. C.A.'s like... living my dream, and that aside she's been traveling all over the place the last few years; Brazil, Africa, Japan...

I compare that to my own life and all I can think is "why does she get to do all that, and I'm suck here, sickly, depressed, slightly agoraphobic, broke?" It doesn't seem even, balanced. Why is it that some people have so many chances in life, and some people have so few?

This Japan thing especially upsets me, because I was supposed to go with her.

But when I contacted the program, they told me because I don't have a university degree, I needed my TESL-- and the only college in Ontario that offers that course is Seneca, which is about three hours from here; and I don't drive, and can't afford to rent a place there for the duration of the course. They also don't do it in correspondance.

I was talking with C.A. about it back in December/January area, and was so excited because I thought I'd actually be able to do something I wanted to... and then even that was snatched away.

It's not fucking fair.

And I know, I'm being selfish and juvenile. I know life's not always fair. I don't need a lecture about that, so no one needs to bother.

I'm just really hurting because of this, and needed to get it off my chest... and I'll never say this to C.A. because I don't want her to feel guilty for taking advantage of an awesome opportunity like this.

So it goes in my journal, along with all my other angst, depression, and generalized disappointment in life.

*goes to curl up in bed and cry*
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Hmm. Today has been really, really busy, and I'm tired, especially since I didn't sleep last night. >>;

Mom came to pick me up at 8:30-ish (maybe closer to 9? I was on the porch waiting and didn't have my watch with me), and we drove out to Highland Farms to pick strawberries. Yey. We were supposed to go last Saturday, but when we got there they were out of berries. ;-;

This week they had them again, but they were all very small, so it took a lot to fill the baskets and stuff. I had to quit before Mom because my knees and my back totally gave out on me, and now I'm limping and my back is just killing me (not to mention my hands are stained red and smell like berries from cleaning them all)-- but I gots strawberries out of it, so I don't mind too-too much. =D

After that, on the way home, we stopped at the mall to buy freezer bags (for storing said berries), and I got teriyaki and gyouza from Yamato to bring home and eat over the next 3-4 days.

Later in the afternoon, after like three hours of cleaning berries, we went out to Walmart so I could get cat/rabbit litter. Mom needed some stuff for the dog there, too, and I needed packing tape for mailing ponies/P.O.S. boxes and allergy pills. And... why is it that Walmart always puts their anime out on sale when I don't have any money? ;_____; They had all kinds of FMA, Moon Phase, Trinity Blood and Baslisk, and about six other series~~

I H8 U Walmart! >( lol.

Oh well. Then back to Mom's place for laundry, and after that we went out for groceries. At the grocery store we ran into C.A.! ♥ ♥ ♥ I don't get to see her often, but she's one of my best friends! (C.A. is one of maybe 6 people in the world who get hugs from me, even though I have this thing about my personal space.) So I did my shopping with her, and we talked for a few minutes.

C.A. is going to Japan in September. Without me. Maybe I don't love her so much after all. TT~~~~TT She says she'll bring me tons of stuff back! I'm supposed to make a list of what I want! OMG where to begin?? X3

I'm supposed to call her later~ <3

And now, between bills, and pet stuff, and misc. stuff, and groceries... I got my money for July today, and I'm already down to $50. (My whole splurge for this month was food from Yamato, a set of plastic keys for the buns to play with, a pony from Walmart, and business card paper to print my own cards on... about $20 in total.)

I hate months like this. =____=;; Hopefully I can sell some more ponies or something, because I don't want to have to dip into the Rie/Nara fund...

Anyone want to buy a pony? I do any character! I'll do dragons! I'll do whatever! ;.;


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