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Baked cupcakes tonight. Starting at 11:30pm. JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO. XD;;

Anyway, they're confetti cupcakes with white icing and I decorated them with Halloween decorations; orange and black sprinkes, tiny black and white candy skulls and slightly larger candy bones. The bones are white with splotches of red "blood".

idk I just felt like it, even though I can't eat many cupcakes anymore. *shrug* Like with most things I bake nowadays, probably 3/4 of them will go to Mom, Lee and my bro. I'd share with other people, too, but I pretty much don't know anyone else in Orillia anymore. It's a sad state of affairs, really. ~_~;;

Other than baking, I guess the news is Squall and the cats.

My spiffy laptop, Squall, is being a dick again. He won't load windows at all, and the startup diagnostics have literally been running for over 48 hours now. =__=;; In the morning if nothing's changed I'm going to just turn him off. Hopefully MDG will get back to me about having him repaired, since he's still under warranty until the end of November.

So for now I'm back to using my netbook, Z, which means I'm not going through Internet Withdrawl. No, instead I'm going through EVERYTHING ELSE withdrawl, since all my writing. music and bookmarks are on Squall. There is literally nothing on Z's HD since I cleared it out about 8 months ago. -.-;;

I'll have to hook Gale (my external drive) up and transfer some stuff from there, I guess.

In the meantime I've been mainlining two things the last few days; Mantracker and Tokyo Mew Mew. Yes, I am aware that this is about the weirdest combination I could have chosen. XD; Whatever, I'm enjoying them both so :P. I'm watching all the eps of Mantracker that I haven't seen, which is like 3/4 of them, and I'm working my way through TMM since for some reason, even though I have the whole series, I never watched past about episode 20. Must've got sidetracked and forgotten...

As for the cats, Nio has passed his cold on to EVERYONE EXCEPT NEKO AND LILY. *EPIC HEADDESK [HERE]*

Oh, and the other big news is that one of my close friends from highschool had her first baby! She's shared pics of the new little girl, and she's sooooo cute! CONGRATS, P! ♥♥♥♥♥

...this is the closest thing to a baking icon that I have. WHYYYYY?
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I've been watching Kuragehime the last couple of days. I'd heard it was good, so I thought I'd try it out. IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW. So amusing. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I think I might look into the manga, too, probably after I move (because Barrie has a huge awesome Chapters that carries a TON of manga. X3) ♥


Yesterday was supposed to be grocery day, but we put it off until today instead. It wasn't a big deal today, I only needed a handful of things, like canned cat food, catmilk, rabbit food and milk for me. I also got Oreos because they were on sale and I luff them. :3 That was all. Between Christmas and everything I haven't actually used anything up around here other than milk lol. xD;

While I was at the grocery store I pilfered some empty boxes. They aren't huge but I can use them for packing my figures and knicknacks. The bigger boxes that I'm getting from Dad and etc. are better for bigger things, and packing books and DVDs.

Mmmmm... I need some bits of furniture for the new place, too. More shelves, two beds, a coffee table, a kitchen/dining table and at some point a new couch. (I couldn't fit any of those things in this current apartment, so I don't have them. :P)

And I'm going to buy some paint to paint some of my current furniture so that at least all the pieces in the living room will match. I don't care so much if all the stuff in the bedrooms is the same, but I'd like the main room to look decent. Pfft, I guess I'm maturing a little, since I never used to care if my living room furniture matched or anything. xD;; This revelation makes me a little sad lmao.

Also, I just realized last night that I have NEVER posted pics of my current apartment for you guys. *facepalm* I'll have to take pics quickly before I start packing. >>;
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Right, so here's the actual journal entry that I promised, since I fail at keeping up with my LJ the last couple of weeks. =/

So let's see. Basically, lots of Christmas shopping and stuff. I'm pretty much done now, except for a couple odds-and-ends, and one thing that I ordered and am waiting for it to come in. (Lee's gift, which is this really awesome wall clock in the shape of a Gibson guitar, in red and 1:2 scale to a real guitar! :3 I kind of want it myself lmao. xD;;)

I still have to finish putting together the gifts for Uncle Len/Aunt Clare and Uncle Alec/Aunt Brenda. For them and for my step-siblings this year I'm putting together gift bags with drink mixes that I've made; Chai Latte Coffee Mix, Bavarian Mint Coffee Mix, Orange Nutmeg Coffee Mix, Russian Tea Mix and Dutch Hot Cocoa Mix. All handmade with love from House of Yum! ♥ Hehe~

This week I have to deliver the gift baskets I put together for Dr. K and Dr. W's offices, and on Thursday I'm getting my hair done so I have a basket for Tosha and the girls at the salon too. Other than that I'm done, so I can chill and totally not have to worry about Christmas anymore. I was so stressed at the beginning of this month, too. >>;

Anyhoo, so this morning Dad came up to exchange gifts with my brother and I; which is to say, he and I exchanged gifts and he gave my brother presents, but my brother had nothing to give in return because he hasn't had a job in like two years so he has basically no money. ~_~;; Whatever.

I got Dad two new books that he wanted (the new Pern and Shanarra novels) and a Star Wars poster, and a massive gift bag full of cookies, chocolates, candies and generally a ton of stuff that's very, very tasty. I got Lois a Pomeranian bobble-head (so cute!) and made her a necklace, and got her a set of Christmas cookie cutters.

My brother got a couple of swords for his collection (katanas; very nice ones!) and Dad got me the new Valdemar novel (eeee!! ♥♥♥!!), an ipod shuffle since my mp3 player died a couple months back, and (the best part) he got me a DVD movie set. OF ALL FOUR CRITTERS MOVIES. 8D!! HOLY HELL ASDGH;KL YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPEH THESE MOVIES MAKE ME. KEKEKEKEKE!! >X3 I'm totally not two movies into a Critters marathon right as I'm typing this, either. Really. >.>;;

LOL Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the third one. xD;;

Apparently I have another gift that Dad's not finished putting together as well, so whenever he's done I'll get that one too. .__.;

Other than Christmas stuff, I've been dealing with NAUGHTY FUCKING KITTIES lately. >/ Tia and Juna have decided the last couple of weeks that every night and every time I'm out of the house they're going to get into EVERYTHING. They get into the cupboards and onto the shelves, pull everything out, knock everything over, and chew everything up.

When I got home this afternoon they had pulled all the toilet paper out of the bathroom, thrown it around and shredded it EVERYWHERE. I literally got so mad and frustrated when I saw the mess that I started crying. =__=;; I've been trying everything to get them to stop (short of beating them senseless when they do these kind of things, obviously) and I'm having no luck so far.

I've decided that, at least for now, the two of them (along with Loki, who insists on eating my houseplants every night while I'm sleeping) are going to be locked in the back room when I'm asleep and when I'm going to be out of the apartment for any length of time (Loki is only going to be put back there at night though.) There's a lot less they can get into in the back room, so hopefully that will mitigate things. If not... idek what I'm going to do. -__-;;

At least Dion makes me feel better. When I'm upset he comes and snuggles up under my chin and purrs at me. He's a doll. ♥

Moving on from bratty cats!

I mainlined all of the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne anime this last week. >__>; I'm horrible like that. But it was a series I'd always wanted to see and I had a chance to download it, so I did. And it was ADDICTIVE. @__@; I have such a soft spot for magical girl anime. It's terrible. Haha.

KKJ aside, I've really been on a Tanemura Arina kick lately. I love her art and storylines, and the other day I picked up the last two volumes of The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. IT'S OVER SADFAISE. But it had a good ending and it was generally a sweet story, and the art is so pretty!

I miss my Haine cosplay from Gentlemen's Alliance though; it doesn't fit me anymore. ;~; I think that's one Imma replace, because I really love that outfit. And I really want to do a cosplay from KKJ now too, but idk if I can afford it on top of all the other ones I'm supposed to be doing this year. XD We'll see, I guess...

Oh, and I've been collecting Littlest Pet Shop animals. I totally blame [ profile] papercut917 for this. XD; ♥ They're freakishly cute and addictive. I have something like 33 of them now. I'm running out of room on my shelves for all my little figures lmao. I either need more shelves or less figures. By which I mean, of course, I need more shelves. xD;;

Aaaand... I think that's about it, I guess. For now anyway. I'm sure I forgot stuff because there was so much for me to write about. Oops. Heh. Anyway~

EDIT: Oh, and the other day the cops were here again. Because the fucktards downstairs THREATENED TO BURN THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN.


Oct. 5th, 2010 10:33 pm
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My GST came in today, so I spent a while downtown picking up odds-and-ends that I needed.

I got frames so I could hang the Zelda prints I got at Otakon, then when I got home I set about doing just that... and dropped the Midna one, so the glass broke. I had to clean it up and then go back downtown to get another frame to replace it. ~_~;; At least they had the right size at the dollar store, so they each only cost me $5, whereas getting them at Walmart or Zellers or wherever would have been more like $15-$20. =/ Frames are expensive.

Anyway, I also got some reptile bark for cleaning Aya's terrarium. And a couple odds-and-ends for (just one more thing I want to pick up and then I can start boxing everything.) And I got a few more things for Maddie and Chloe's Christmas/Yule present, so now I'm almost done that. Then it can be boxed up too and mailed so it'll get there, yanno, by Christmas. xD;;

Oh! And today Air Canada finally called about the rebate ticket I mailed in way the hell back in July! ...turns out I forgot to put in the ticket info when I mailed it, which was why it took so long. So they got all the info from me over the phone (thank God for me writing everything down on the calendar!) and are going to set about processing it, so the money should go onto my credit card in two or three weeks. WHOO!!

Hm. A few days ago I downloaded a short anime series called Dai Mahou Touge ("Magical Witch Punie-chan") and it was... um, in a word? CRACK. It was really amusing, violent as hell and perfectly cheerful about it. Haha, I might look into getting it on DVD at some point.

And right now I'm working on downloading Angel Beats! because it sounds interesting and I'm an absolute sucker for the kind of art style it's done in. :D I'll let you know how it is once I've watched some of it~


...and now I should really stop procrastinating and clean the bunny and rattie cages out, since it's garbage night. >___>
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I loooove my Studio ghibli box set so much! It's epic love and I'm so happy to be able to watch all the movies for the first time! Which, admittedly, is most of them since before I'd only seen Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky. And Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky I'd only seen the English dubs of. >>;

So a couple days ago I watched My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service (I loved Kiki, it was really cute!) and then tonight I watched the Japanese version of Castle in the Sky, and now I'm watching Howl's Moving Castle.

Ghibli films are all so unique, I think that's what I love about them. For the most part the art style isn't to my normal taste, but the storylines are always amazing and the writing/music is awesome so I can overlook the differences between me and the art lol. ♥

Movies aside! Been working on more stuff for Otakon. A bunch more earrings and phone straps and one more necklace today. I was going to do another necklace as well (I started it, even) but then the tendonitis in my right hand started bothering me so I had to stop. I think I've been overdoing it lately in preparation for the Otakon/Matsuri, so my hands are starting to rebel a little. Ah well, less than a month to do so I can't let up now! Haha.

So the other day I finally booked my ticket down to Baltimore. lmao I still need to talk with Maddie about the rest of the transportation stuff, but we can't seem to catch each other on aim. ~_~;; Anyhoo, once I talk with her I can plan the rest of my actual travel.

Oh, I also finally got my Internet set up for wireless! I bought the router a couple of days ago and I love being able to just bring my laptop into whatever-room with me. Plus if I have people over it means they can hook into the Internet too without me having to unplug my laptop from the Internet cable.

And then today I totally bought the self-cleaning cat litter box that I've been pining over for like two years. It's a really good one, and has a complete dome over it (which is necessary because Neko, for some unGodly reason, feels the need to stay standing while he pees >>;;) and is suitable for multiple cats. It cost almost $400, it better be as good as it appears to be. Plus it has a warranty of like two years. Whoot!

I'm very excited to have it, it'll make cleaning up around here about a million times easier. X3! It's being shipped to me, but it should get here by next Wednesday. ^^~

EDIT: Howl's Moving Castle was amazing! And now I'm watching Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind. But I'm starting to get sleepy FINALLY, at 4:15am so I might turn it off soon and finish watching it tomorrow. I once again fail at sleep, despite it being a necessity of life. :D;
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Good news: MOVING FINISHED. It took three days, but I am officially done with that place! HAH. Still unpacking, obviously. The cats are much more comfy here now, though Tri is still very jumpy. He'll settle in though. Also, today I actually had the dog and Neko in my lap at the same time, which is a miracle, as Possum is afraid of other animals. >>;

Good news 2: My brother sent me a link to episode one of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I am intrigued.

Good news 3: ;>.> <.<; I'm getting a rat again. Possibly tomorrow, but probably next week.

Neutral news: INTERNET TOMORROW. HOPEFULLY. I have to buy a card thing for my PC, and then my brother says if he can he'll install it for me. I'm actually going to be piggybacking on Mom's router. Anyway, if Trunks can't install it, I'll have to take it to the corner, in which case no 'Net until Monday at the earliest. So hopefully he can.


Bad News 2: Sinus infection. -__-;; As soon as it gets cold my immune system officially goes to florida or something. Not that it's super active normally anyway. But still. My head is throbbing, my sinuses hurt and I've used up a whole box of kleenex just today. ><; If it doesn't go away soon though, I have an appointment with the doctor in three weeks anyway.

And now I'm off to medicate myself to the eyeballs and try to actually get a decent night's sleep. Whoo.
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xtheleadingmanx (9:16:52 PM): Then I just need a nice comfy hoodie and a haircut and I'll be stylin'.
SenashentaChan (9:17:02 PM): lol yeah
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:14 PM): I'll be HIP.
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:17 PM): It'll rock.
SenashentaChan (9:17:25 PM): XD;;;
SenashentaChan (9:17:43 PM): I can't be hip because all my stuff is packed away.
xtheleadingmanx (9:17:50 PM): Aww.
SenashentaChan (9:18:04 PM): Plus, when I try I just end up falling on my face, and that somewhat cancels it out. 8D
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:29 PM): Ahaha!
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:37 PM): XD Yeah, I guess that's true.
xtheleadingmanx (9:18:49 PM): But it's not like you spend all day falling off buses, right?
SenashentaChan (9:19:01 PM): No, generally not.
SenashentaChan (9:19:14 PM): But like, down the stairs or out of the shower, yeah. XD;
xtheleadingmanx (9:19:23 PM): Ouch! Down the stairs?!
SenashentaChan (9:19:38 PM): Yeah, I do that on a regular basis.
SenashentaChan (9:19:44 PM): Or UP the stairs, which is even more epic. SenashentaChan (9:20:10 PM): I win at stairs faceplants. XD;
xtheleadingmanx (9:20:40 PM): It's like you have a degree in falling. *giggle* It's kind of charming.
SenashentaChan (9:21:06 PM): Charming is not a word I've heard used to describe it before. XD;;
xtheleadingmanx (9:21:59 PM): Well, it's like "Oh, she has an interesting quirk."
xtheleadingmanx (9:22:07 PM): I know nobody else that does this.
SenashentaChan (9:23:24 PM): I'm somewhat... flighty. Like, I don't pay attention to what I'm doing. Which I'm told really contradicts my intelligence. xD;
SenashentaChan (9:23:31 PM): Plus sometimes I just get too excited.
SenashentaChan (9:23:48 PM): Like a puppy that runs into a glass door on the way outside. >>;;

Oh AIMchats ILU. What is with all the awesome conversations lately? Or maybe I just find them more amusing than they actually are because I'm so burnt out and stressed. xD;

Hmm. Been up for almost three hours now. Yeah, woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep. So I watched some of Happy Feet (which, contrary to the impression I got from the ads, is actually a really good movie. I want the soundtrack to it.), and then did a bunch of dishes. And I mean a TON of them; I haven't done dishes in like two weeks because of being so busy with other stuff. -__-; Ew. So those are all washed, and ready to be packed away. I'll just leave like one plate/fork/spoon/knife/bowl/cup for the next couple days.

Later today I have to pack all that up, then start going through my cupboards and boxing all the food that I won't need in the next three days so it can go over to Mom's. I also need to empty out my little fridge up here and unplug it to defrost so it'll be done and dry by the time the movers come on Tuesday.

Now I'm downloading the Vampire Knight OST and watching The Lost Boys.

Note to self: Things to squee over/squee over more when you have time:

1) Tales of the Abyss anime.
2) Junjou Romantica 2.
3) Vampire Knight ~Guilty~
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I just had to get that out.
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D: doesn't have Junjou Romantica anymore. So unfair! *is sad* Does anyone know somewhere else that carries it? Or where I can download it from aarinfantasy?

Otherwise... was at Grandma's the last couple of days. Randomly. Well... not so randomly. I had an appointment in Huntsville. BUT I thought it was next week. So Monday night at like 10 Grandma called and went "I'll be there to pick you up in the morning tomorrow." And I was kind of like "...WUT?" Heh. My memory is made of fail, srsly.

Visiting up at Grandma's place was typical, though holy hell the mosquitoes and black flies were NUTS. Because we had so much snow this winter we had a super wet spring, and thus, TONS of damn flies. AUGH. I'd taken Tet-chan with me to take some pics of him around the property, but I couldn't stay outside for more than about 30 seconds without being EATEN ALIVE. O__O; Next time, Tet-chan, next time. ♥


EDIT: Also, as I was away for a couple days there's a couple tags I'm behind on. So if I owe you a tag I apologise for just vanishing like that and I'll get it to you tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. <3
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Okay, so aside from flailing over CSI/Bones/House this week, I've been watching some anime. (What else is new, right? Shush.) Someone over at [ profile] anime_downloads put Those Who Hunt Elves up, and while I have the first season already I've been looking for the second for about three years, so I was happy to see that. Megaupload is being a bitch and taking forever, but I'm slowly getting them downloaded.

While trying to download TWHE, I did get episodes 1-6 of Vampire Knight downloaded/watched. My basic impression goes along the lines of sdghaydughyfsudohgfdj;kl *___*!! SO MUCH LOVE. *wants more like NOW OMG* A while back I had a commission for Zero from that series, and while I was looking at pics (all manga since it was before the anime) I came to the conclusion that it looked interesting, but I had no idea how awesome it was going to be. X3

What else? Oh! My Steel Angel Kurumi came in this morning, and I've been binging on it all day. My head hurts from the subtitles. How come official subtitles are always so much smaller/harder to read than fansubs? Gah. *aspirin* Other than that, it's a cute series. Though the eps are only about 12 minutes long. I hate that. Psychic Academy was like that too. :P Kurumi makes me think of Suiseiseki, but without the sadistic streak. It's probably the over-use of "desu!" lol.

And I'm trying to find somewhere to download subbed episodes of Hand Maid May. I asked in the anime downloads comm, and was directed to somewhere to download dubbed eps, but... yeah. The dub isn't the worst one I've ever seen, but it's still not great and I'd really rather subs.

I wasn't nearly so picky about dubbing until I got into voice acting back in 2001. xD; Now I pick it apart all the time. I'm probably really annoying. :P

...And Now For Something Anime North Related!

A week today until I'm heading down to Dad's for the Anime North weekend. >3< I'm excited this year! Though I still wish I could have sold ponies again. I was really counting on the money for the Otakon trip. Well... I'm working around that. I'M GOING IF I HAVE TO HITCHHIKE DAMMIT. >__O;;

I think this is how it's going to work cosplay-wise; Friday is Haruhi, then Saturday/Saturday night masquerade is Suigintou, and Friday is AU!Demyx. My Suigintou costume is really hot though, so if it's too warm I might end up doing Haruhi or Demyx on Sunday during the day as well and just saving Suigintou for the masquerade. Which reminds me. NOTE TO SELF: FINISH YOUR DAMN MASK, YOU PROCRASTINATING IDIOT. >__>;;

I need to chat with Mel and Zexy and see how we want to work meeting up. I'm going to the masquerade with Mel, but other than that I don't know. Also, I'm considering asking if I can borrow Sarah's cell to take with me, just to make communication with them easier while we're there. I'd pay whatever charges I made, obviously, but since I don't have a cell phone of my own, it'd just make things easier.


Apparently Lois and Dad are excited to see my new haircut. Neither of them has ever seen me with short hair... well, I mean, Dad did when I was a baby, but not since then. ♥ On Thursday before Mom and I pack up to head down there, I also need to remember to do Dad's broken glass torte and the banana bread I want to make for Lois.
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Over the last couple days I've downloaded all of both seasons of Rozen Maiden, FLCL, He Is My Master, and I've got two more episodes to go to complete the first season of Ai Yori Aoshi; then on to the second season of that! XD; Plus I downloaded Inukami last week.

*downloading spree omg!*

I need to get around to burning some stuff soon. My external drive is awesome, but it's not limitless and at this rate I'll get it filled up. >>;
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Wow, I haven't done it in a while but over the last two-and-a-half days or so I've watched almost all of Angelic Layer and Air Gear. lol, normally I don't have the attention span anymore, but I've gotten myself hooked... and needed a serious break from ponies for a couple days. -.-;

Anyway, Angelic Layer is one that I've been meaning to get around to literally for years now, but couldn't find to download. So I finally found it and was all "Yay!" It's basically a fighting anime, but... shoujo-ified. <3

Air Gear is much the same type of genre. I can see my brother really enjoying it, actually. XD; Akito wins the OMG Squee Cute Sparkliness award, while Agito wins the First Anime Character I've Seen Who Swears In English award. "Fucking shit" sounds really strange in the middle of a Japanese sentence. Still! :3

Tri <3's Air Gear too! XD
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Mmm... I seem to be going into an up-swing again, thanks muchly BPD. So I haven't been sleeping much the last week or so. Still, last night I managed to get a couple hours in the afternoon... and of course I had bizarre dreams. WTF? I sleep for the first time in days and I have wierd ass dreams. Go figure.

In the first one all I remember is that I had this gross sillicone stuff in my mouth. It had something to do with movie special effects. And when I tried to get it out, all my teeth came out with it. O_____o I dunno, and then I was like "Oops." and that was it. xD;

The second one was much less wtf-inspiring, and actually kind of awesome, as it was about a group of settlers in the pioneer days; they got lost, and ended up settling down in this valley to build a town, but the valley was right in the middle of a Werewolf pack's territory. The Wolves lived in caves outside the valley. The rest of the dream was basically about them terrorizing the poor pioneers. I don't remember many details, which kind of sucks because it was pretty entertaining. Would've made a good writing project. =D;

Other than that, a couple days ago I downloaded a batch torrent of Zombie Loan, and then yesterday I sat to watch the first episode... only to find out that the video quality sucked. It was all pixelized and shit, and I know it wasn't my computer because the actual subtitles in the video came in clear as day. Whoever did the vid capture for them did a pretty crappy job.

Bah. So now I'm downloading it again, one ep at a time, from a different subber. It's taking forever, but the quality is muuuuch better. Though when I tried to watch it earlier it was seriously lagging, and it turned out to be my PC. I went to do a defragmenting analysis, and my hard drive was rediculously fragmented. So I defraged it and now we're running smoothly again. ^_^


Oct. 29th, 2007 05:14 am
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Up all night?

Watching Bleach?

Of course not.



Feb. 22nd, 2007 04:48 pm
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Weib Kreuz Gluhen = O_____o;;

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I started downloading the Kanon remake and D Gray-Man last night; the first because I <3 Kanon, and the second because people keep POKE-ing me to get my hands on it so they can talk to me about it and I'll understand what they're saying. lol. I haven't watched any of it yet, though.

The new Kanon is so pretty. I watched a total of about 3 minutes of the first episode, just to fangirl over the animation, since it's done by the same company as did AIR. It's going to be fun to watch.
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1) Go down to put the garbage out-- what's this? It was delivered to the neighbors by accident, and they've propped it outside the door for me. <3

2) Carry it back upstairs.

3) Squeeze package. *squeezesqueezegrope* Hmm. I wonder what's in it~


5) Use scissors. SUCCESS! =D

6) Open card, yey. ^__^

7) Oogle enclosed pressies and their shiny pretty paper. Try to decide if you should be good and wait until Christmas to open it, or--

8) Squeeze first pressie. Hmm. Soft and squishy. >>

9) Open it.

10) OOOH, t-shirt! I wonder what it's got on--

11) SQUEE so loud your roommate knocks on the door and pokes her head inside to ask what's going on/if the animals did something stupid/if everything is okay.

12) *giggle fit here*

13) Pet the pretty Fullmetal Alchemist shirt. *petpetstrokemypreciousssss*

14) Consider being semi-good and saving the other pressie for Christmas--

15) Open that one too.


17) Consider re-wrapping everything and pretending that you were good. >___>

18) Decide that's too much work.

19) Log on to LJ to write a somewhat convoluted THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH message to [ profile] etcetera_cat ♥ ♥ ♥

20) Go to read the OMGYEYETC-CATFICCAGE.


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Ryuu-chan called last weekend to ask if I wanted to go to her place and watch the FMA movie with her, since she found it for rent at Rogers or something. But last weekend I was busy, so we did it this weekend instead.

Yay Conqueror of Shamballa~ ^^
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SQUEE last episode of Ouran. ^___^ It was awesome~~

At the same time...

BOO last episode of Ouran. ;___; It was the last episode of Ouran.

I'm very conflicted right now.
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I'm at Mom's for the night, so that I can be here when Dad gets here in the morning, and so that I can spend some time with Trunks. <3 I get along great with my brother as long as we don't live together. XDD

Anyway, we watched seven episodes of Ouran together, and generally cackled. And now we're trying to decide what to watch next, while an episode of Jack of All Trades plays in the background. And he was very nice, and gave me a copy of the Hercules trilogy that included Xena. X3 I know, such terrible, terrible taste in TV shows...



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